Quick Question: What Is The Best TV Or Monitor For Gaming?

Last week I had someone ask me what the best TV for gaming was? My answer? I simply didn't know. I have a 46-inch Panasonic G10 Plasma, which has always worked out well for me - but what about you guys? What is the dream setup? What are you currently using?

My basic opinion is that I prefer plasma over LCD for gaming, mainly because burn-in is pretty much impossible with new sets, and LCDs don't really have those deep blacks and smooth motion like Plasmas do. Also - buying into a technology inherently makes you biased towards it!

But I'll freely admit that I'm a bit out of the loop with the current LED sets, which always look so vibrant in stores.

And what about monitors? What are the best monitors for gaming?

Let us know in the comments below.


    LED tvs look amazing. Simply amazing, easily the best. But you need a good quality one with a good refresh rate...

      No such thing as an LED TV, they are all just LED LCDs (LCD TVs that are backlit by LED instead of Fluorescent tubes) which means the only real difference is they are brighter, narrower and use less energy.

        Yes there are, they're just generally small, ridiculously expensive and limited to tech shows (look up AMOLED and some Samsung / Sony demo units).

        Also, good quality LED backlit displays (backlit, not side-lit) are able to employ local dimming if the LED array supports it, giving enhanced contrast (i.e. deeper blacks etc).

          But they aren't in circulation - a bit like UHDTVs they have been made, but aren't really available to the general public.

          Oh yeah, sony does have an proper OLED tv available in Oz - it $7000 and only 11 inches. LG and Samsung have 37 and 40 in OLED tvs but they are only prototypes.

        Sorry, there's always one person who'll do that... I'm well aware it's an LED LCD, but when it's marketed, to differentiate it from standard LCD's, it's called an LED. Now, take the plunger handle out of your ass...

          If you are aware that it's an LED LCD then you should call it that - otherwise you are just furthering the misinformation given by the TV manufacturers. I'm a big fan of Samsung, I think that they generally make high quality products but I don't like that mislabel and misrepresent their LED LCD TVs. What are they going to advertise when they actually sell true LED TVs where the LEDs are the sub pixels?

            DON'T.EVER.TECHNICALLY.MISNAME.THINGS.EVER. or you'll be told off by a guy with a plunger handle up his ass.

    Monitor? 24" Dell Ultrasharp is my weapon of choice. I'd love a 30" one although I'd need a better PC to run at the native resolution.

    TV? I have a mid-tier 40" Sony Bravia LCD. A nice, new, bigger, faster, LED backlit LCD would be a nice upgrade but I won't part with the money any time soon.

      Sounds like OP is talking about ghey console gaming, not proper gaming (ie PC =P).

      Dells FTW, I have a 2405 on my old machine and a 2407 that I still use now. Still going hard 4 years later. I could still use the 2405 for gaming if I needed to, now 6 years old and still kicks arse. Best investment I ever made.

    +1 For the Panasonic plasma, you really can't beat them for their quality/ cost ratio!

    Considering I'm currently using a crappy little CRT it wouldn't be hard to make an improvement.
    Anyway, I'm eyeing off one of these:

    I have a 40' Bravia LCD which I grabbed in one of those 'Buy a Bravia get a free PS3' deals a few years ago.

    It seems to work well for me!

    I've always had LCD's I currently have a Sony Bravia LED...... don't like it. I should of got a Samsung.

      The Samsung LED’s are great. Ive got nothing bad to say about them. I got a series 9, 40inch and when hooked up to surround sound its an amazing experience.

      LED’s are the best of Plasma and LCD there simply isn’t any competition in my mind. As for the whole 3D that comes with allot of them I would say be honest with yourself and ask how much are you really going to use it?

        I have the 7 series Samsung 3D and I have to say I Rarely use 3D. There's just not enough content and honestly it becomes a pain in the ass when you do go to use it and have to wait for the glasses to charge.

        One bonus of 3D thought is I find that 2D images are better on the 3D TVs but maybe this is just me.

    I use panasonic plasma as well and can highly recommend it. They are not without faults but I believe the smooth motion and deep blacks make the difference for me. I recently bought a new set and after much deliberation went with another plasma.

    Proud owner of a Dell U3011. Works wonder's for gaming. prior to that was a Dell 2407WFP-HC, also for gaming.

      Just picked up one of these in the recent Dell 30% off sale - very nice monitor - only 60hz, but I haven't noticed it with ps3 or 360 gaming. I haven't tried pc games yet, but I fear that my rig won't be able to push out decent fps at native res (2560x1600). Still - it's vibrant and beautiful.

    I've got two 22 inch 1080p monitors (one normal LCD and one with LED back lighting) that I use for gaming and computer - and the only thing that I will be doing is adding a third monitor eventually.

    I prefer the overall brightness and vibrancy of LCD for games, I just personally feel it suits the type of image better than plasma. Then you can reduce the backlight a little to get that film like image for movies or TV. I've got a picture preset for games and one for everything else.

    Like Mark though I'm probably inherently biased because I bought a Sony LCD. I love it. Very subjective topic though I think.

    Got a 50 Inch panasonic plasma which I did game on and is a really nice picture but have moved to a BenQ 24inch 1080p computer monitor mainly due to playing blackops. Although the picture is no where near as rich I find it easier to play to infront of a monitor for any game now.

    I gots a 40inch Toshiba LCD...it's called Viagra or something...Viera?

    Isn't over 100hz, I noticed a difference on a mates 50inch Bravia with 200 hZ or whatever. Seemed a little more real(I may have been drunk).

    I'm happy with what I got though, the main reason I upgraded is because I couldn't read the text in next gen games.

    Yeah I'm interested to know what to look for in a decent PC monitor and how much I should be spending - My last PC monitor was a crappy CRT behemoth.

    Well i just upgraded from my old 40" Samsung to a new 55" Samsung D8000 (55D8000) and its spectacular!

    The current generation has excellent blacks once you have tweaked the tv set so thats not an issue, and the image is crisp and beautiful.

    ive never used a plasma for gaming and such, but LCD's are cheaper to run and the "Plasma's have better blacks" argument is almost moot :)

    *goes and hugs new tv*

    Interesting, because I've been doing research on these for my rig that I will build in the next few months.

    At home I've got a 40" Samsung LCD, works great with the PS3, 360 - I will also be using it for the first couple of months with my PC as I save up for it.

    The options I've been looking at for monitors come down to a couple of things - type of screen (TN, IPS), response time and hertz. The monitor I would love to get is the Asus VG236H 120Hz - a work colleague has it for his molecular modelling and the thing is gorgeous. The bonuses of 120Hz is the 3D gaming capabilities (not high on my list at all, but apparently Metro 2033 in 3D is astounding) but more importantly the ability to render more than 60fps. If I've got the power, and the rig can render 90-100fps, I feel like I'm being limited by the 60Hz screens. Also - and this hasn't really been proven in any reviews I don't think, it could just be my head - the fact the screen can push 120Hz not only forces it to have a lower response time, but it should also minimize ghosting as ghosting would ruin the 3D experience - one of the high selling points.

    The alternative to the Asus that I've seen on PCCaseGear is the BenQ XL2410. Both of these monitors are 23-24", 120Hz, and unfortunately both stupidly expensive (BenQ is 459, Asus is 679!!).

    As far as affordable monitors, the screens I've got my eyes on are the Asus VE247H, VE248H (LED backlit, 23.6-24" respectively) and the Samsung BX2450 24" LED. A mate of mine just ordered the Sammy of PCCaseGear so hopefully I'll get to check it out on the weekend.

    Definitely interested in seeing what the more seasoned PC gamers have used, recommend. It'll help me in my search immensely!

      When I say "as I save up for it", I mean I've not decided to buy a monitor around the time I'm buying components, simply to give me extra time to save the cash/hope for prices to drop/other models to come out. I'm not really looking forward to using the TV as it's our main entertainment screen (my wife in particular isn't that happy), nor am I looking forward to mouse & keyboard usage on a surprisingly low coffee table. But you gotta do what you gotta do to get things in budget :)

      I picked up an ASUS 247H about a month ago, and there are no complaints here. It ticked all the boxes, being a (relatively [sub-$200]) cheap 24" LED screen with 2ms refresh and HDMI.

      It's also got internal speakers, which are rubbish, but mean that you can hook up another device such as a ps3 via the HDMI in, and then output the sound via the monitor's 3.5mm headphone jack.

      I've got my pc and my ps3 both running via a splitter to my speakers, and it's perfect for an all-in-one gaming solution when you don't want to bug housemates by gettin' nerdy on the main tv...

    In relation to monitors for gaming, I've always been a huge fan of Samsung screens. They just seem to have a very solid colour/brightness composition. In particular I've got the Samsung 22" 2233RZ 120Hz monitor. A must have for gaming enthusiasts! Some people might ask why only 22" as there are so many nice 24" and larger screens out there, and isn't bigger better?

    Well the reasoning behind that is, to truly enjoy the 120Hz refresh rate of this monitor you need to be able to output 120 FPS from your graphics card. And the larger the resolution the harder it is for your graphics card to output the fps required to keep the game smooth looking. Of course if your not married and are able to put all of your money into dual/triple graphics cards and crazy top shelf items then this need not apply to you.

    And i'm unsure on specific TV screens for gaming, but I can say the cause behind the disgusting input lag (the time is takes from moving your mouse/controller and it actually registering on the screen) is due to the post processing the TV does to make the picture all nice and pretty for you. You cac find some TV's with "gaming" mode. This usually turns off the post processing done by the tv making the picture a little degraded, but allowing smoother gameplay with far less input lag. This is incredibly important for FPS games.

    Agree with you on the TV side of things. I own a beautiful 54" Panasonic v2 Plasma from late last year and colours are beautifully displayed and you get Black as Black not gray as black. Also viewing angles are much better. Put a Plasma next to an LCD and people will pick it every time (mainly because their eyeballs aren't being burnt out by over the top brightness so they can see what they are watching).

    For PC monitors I've not had any issue with Samsungs, but I'm fairly biased as I've only owned Samsungs since jumping on the flat panel bandwagon a while back. Have 17", 24" wide and 2 21" wide at work. Nice units, but let down by a a bit of fuzziness. I've heard that Dells larger wide screen panels are very good, but haven't really experienced them in the last few years. For gaming though, most PC monitors are in the < 4ms group so you're not likely to be able to see any ghosting as many of the originals had.

      I remember reading a thing about people tending to favour the brighter TV when doing side by side comparisons. As long as it doesn't look washed out, it seems to be a selling point even if it really isn't a very good quality to judge by.

      If you take the time to set up your TV properly, you're going to get very good picture quality with either LCD or Plasma. For my money, I prefer the LCD. I don't know why, but it just works for me.

    I use a really cheap LCD for all my gaming and honestly i can't really tell the difference between that and the good 42 plasma in my lounge. That being said im not a videophile. But still i guess it's up to personal choice and budget.

    OLED. Except you can't buy them :(

      You can, they're beautiful!

      But you may have to sell a kidney...


        ...Make that two, kidney market isn't what it used to be.


    I run a 52" Series 7 Samsung LCD, and it seems to do the job fine. The blacks could be better, but that's not really an issue anymore with LED LCD screens.

    panasonic vt20 is great for the black levels and 3d looks great too

      Ding Panasonic Plasma = Beautiful

      This is the best TV set I've ever seen, I can't wait for the VT30 to hit stores in July. They'll be a pretty penny I reckon though, might have to settle for a GT30. All current model Panasonic Plasma TV's also have something called "Game Mode" which is supposed to help out with games specifically. Sounds cool but I don't know how much it'll help and haven't seen it in action yet.

    I have both a Samsung 46" LCD and a Samsung 46" Plasma. Personally I think games look better on the plasma.

    I have a Samsung LA40C650 (40" LCD, 100Hz, full HD and all that jazz). I bought it because my old LCD TV was dying (now it's alive again and having a good life as a second TV in my bedroom) and it was a pretty good deal.

    Something like $1400 with a free home theater system over a year ago.

    In terms of being the best gaming TV, it probably isn't. But in terms of being a good all round TV, for sports, movies and gaming, it is more than good enough.

    Having seen it side by side with a similar quality plasma, I think that LCD is the better option.

    That being said, if I was going full hardcore mode here, I'd buy myself a monitor with the lowest input lag humanly possible. But those aren't great for lazing back on the couch and watching the Saturday afternoon football.

    Sony 52" V series LCD. Works well for me.

    I plan on waiting for autostereoscopic 3D TVs to become mainstream before I upgrade. I know Toshiba has been working on bringing these to market.

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