See Xbox 360’s Kinect-Enabled Advertising In Action

See Xbox 360’s Kinect-Enabled Advertising In Action
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This video gives us a unique opportunity to see behind the wall that one would hope separates entertainment from advertising.

I’m not saying there is anything terribly wrong with adding new functionality to the advertising that pops up on an Xbox 360 console. I just hate how this video makes it feel like the console has become purely a vehicle for advertising. Of course that’s not true. This is a video created by marketing folks for advertisers. It’s not meant to be viewed by us regular folk.

I’d like to think that as Microsoft continues to expand the way they jam ads into the Xbox 360 console they’ll start to pass that savings onto users by not only preventing hikes in Xbox Live membership, but perhaps dropping the fees a bit. I’m not holding my breath though.

The video, and the advertising tech it shows off, does get under my skin a bit if only because some of this looks like unique, interesting, cool technology that still hasn’t popped up in many Xbox 360 video games. I suspect most people purchased a Kinect to enhance their gaming experiences, not their advertising ones… right?

Great Ads, If Not Great Gaming, Coming to The Xbox 360 Kinect [Kotaku – thanks Fabrice!]


  • This is nothing new. Most EULA’s you had to sign stated they would gather information from all the electronic devices in your home and sell it to advertisers. This greed has always been present, it’s just that Microsoft is being more candid about it.
    Advertising to people who pay to use your network.. Good work Micro$oft.

  • Why would I want to watch adds? I spend an active part of my time avoiding them.
    On top of this if I’m being advertised to why do I need to pay for the service?

    This guy should spend less time trying to spam advertising and more time creating advertising that doesn’t fell like it.

  • One of the stupidest idea’s I’ve ever heard of. Honestly, who on earth would actually want to share an advert?

    Glad to see that you actually have to choose to watch the ad though, i was worried you’d be forced to watch it or something. If its just an option, then I couldn’t really care less. Its just like the spotlight section

    • People share adverts all the time.
      What do you think viral marketing is?

      Ever gotten an email with a beer advert on it?

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