South Park Presses Square For Doubt On L.A. Noire

Fresh from the vivisection they performed on EA Sports and Peter Moore (which Moore himself quoted on our Twitter feed Thursday), the kids of South Park turned their attention to L.A. Noire in Thursday night's episode, in which Stan battles chronic cynicism - aka "Internet commenter's syndrome".

We can see its more tragic manifestations here in Stan's counterpoint takedown of L.A. Noire, which seems ripped directly from comment boards battling over whether it's a good, great or boring game. I'm surprised Stan didn't say it's just a re-imagining of the point-and-click adventure genre.

Also, elsewhere in the broadcast, we were treated to this image. Note the title on the arcade cabinet in the back.

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    I think I have the same condition as Stan, but the symptoms are a bit more mild and only reserved for very questionable games.

    Not to mention the 7D$ scribbled on the wall.

    I'm constantly impressed by the stuff the South Park team come up with. They don't shy away from sensitive issues, but they do the research and take their work as satirists seriously

    “Internet commenter’s syndrome”? thats not what the ep was about at all... oh wells

    Such a bittersweet episode of South Park. Looks like s15 with be the last. It's been a great run guys.

    I don't know if I wanna watch that south park ep. Seems like a silly cash in satire on societal trends. Who wants to watch that?

    I stopped watching South Park around season 12, it just isn't the same show it used to be. Did watch the Red Badge of Gayness last night though.. classic!

    LOL @Kotaku... this site is a mild outlet for cynicism.. have to say is shocking there is worse..

    PS L.A Noire is about as overrated as all other Rockstar games.. and they all play like rubbish ala GTA which feels like you are ice skating as opposed to what walking actually feels like lol

    This season is just plain awful. The City Wok one has probably been the funniest so far. They haven't been incredibly funny, and the jokes are over-used (especially the Human CentiPad one about Cartmans mom f*cking him.. Only funny the first time). Its just not what it used to be :(

    If you can't see that the writers are passively protesting then I'm not sure what I could. Their discontent with their work shows through their script quality. Honestly this episode was really hard to watch... but I'm curious to whether or not they'll follow through with the currently plot direction. Good bye South Park. Wish something even better could replace you.

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