Sonic Generations Just Can't Keep Things Simple!

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm an ageing stick in the mud shaking my fist at clouds, but I just don't understand why SEGA can't keep things simple with Sonic!

Sonic Generations looks great. This trailer is interesting. The 'Classic Sonic' sections look well designed, speedy and fun - like the kind of Sonic games we all want to be a part of.

So what's this snowboarding down the middle of the street 'Modern Sonic' business? Are SEGA deliberately attempting to dilute their brand? Why does the game have to split itself in two to cater to two different demographics? Surely New Super Mario Bros. Wii showed that updated classic mechanics can be hugely popular across folks of all different demographics?


EDIT: It appears I may have completely missed the point with this video! I will humbly take the loss. That said - I stand by my assertion that SEGA don't really need to be confusing things. I'd rather have a straight Sonic game that plays through a number of familiar locations. That's just me!


    Erm its based on City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, which starts with you snowboarding down a street. I think that explains why he's snow boarding down a street.

    Case closed

      Forgot to mention in my post that it looks like it was taken from Sonic Adventure, which was received fairly positively.


      I was actually impressed with the look of Modern Sonic stage, it looks like it and Classic Sonic stage will be quite enjoyable.

      Also if you want to be technical, the first time Sonic used a snowboard in a stage was in the first Ice Cap zone back in Sonic 3, back in the Classic Sonic era. So Sonic and snowboarding go way back

    I agree with keeping it simple, but the modern Sonic doesn't look too bad.
    From the looks of it, it's pretty much just an over the shoulder camera angle. If they can get it to flow well and keep it simple like the classic sonic I think it could turn out well.
    At least they aren't throwing in all sorts of other random features.

    I dunno, it kind of works. It's like two perspectives on an old level (and if I had to pick one "modern Sonic" level I wanted recrated, it'd have to be one from Sonic Adventure 2). We'll just have to wait and see if it's as good as they're hoping. But sadly, it'll probably be another bastardisation of my childhood. :(

    It's one of the most well known levels in a Modern Sonic game so of course it's going to be included in Sonic Generations, snowboarding in the streets included.

    Someone hasn't done their research.

    Major backlash Serrels. How does that feel.


    I hope there's a level where classic sonic bashes modern sonic

    hey my chemical romance alright!

    note to the edit by Serrels.

    When most people think of City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2, the level which the stage shown in the Generations Video is based on, they think of the boarding down the main road part.

    In Battle (the port of SA2 for the GC) the Boarding part of City Escape was prominently used as a 2 player battle stage.

    First 'modern' Sonic game I played was a Gamecube launch title (in Aus anyway) - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
    First level of that as Sonic has you start on a snowboard and it was awesome fun.

    Subsequent Sonic games got worse and worse, but if they went back to the fun parts of Sonic Adventure 2 I'd actually consider buying it.

    So if I play this game, I will simultaneously be smiling with nostalgic memories while I vomit with hatred over terrible, ill conceived modern 'coolness'.

    This will be interesting.

    Don't forget that classic Sonic snowboarded as well in Ice Cap. Not to mention Dreamcast Sonic not only in City Escape, but also in Ice Cap.

    Anyway, WHERE'S OUR BLOODY DEMO? Sorry, it's E3 and they've put out demos before during this time.

    why oh why couldnt sonic 4 have been like this... minus the 'modern' sonic of course

    I know what you mean , Mark. How come the 3D version of Sonic plays/feels TOTALLY different from Sonic games itself!? I love 3D sonic in Adventure 1 & 2, but after Yuji Naka & Co left Sonic Team, they lost the plot. Just play Sonic Fan Remix, that'll bring back those good ol feelings. Also, I actually find it liberating to realise these days that Sega really sucks arse nowadays, as my classic Sega collections attest. The real Sega makes games such as Outrun Online, Afterburner Climax, Sega Rally online and publishes stuff such as Bayonetta and Total War series. There's still hope for us sega fans - we're not completely deluded...

    Missed the point? MISSED THE POINT?!

    You can't see the point. The point isn't even in the same country as the hopeless artifact that wrote this drivel.

    Its the classic nay definitive level from Sonic Adventure 2 given a HD make over. And you, so quickly, jump to write it off. Shame on you. SHAME I SAY. SHAME!

    Well, I say it's pretty simple. Just two Sonics in the entire game. No extra playable characters, no swords or werehogs, just classic and modern. They just use the things that are true to the games the levels come from.

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