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    For those interested, here's some cool pistons that will be coming in patch 1.7 hopefully this will inspire us all to get back building. there will be some cool new things I can imagine doing already. Hidden switchable walls and doors! very cool!

      Yeah there will be a huge amount of activity when 1.7 comes out. We will all be back im sure...

      Portal 2 style transforming rooms!
      Kind of.
      Gonna be some crazy circuits for that.

        Challenge. Accepted! (I won't do anything, and if I do I'll fail horribly...)

    Hey Mark, does "Show Us Yours" still exist?

      Bow chicka bow wow.

      Seriously though, if it did exist, I would be somewhat tempted to show off my little setup. At least, the setup I use when recording Let's Plays. I actually do get the odd question about that.

      By odd question, I mean that I've been asked twice.

        Haha, youre practically a celebrity!

          And yet I still haven't seen any evidence of a single fangirl. Isn't that the whole point of fame?

            We have Rocketman. He can pretend to be a girl with his girl voice if that appeases you?

            Strange would count as a fangirl thanks to your Buttercup entries though right? :P

        You guys should just send it in! I'm sure he'll post em!

      Mark kept getting sent nothing but crotch shots from Loops and Q for "Show us Yours" so he changed the name to "The Setup".
      So far only Welbot has participated.....

        Ah, just found the post.


        I know my setup is just killer awesome, but I hope it didn't make you all ashamed to post yours! ;) I'd love to see what you guys have to show :)

          I'm afraid so fellow bot, seeing your welstation activated my shame program for what little TechStation is... therefore I won't show it... until I move out then I'm gonna go nuts on upgrading it, treating it the way it should be treated.

    Ozgameshop is already out of stock of Alice ($60), Big W doesn't have it on shelf yet (they sometimes price match online), so I've just ordered through Zavvi for a mere $56.

    Can't say I'm disappointed with that price. Going to pick up a few more games while I'm at it. Might as well.

      I've never brought anything from ozgameshop. How long do they normally take to deliver?

      They finally got Portal 2(PC) back in stock for $29.99 and I'm thinking of grabbing that as well as a copy of inFamous 2 for $56.99.

        Two to three weeks seems to be the normal wait.

        I made my first OzGameShop purchase a while ago. Game shipped 20 days ago and I'm still waiting.

          Lamesauce! Have you checked with your post office? The longest it's taken something of mine is spot on 2 weeks. Otherwise it's usually within a week.

            I'll give it to the end of the week and see what happens. I wouldn't be surprised if the blame lay with Australia Post.

    Any Sydney folks attending Supanova this weekend? I went 2 years ago all on my own. Wasn't much fun :(

    Also, my game idea!

    Been watching Heroes on the train and was surprised by a Chrono Trigger reference.

    s04 ep08

    Sorry about the spinning. It's the only video I could find.

      I managed to make it all the way to the end of season one.

      There were just so many better options available.

      I may have to start watching more iPoded TV/Film thanks to my new 1hr trip to wurk.

        It's a decent show.

        The plotting got ridiculous after about the second season though. I had no idea what was going on.

        Also, they took away Peter's awesome power.

          Peter's power getting taken away pissed me off too. Now he has 1 power at a time? Lamepants. As well as Hiro losing his power. then getting part of it back from a magic baby. Then getting it all back somehow, but not being able to use it.

        You've seen the best Heroes has to offer. They clearly did not expect to get renewed past the first season and then the writers' strike ruined any chance of the second season making sense. From then on it was just a matter of how much longer the train wreck could continue.

          I'm sure I read somewhere that season 2 was supposed to focus on an entirely new set of "heroes" but the network wanted a continuation. The writers strike didn't help much.

    Did anyone see this question in Ask me stuff?

    June 15, 2011 at 11:42 AM
    Serious Question Please. Looking at purchasing my next gaming PC Beast and I would like three (3) monitors with very thin bezels (using eyefinity) and I need to know what monitors are best for this set up, what monitors have the thinnest bazels, what stands can be used to hold these together and where to purchase it all from. I’m hoping for 24inch screens but I know this might not be possible.

    Know any places in Australia that can provide some or all of these?


    Looks like the kind of stuff e usually deal with in here...

      i would say buy them from the internetz. It knows all and sells all. But seriously that's a tough question.


        Really new people to TAY are super heroes. That's awesome, maybe one of them has the awesome power of


        Thanks DZC12 for that awesome joke. I loled quite hard while watching.

        Mr. Delivers, I expect you to make a drawing of this. :D

          I would... if I knew what a taybie is. I haven't been on here often enough it seems. I feel so out of the loop :'(

      Interesting idea I found from doing a quick google search: "Do what I did and buy LED monitors. They are thin enough to overlap the bezels."

    I think I need to find a new job. This one is boring me to tears. Not the salty, literal tears but the metaphorical (boring) tears.

    Mister Serrels, any jobs going for someone who currently works in a commercial TV revenue and inventory capacity managing advertisement plans and sales requirements? I see a sales job at Allure but I ain't no salesman!

    Or maybe I'll just take up cocaine...?

      Damn - I was just about to suggest the sales job...

        I suspect I shall give it a try anyway, I have worked with sales very closely (and for a digital sales company).

        That was quick, by the way!

      Cocaine? Don't do it man! ACID is a far more superior choice!

        Does that have any relationship to my favourite PSP game, Metal Gear Ac!d?

        If so, consider it done!

        Acid is pretty good...


        HEY! Who the hell let a dragon into the kitchen?

          Yeah but...



    Emails I have sent, replies I have not received...crying I am, hmmmmmmmm.

      I'm on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jimu i has a question. What other daredevil is good after reading yellow. I really liked daredevil yellow and i wanted to read more and ideas?

      Thers a poopload, they are quite different to yellow. Yellow is based on the time back before Frank Miller made him GREAT!

      The list:
      Any with the name Frank miller on the front such as Born Again.

      The Stuff written by Bendis and drawn by Maleev

      Ones written by David Mack

      Written by Ed Brubaker.

      There is apparently a good run after Millae left written by a woman that hasn't been reprinted yet. If that ever happens I would check them out, heard good things. Or you can hunt down the single issues in the back-issue pile in the back of a comic store...good luck with that.

        I really like the Bendis' Daredevil stuff. He added a real personality to the character.

          Love the Bendis run, all he really did though was revisit old Frank Miller stuff. That's not completley true, he did do new stuff. Just after reading I realised it wasn't all Bendis.

          Sort of similar to how Geoff John's uses old Alan Moore ideas to write "new" stories.

          It's not the writer's fault though, us fans just don't deal with change very well.

    Hi all,

    I just posted a tweet about this (because that's what the cool kids do) but I wanted to ask here also.

    I am writing an article for Kotaku to *hopefully* post about the Trials HD riddle. It has gone on for 18 months now and remains unsolved. I want to increase awareness of this unsolved mystery and now I'm looking for your help.

    I have agreement from the Developer who actually made the riddle (there are only two of them that even know what it is!) for an interview. Only a short one online but i need to come up with some questions.

    I have a few ideas, but was wondering if any of you have any better ones? Seing as this will be posted on this site, you may very well get your answer.

    Im not asking for the answer either Qbo so don't ask!

    Fire away. Any help is appreciated.

    Now I've just gotta find time to write the damn thing.

      Wow dude - I really appreciate the effort you're going to for this. I can't wait to read it.

        Happy to do it Mark. Hope it does the subject matter justice.

        The developer is actually really excited about the post also. I think he wants to tell the world about it but has had to keep quiet for so long.

        When I asked him to do an interview, he said

        "For sure! ... great news about kotaku."

        The reason I am such a fan of this dev team is because of their community involvement. They are regularly posting about their times in 1000 heroz and competing with us and he was more than willing to help with any questions we've had in the past.

      That reminds me, I was going to do a Reader Review... do we still have them?

        You mean you didn't see mine this week?

        now i'm sad.

          Blaghman's not around, so I've had to improvise...

            You're not very good at this, are you?

              I googled "adorable animals" and that was one of the results...

                Next time, try this:

      Just saw this question and your tweet, so here's my questions.

      How hard has it been to guard the secret? When he see's you straining so hard to get an answer, how does he stop himself from giving you guys extra hints?

      Does his wife keep telling him to 'for god sake, help them out, put them out of their misery!'?

      Where did the inspiration come from to create such a complex intertwined easter egg hunt?

      Was he aware of the agony and sleepless nights he's caused?

      Was he a huge history/science buff as a kid? Was it a love of reading or a need to show the world how smart he is?

      Giving gamers a completely new experience out of the game, letting them research and learn interesting historical facts must give you a real kick! Do you think other devs will copy you? If they did, do you think you would have the time to solve it?

      Oh, and, whats the answer.

    Has anyone done any achievement hunting on New Vegas, more specifically the Desert Survivalist one? I have recently been replaying the game on Hardcore mode and only using food to heal, now having completed nearly all quests I thought I might have a look at how close I was to the 10,000 points needed. Using only food, I had restored about 3,200 points.
    Only 3,200 out of the 10,000 needed. This is a bloody pain because I don't normally go hunting for achievements, yet with Fallout 3 I had managed to get all achievements, however I only had to actively hunt down 1 or 2 of them, now with New Vegas, there seems to be about a dozen that I actually have to hunt done and quite a few of them are a bloody nuisance.
    After I had stopped screaming in frustration I decided to go back to playing RDR.

      Hey man, Im the same. Im still mid game on hardcore (pile of shame sorry) but like you I got all fallout 3 cheevos (incl the DLC ones)..

      So yeah, when i get back into it I will be right there with you.

        The funny thing is I had a look at my RDR achievements and I don't think I have even half of them, yet I do not feel compelled to hunt for these ones at all, this is a game I enjoy playing just for the pleasure of it, not for some sense of needing to achieve/complete certain tasks so as to gain that next achievement.
        I wonder if this is more to do with the fact that on games that are single player only, I feel there is no reason not to get the achievements (besides lack of skill), while in multiplayer, there isn't as much onus on myself, because there is often the element of requiring others online to help get an achiebvement? There is also the fact that I have only recently started playing online, so before that my connection to completing all single player achievements may have been the greater for the fact that there was no way for me to obtain any online achievement?
        Well after that long ramble, what about other people?
        Do you feel the need to get every achievement/trophy on every game?
        Are there just certain types of games where you want to get 100%?
        Or are there people out there that play, simply to enjoy the game and they don't feel the need to ruin the experience by having to do certain tasks for hours on end just to get a silly little achievement/trophy?
        And does any of this make sense considering I have only had a few hours sleep and I am sure I feel asleep and kept typing for some of this?

    Just a random story that I was reminded of today.

    When I got married a few years ago, my wife was quite insistent that we got married in a catholic church. Which dashed my hopes of getting married dressed as Kratos. Anything we wanted to include which wasn't provided by the church had to be approved by them first. Now I'm a big fan of music from videogames and the Zanarkand piano piece from FFX has always touched something inside me for some reason. As luck would have it the music was to be played by an organist. So I hop online and find the sheet music for it without any mention of Final Fantasy. The church people checked it out and liked it. Awesome result, the candle lighting ritual has it playing.

    A couple of years later I run into an old mate of mine who frequents the church. We get to talking and it turns out that the church liked the song so much that they have been including it in their services. I somehow introduced gaming into the catholic church.

      Good work, 10 points to you.

      No shit, I had music from Donkey Kong Country among other nerdish tunes playing at our Wedding Reception.


      I lol'd. That is amazing. That is also a song I know how to play! /hi5

        *nostalgic sigh*

        I miss Zanarkand...

        Harli, you could play that all night and I'd never get bored.. one of my favourite pieces of music, not just in video game history, but out of ALL the shit I listen to! /mega hi 5

          I dont really. Tidus was a dick. Refused to have him in my party. Caus its My party... and I'll cry if I want to.

      Dude thats awesome. Just don't tell them it's from a game or they will rejected it like a bad organ transplant.

      that's pretty cool man :) I got married in the registry office, so pretty much anything went there. No restrictions or anything. But probably the music that made my wife the most mushy was This old love by Lior. I put together a whole cd of stuff for it, and she listened to it for days afterwards. The song she listened to most off it was definitly Redneck by Lamb of God though :0
      Not your typical wedding song, but hey.. it suited us! ;)

        me too, 3 cheers for the registry office!

        They actually have a really classy set-up there at Georger St.I was pleasently suprised.

          I got married at the Registry too. Seemed a helluva lot easier than trying to find a celebrant who didn't creep me out and a location everyone would be happy with.

      That's an awesome story. 'To Zanarkand' is one of my favourite game songs, and I can also play the first half on my piano.

      wow, that's amazing, i love that song so much, i would have cried at your wedding, even if i didn't know who you are

    I realise I have a bit of a theme going today, but:

      Yes... it's just protein. Protein and fake meat. It wouldn't be tasty, but it wouldn't be actual poop.

      None of the yucky stuff.

        I'd give it a try.
        I think in the video he mentions it tastes like beef. I imagine it would be similar to a bland, overcooked steak.

          Bear Grylls wouldn't agree there... see below (NSFW language... one word but just making sure I cover it)

    Batguy posted this last week on Harli's (nee Eats-a-lot) winning CK post. But, because I was ill, I missed the best part! Naming and shaming!

    From left to right: AnonymousPessimist, dawdle! (front), Gorzilla (back), Harli, Bish, Jamie What?, Endu.

    If you're really lucky, you might be able to see the gaming legend Batguy in the reflection of one of our glasses.

      Looks like you guys had a blast. Sorry I missed it.

      No FatShady or Mini Shady... I was off chasing him around and missed this too! Sorry dudes.

      Ack, sorry I missed it too BUT I did have a good excuse - had a hot date woo!!! :)

      That's a good looking bunch of people, I reckon enough photos and we could print a Kotaku AU TAY Crew calendar. PANTS OPTIONAL :D - Discuss!!

      It occurs to me that this is one of the few pictures of me floating around on the internet? I need to buy a new face now, to prevent the spams and scams coming at me through the portal. I wonder if the face shop is open yet.

      Pessimist.. you are no longer anom...
      Look at you with your sexy muscles and nonchalant hoodie over the shoulder routine, you lady killer.

      Man you're all so sexy.. lets all have some open mouthed tongue pashes!!!

      ..oh.. the girls are ok-ish too.. i guess... i guess i can give you a firm handshake.. or something...

        He is no longer anonymous but he is absent. Did they hold a ritual sacrifice and eat him at that Meat( THAT'S why it was called a 'Meat'!) I wonder?!
        I hope not. I hope he's just busy or something. Are you okay Mr. Pessimist? Did Jeeves poison your pancakes?

          He's fine, just busy atm. Thanks for asking though, I'll pass it on to him!

            I haven't forgotten you were called Eats-a-lot! I'll wait until someone less eaty posts saying he's okay before I stop worrying!

            Are you two...


            DUN DUN DUNNNNNN

              *rubs tummy* Ah, that was a good meal. I mean uhh, I don't know what you're talking about..

              Nah we aren't.

      Harli and Dawdle are both gorgeous, just thought I'd put it out there.

      Bish looks definitely how I pictured him to be, the mischievous human in the back causing harmless fun/trouble :P

      It's good to put faces to names, too bad I can't join you humans for these meats.

        They are indeed gorgeous! Proof that gorgeous, intelligent girls do indeed like games. You lucky, lucky boys.

          I never doubted that fact that there are intelligent and great looking women in our gaming world, but for my luck I usually had one of four scenarios, number 1 being the most common:
          1: They're very rare so hard to find
          2: I get friend-zoned (This happens a LOT!)
          3: They're taken already (got a bf/fiancee/husband)
          4: They don't live nearby

            In my experience, not so rare. It just may not be immediately apparent they like games.

        I didn't want to be the first to say it, but that they most certainly are.
        So is the secretive Strange, for that matter :)

        We're totally rocking out the gorgeous gamers club! lol

    I wish there was an easier way to browse TAY on my phone :(

      Just sit the phone on your lap and very quickly swipe to get to the bottom of the page, then repeat till the end. Just make sure no-one is standing behind you while you are doing this at your desk at work!!!! (just saying, what makes you think that happened to me?)

        lololol. i do that now it's just annoying, especially when TAY hits 2000 responses!


    I love this place, love it to bits. Love the whole Tayby Gang, love the editor, etc etc. You all know that. But something has slowly been getting under my skin quite a bit lately. Especially over the last 3 weeks I'd say. I'm not one to complain much about others, but I think something needs to be said. I'm pretty bummed at having to do/say this. :-(

    The awesome thing about Kotaku AU, is the community, I think we should hold our heads high for the last years have shown us all to be always supportive and tolerant of each other. Sure, as we have gotten to know each other we may taunt here and there, thats cool, we do it in a playful rofly way. But, even if one of us says something disagreeable, we are able to say "I see where your coming from, but for me I thought..etc.." and tactfully voice our opinions like all adults should.

    But lately, there seems to be a real big influx with sadly a slight sense dred to it. I've seen some harsh words spoken to people, others snapping and snarkily replying. Quite frankly, its disgusting.

    I'm hoping (desperately) that maybe its just the weather or something, but it will be sad to see an end to the joyfulness of reading replies which always had many lols amongst there. Lately there's been childish bickering creeping in, which is a real downer folks.

    So hopefully, some of those overly aggressive posters wander into TAY and reads this and tones back their less than tactful manor of communicating. I really don't want to have to stop reading all the replies . :-(

    I also am in no way blaming Mark or Elly or Tad at all for approving comments either, because I do believe we all have a right to respond and it should not be their job to be parenting us!!! If they don't approve, then they are given the whole "this probably wont be posted" garbage, so they are put in a desperately unfair place (must suck approving comments sometimes guys, I do sympathise with you!). It should be up to the posters to remember their manors!

    Ok, thats it. Sorry folks, I had to get it off my chest and say something. :-/

      You know what's sad. I agree.

      But there is another thing I've noticed, it's not really the regulars who do it. I'm not going to mention names, but whenever I approve comments, I always see the same few bad seeds in the crowd, always jeering to start a flame-war. Not much I can do about it except post and try to quell the fire.

      I'll be more active now that I know you feel this way, buddy! Together, we can remove the trolls! :)

      Thanks for sharing!

        Oh yeah, I should have made that clear, its definitely not the regulars! Anyways, I've slept on it now, maybe I was just overly cranky last night?

          I don't think it's necessarily recent, but crankiness aside you're right. There are some comments that are a bit dickish.

          And not just my usual charming snark either.

            Hey everyone - thought I'd drop my two cents in here.

            I don't want to blame new guys either, but with E3 and the aftermath, we tend to get a few folks that just drop by for the big stories, drop their comments and leave. Some stick around and get used to our awesome community and the different way we operate, but others will just come in, think that KotakAU is just another internet place where that tone is acceptable and the norm.

            That's the reason I reckon. The internet is a bitter place, and folks are used to posting in a certain way on every other site. I'll be vigilant with the comments - as will Tad since he tends to approve a lot of comments when he's in the office! And feel free to let me or Tad know if you see anything inappropriate that I might have missed.

            I think this place is really unique in that it's a totally friendly place where people can talk openly without all the usual crap you have to deal with. I want things to stay that way!

            Thanks for saying something folks. Really appreciate it.

              You're right, people posting somewhat dickish comments is just part of the way the internet works.

              I think part of the reason that it was worth mentioning is that E3 may have attracted a few more people but also because we have our little community here. So when we're a little bit cranky with each other, we tend to be pretty civil about it or at least forgive it but when a non-regular does the same it tends to stand out a little more.

              Internet sociology. I used to have fun making stuff up about that back when I was a regular on a rather large forum.

          In saying it's not the regulars is not to say that the people doing it aren't regular with it. One guy in particular I've noticed has been doing it a lot lately. But then that's the nature of the Internet isn't it?

            I'm loving your current handle. I hope you keep it because it is made of icy awesomeness.

              You know every time I see this guy start a thread of comments I can hear the Arnie Mr Freeze in my head saying "Allow me to break the ice!"

            One name keeps popping out at me as well. Wonder if it's the same one.

              Is it "Effluvium Boy"?

                Whoa man! Don't get al snarky with me!

                I don't want your 'Flame War' starting shiznitz all up in ma face yo!

                Only joking! You're pretty much the only guy who comments on all my funny stuff.

                And you were the one who came up with Jamie What?.

        I already have a few I've targeted for human extermination that I've seen on articles... especially this one guy that loves to pick fights with other commenters even with the editor at times which just disgusts me to no end

      I agree whole heartedly. I really don't like going into random posts with childish insults being thrown around.i'n my anger I'll admit I usually reply to these people and maybe make it worse :(. However I like you qbo really enjoy coming here and never have had a problem with Tay people. So I vow not to take the bait of critical comments

      I agree, but only partially. Partially because for whatever reason, our hobby breeds trolls and zealots, people out to ruin others days or people with a narrow view and a chip on their shoulder.

      Those posts (while not in TAY) have been here as long as I've been reading, which is probably about 5 years. The thing is, they're not just here, they're everywhere. You may be totally right and that it's on the rise here, but I haven't noticed a dramatic change in the frequency.

      All that said, fantasy lore tells us that trolls can only be killed with acid or fire. So if the population grows too unruly, I'm sure us regulars can wade in and teach them a thing or two about flames.

      Q-man, I love you. Was planning on saying something myself actually.
      Reading some comments in the last few weeks the tone has reminded me of what the US site was like when I used to mostly hang around there and just look at the AU tagged articles here. I have a feeling there has been a mass exodus from Kotaku US and the refugees have ended up here.
      Also, the box that used to say something about only intelligent respectful and funny comments being approved has disappeared, maybe we need to bring something like that back so people know the guidelines which made this place so great?

      It's not me is it? Cos if it is I had no idea and also I haven't noticed it happening soooo...

        I too have missed this influx of bad blood. Q-bo's post left me slightly confused. I am confused. Who what to the where now?

        Kot AU, to it's credit, is hands down the nicest place on the interwebs I have EVER, EVER posted.

        Flame wars are pretty funny though. I actually can't see it happening around here. You guys should see the stuff that goes down over in the Oz Tekken community forums!!!

          It's been a combination of the E3 stuff and the Sony hacker situation. Both those events have brought in more readers, and some just need to get with the program. I think I'll be a bit more strict with the comments I approve from now on.

            Fear not Mark. I possess a very strong flame shield.

            I used to say fight fire with fire, and that's why I got kicked out of the fire brigade.

            You are spot on Mark with everything as usual! :-D Sadly, this is the internet, I know. But like I said, it really shouldn't have to be up to you to parent every post. I just wish some people could voice their disagreements with others in a slightly more tactful way. I really only ever go to Kotaku for anything gaming related because of its awesome community.

            But, I will say, here's me having a right bloody whinge (got my pants pulled up to tight around my nipples I guess, my age is creeping in...) and there's the ever wise Strange actually coming up with a thoughtful solution! I wish I was that clear headed! I hadn't even noticed that bit about "intelligent respectful and funny comments" had gone. Its a very good suggestion and I approve of her wise idea on its re-implementation! :-D

          For example. There's a typo in While You Were Sleeping today.

          The way that I'd alert him (if I'd even bother for such a small article as WYWS): "@Serrels Hey you've got a typo in WYWS today: 'I believe that is an impossible tast'. Might want to fix it"

          The way that has been common recently: "Typical standards of journalism that I would expect from Kotaku: 'I believe that is an impossible tast'. Seriously? How hard is it to run a spellchecker over your articles. Hire a copy editor if that's too much effort. Just don't waste our time with these rushed piece of shit articles. I'm not even sure that I can trust what this guy is writing, he's obviously not putting any time into proofreading, he's probably not putting any into research either.

          It's rediculous (sic) how the quality of writing on this site has been going downhill for months now."

          PS: There's a typo in the article Mark :P

            To be fair, I've been on the warpath about the amount of spelling/grammar errors in the American articles, to the point that I pretty much just don't read Plunkett's anymore.

            HOWEVER: there's still a little thing called decorum.

        Oh it's definitely not you! That Jimu Kong guy though.... :P

        Although I did wonder for a bit if meeting us Brisbane people in real life had scared you away!

        You did long ago test my patience meter a lot but I'm now more tolerant of it. So don't worry, I won't be terminating you today human

          Is this serious?

            I'm afraid so. I was just proving to myself that my software that I self-installed over the years into my progamming, can make me more secure and mature by not snapping at you for it. Hence why you probably never noticed.

      You're right. I said something to this effect in my kudos nomination email to Mark last week, commended the whole mod crew and said to keep their spirits up in the face of all the negative overnight comments that were coming in.

      One thing I can recommend is not to feed the trolls. If somebody makes an obviously inflammatory comment, just ignore it. I've stopped myself on the verge of writing annoyed responses a few times recently.

      And that guy who was harassing Jimu about his Alien movie preferences a couple of pages back is a total jerk.


        I just was like 3 people ripping into me cos I like a diff Alien movie.


          Go intarwebs...half of that sentance just dissapeared...

          It was something about me going back and reading that post.

          Where was that?! Did it happen yesterday? If so, I'm sorry I wasn't around to help.

            You can go back now and add your two cents - provided that you appreciate that Aliens is one of, if not the, best of the first four Alien movies - not the WORST!!

              LOL reading back, to be fair - no one actually harrassed Jimu, just threw their two cents in.

              I seriously thought Jimu was trolololololing when he listed Aliens last...:P

              I've only seen Aliens once. I was 10 and completely not ready for horror and I seriously could not sleep for about 3 months. I've never watched it again because I am a great big baby.

                Aliens was practically a comedy. Watch it now, you'll see how poor the puppetry is. :P

                  *bites* Blasphemy! Aliens is a masterpiece, and don't spit on Stan Winstons beautiful alien effects when he's but 2 years in the ground!!

                  Stop your heinous trolling TadMod, you should know better! :D


      I've got a great idea on how we should deal with these nasty people...
      ...Scare them away with extreme bec'rollage :P

        NooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I'll probably click on it by mistake!

      Just wanted to put in 2 cents here. I don't post often, but I do read you guys an awful lot (I tend to go to sites as much for the comments as the stories). This site and RockPaperShotgun have my favourite comment communities on the web, even if the rps threads do quite often end up as arguments about grammar.

      You're going to get idiots and trolls anywhere. Nature of the game. The regulars here however just deal with it better than most other places.

      Don't let them get you down, keep doing your thing, and remember Wheaton's law.

      That being said, I think I know that one name that's been bugging everyone recently... Spoiler alert, it was that Duke Nukem guy who showed up for a day then buggered off again.

      Ok so reading through all the replies makes me feel a little better - I really thought you meant me! Well... at least I'm hoping you didnt mean me :/

      I've been a bit over opinionated, particularly of late, so I'm honestly sorry if I have offended anyone...

        I'm a couple of hours late, but I haven't really noticed much of this... maybe I don't read some of the more debated articles?

        Still, nice to see that people are aware that it's been going on and that Mark et al are on top of it.

    TGIF peoples!!! Remember that time when we hit over 2k posts? What's going on this week TAY - not good enough! You're making baby Jesus cry!!

    Nah, kidding, I think an average of 200 posts per day (based on business days only!) is fantastic, and I'm proud to be a part of this awesome community!!

    Caffeine, banana bread and then off to work!

      TGIF X 10

        was about to +1 the TGIF call, then i remembered that my coach has moved training to tonight...

        WHO WANTS TO TRAIN ON A FRIDAY! FRIDAY IS FOR RELIGIOUS THINGS LIKE NOT EATING MEAT AND DRINKING BEER! (Only kidding you zealots out there, you can eat whatever you want with your beer).

        Seriously I should just quit sport and take up gaming full time and grow large...I hear the name "Eats-a-Lot" is free :P

          Yowza, who trains on a Friday night?! (She says, as she participates in a clan training session for a Friday night)

          Eats-a-Lot.. will never be free.

    Going to track down Aliens trilogy on Blu-ray soon if it kills me. Despite owning a PS3 for a couple of years, this will be my first blu-ray purchase.

    On that point, remember that bit in Aliens when Apone is waking all the marines up ("I love the core!") and Hudson backtalks him.

    Apone, cigar in hand, says "Look into my eye". And that's it. No threat, no follow up statement. Just "Look into my eye".

    How goddamn awesome is that huh?

      JB Hi-Fi Chermside has the whole collection with the sweet light up egg. They had 2 on the shelf when I was there over the weekend.

      Funnily enough I was thinking about buying these this weekend... Inceptioned?


          doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo


          "We gotta go deeper!!!"

      You know what? I've never actually watched a whole Alien/s movie. I've seen bits and pieces here and there on TV, but never watched through a whole one. What's wrong with me!?

      My ladyfriend bought it for my bday earlier in the year. It... is... beautiful. Especially the first one, with all dem luscious shots of the planet, ship int, alien ship... OMG I want to go watch it now.

      Go get it my friend, and be merry!

      How in the name of Weyland Yutani did we go from Sargeant Apone to discussing the merits of one of the worst sci-fi films of the last 20 years? DAMN YOU INTERNET

      "A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps! "

      Love Apone!

      True to the action movie cliche, BGDF (Black Guy Dies First!)

      Not technically FIRST but part of the first lot to get wasted in the alien nest..

        “A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps! ”

        HELLS. YES.

        I though the cliche was 'guy with sweetheart back home dies first'?

          Also applicable.

          But in the case of movies where you have an ensemble cast, usually the token black guy gets pwned first.

          Case in point - Aliens the only TWO black guys in the Colonial Marines squad are the first ones to get popped - Frost and Apone.

            And now I'm going back to TV-Tropes...
            God Dammit.

    I'm there!

      Black suit Spidey hoodie?

      My poor wallet!

      That blacksuit spiderman one is awesome... i wouldn't be caught dead in the captain america one, however

      these are also pretty rad

        Unfortunatly they seemed to have screwed the eyes on black costume(picky picky).

        I think the Cap America one is the best, but no, I cannot strut around in an American flag.

        I think stormtrooper is best in your link.
        Bobba's jetpack looks so bad it ruins the whole thing.

    So I been on the lookout for a new cap. I didn't go out in the sun for over a decade so I haven't needed one. Since the boy was born I have been making more and more trips to the park.

    So I went to my local comics shop and they have a sweet collection of caps available, game ones and comic ones.

    I really liked the one with the NES controller and it got me thinking.

    I want one with a SNES controller! Dammit, there's all this love for retro gaming but it's all Atari and Sega Logos and NES controllers.

    I aint down with that, the pinnacle of 2D gaming in my mind is the SUPER FRIKKIN NINTENDO.

    Where's my Super Nintendo controller hat? WHERE???

    On a similar note, where are these websites that let you design your own shirts on the cheap? I swear someone told me about one and I never saw the link.

      I had a SNES controller on a shirt once. It was emblazoned across the chest like a majestic eagle.

      I went into General Pants with a pal. One of the sales chicks there screamed "I LOVE SUPER NINTENDO" and then pretended to play with the controller. She pinched my nipple. She knew she did it. I knew she did it. We locked eyes, turned on our heels and went our separate ways.

      Moral of the story? Don't go into General Pants wearing a SNES cap, you might lose an eye.

        After meeting you face to face at welbo's, all your comments have come to life!

          Haha, I know. I could absolutely see his comment unfolding as if I was watching a video!

        "She could have been the love of your life"!
        "She was".

      Forget SNES! Get one of these!

      Hey Jimu! Just sos you knows, I got bored one day (this is how most of my stories start oddly enough) and did vector reproductions of EVERY Nintendo controller in illustrator. Even the regional variants. And my own hybrid monster.

      If you find somewhere that lets you do your own, I can send you a Hi-res SNES controller image.

        Your "hybrid monster" needs to be on a shirt. STAT!

          Wow. I was so expecting people to be all "WTF is that? ABOMINATION!" and grab the pitch forks.

          I should make a shirt for each one. Keep everyone happy.

        You, ser, are dangerously close to becoming my odder brudda.

          Don't know if you saw it but I commented about just that thing last week.

          Jamie What?
          June 10, 2011 at 11:41 AM

          It’s not the same without Jimu. He’s like the brother I never had because he was carried of by giant eagles at birth and taken to the lair of an anthropomorphic cranberry called Ulysses.

      I had a 'slap bet commissioner' shirt made up for a mate at work a while back. I'm pretty sure it was

      Pretty good system. Upload a pdf (for transparent background's sake, gif or eps might work too) and you can resize it and move it around on a mockup before you order.

    Why s it always the day after a comp has closed that you think of an awesome entry?!

    "The bard formally known as a prince"

    Dammit Wilma!!

      Don't worry Loops, someone already went there for you. There was a response similar to that on the first page.

    Someone tell me when the Telstra ads are gone again, I've had to turn adblock on again because the loadtimes have been so excrutiatingly slow. It's always the Telstra ads, makes me wonder if they're in the right business. :P

      I want the Alice ad back. I thought it made the pages look cool.

        Although I enjoyed the changing eye colours, those black background ads seem to hurt my 'putener most!

      See how slow your Internet is? Just imagine how fast it would be if you were with telstra! Simply hand over the deed to your house and your firstborn child and they'll make sure your bill doubles every month.

      Sorry, I've had a few bad experiences with telstra.

    The following exchange happened this morning as I was making coffee. SOS is my sweet-laydeh.

    SOS - Uhh, you need two hands to make one piece of toast. If I had four arms, look out.
    ME - You need to be Goro.
    SOS - Who?
    ME - Goro. You know, the four armed guy from Mortal Kombat.
    SOS - Ohhhhh you mean Gweero.
    ME - Pretty sure it's pronounced Goro.
    SOS - Nah, it's Gweero because that way if someone beats you with him you can say "Only queeros use Gweero" Plus, he's got that sweet sonic boom attack. (Does action) SONIC BOOM!
    ME - (blank face as I realise my girlfriend has amalgamated 2 characters based solely on the spelling of their name)
    SOS - Anyway, you gonna butter this other piece of toast or do I gotta get all Gweero Sonic-Boom on yo' face. (does action)


      Hey, at least you can have conversations like that.

      Here's how the same conversation would go in my home:

      [KT – Uhh, you need two hands to make one piece of toast. If I had four arms, look out.
      ME – You need to be Goro.
      KT – Who?
      ME – Goro. You know, the four armed guy from Mortal Kombat.]
      KT - Is that a game?
      ME - Never mind.
      KT - You are such a nerd. (But I love you)

        I'm getting in on this:

        Me: toast four arms etc...
        WAIFU: *rolls eyes*
        Me: *sobbing*
        The boy: BA!
        ME: *smiling*

          PSML! And toast should be of the raisin variety only with butter. Unless its vegemite, in which case white bread and marg. All other toasts go home! Unless its honey toast, in which case the toast should be a crumpet.

            Did you say Raisin bread?



            What the hell kind of man are you?
            Get out.

        Hey, at least you can have conversations like that.

        Here's how the same conversation would go in my home:

        ME - You need to be Goro.
        ME - *sigh*

          These just continued to get better and better. I lold heartily at this one.

            I didn't lol, I went "Awwww", and felt sad.

              That's why I skip breakfast.

              So I can avoid conversations with girlfriends I don't have.


          With me, it'd go a little like this.

          Q – Uhh, you need two hands to make one piece of toast. If I had four arms, look out.
          ME – You need to be Goro.
          Q – Don't you mean Sheeva?
          ME – Uh... Who?
          Q – From Mortal Kombat.
          ME – Is she a ninja?
          Q – ....
          ME – With the mouth?
          Q – No. She's like a female Goro.
          ME – Oh... I knew that.

      lol, at least shes grasping the fundamentals.

      my sweet lady: "Whats a Mortal Kombat?"

      A shame she isn't aware of Guile's other move...

      Flash Kick!

        Was that a rude comment?
        Do you want to see this man's woman's 'ginie?

          Guile only has two special moves. I'm just disappointed that the more hilarious option was not taken.

          Ok. After reading you post Jimu a series of random events occured in my deviate brain.

          1. hehe, 'ginie
          2. *music plays* "im a 'ginie in a bottle..."
          3. "From the makers of Unicorn in a Can - Its: "GINIE IN A BOTTLE"


          Now I have to attempt to do some work and be productive with 'ginie in a bottle playing on repeat in my head.

            'Someday' - Fragrance by Justin Bieber.

            'Bout as close to ginie in a bottle you'll ever get.

              For best results with the beiber-stank do I have to drive at the speed-limit in a school zone whilst playing a song from bish's school zone playlist? (

            I think someone has already made that. It's called a Fleshlight.

            Don't Google that at work, folks.

    Marky Mark, any ideas on whether Kotaku Oz readers will get to see this ??



    IT'S EPIC!!!

    ...well kinda.. lol

      Gah! So much is happening in TAY, I cant keep up!! Man, I was meant to be out the door like an hour ago too. I made the mistake of going 'Ah I'll just see whats happening quickly in TAY'. Also, I'm yet to reply to the epic flaming thread you started earlier. GAH! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!! *gasps for breath*

        Just yer Brudderly love...

          *extends arms out, nervous and shaking*

          Oh wait, 'brudderly' love... ok, nevermind then.

            Just comprehend this for a moment

            Captain falcon with a lady in one hand, a big thumbs up, standing behind a table with a big bowel of punch... with big words saying

            FALCON PUNCH!!


              That. Is. Brilliant.

              On that note, where would one get one of your shirts from. I did see them ages ago but have now completely forgotten due to a terrible memory.


                  Chuloopa, you should totally link it in your name!

      How bout:

      Gamers do it... for the achievements.
      Role Players do it... for the XP.
      XBOX Live... have you had your sexuality questioned by a 13 year old lately?
      I'm only here whilst my Playstation installs an update.
      Starcraft Multiplayer... providing crushing humiliation from the comfort of your own home since the 90's.

        I like... i like... especially the live one.. i think the first 2 have been done before, though

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