Remember The PS Vita Memory And Game Cards (Don't Forget!)


    Why not just run SD/Micro SD like every other bloody device on the planet? I was sick of the Memory Stick shit the first time around with the PSP.

      I'm guessing because Sony wouldn't make any money from non-Sony SD cards, but would take a licensing fee for 3rd parties who make the new proprietry Sony cards -that is if they allow 3rd parties to make them at all.

      Does Sony currently let 3rd parties make Memory Sticks? I haven't looked at them in years, but early on at least they made them all themselves. They were damn expensive too.

        You can get 3rd party Memory Sticks.
        Pretty sure SanDisc makes some.

      Amen to that. Being so far behind standard SD cards was a real pain, both for my psyche when I had to constantly swap between two cards, and for my poor wallet at having to follow their slow 2-4-8gb development because NONE of those numbers were enough.

      Apparently they're not using standard SD because they want to embed custom piracy protection into the cards themselves... Joy.

    So this is how they recoup the cost of making the vita itself quite cheap? 10 bucks a gig or something?

    Why can't they just sell games on these (Like Nintendo DS Carts)? I hate downloading large games. Takes an hour or so, and then you can't even sell it later after you play through it, since they use digital now.

      ..They -are- selling the games on carts. That bottom picture has eight of them.

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