Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.


  • My little brother just gave me the greatest gift of all: an imported copy of Mortal Kombat. At the moment I’m in possession of two banned fighting games.

    I feel like such an outlaw.

  • I’ve been a little busy over the weekend.

    The Batman Arkham Asylum Let’s Play is progressing nicely. Part 6 and Part 7 are both up for your viewing pleasure. Blaghman, Bish, Rocketman and Tech Knight joined in the fun for part 6, just Blaghman and Rocketman for part 7.

    I also played Homefront from start to finish on Saturday night. Started around 10pm, finished about 3:45am. Recorded the whole thing for a Let’s Play and I can tell you that I was not very impressed by that game. 5 hours of mediocre COD clone.

      • We did the recording on Saturday night before I went and played Homefront, so I don’t think many people were really ever going to be available.

        Probably going to do part 8 in the next few days though, if you’re around you’re always welcome to join in.

      • I really want to watch it, but I still don’t want any spoilers! I realllly must play AA his week cause I want to lol with you guys! 🙁

  • So I finished LA Noire, and put the disc back in the case. Then I slipped the case back into the remnants of its shrink wrap, which I kept. I have done this before.
    Am I a crazy person? I feel like this is probably not normal.

  • Maybe we need a forum, the amount of comments we will leave on this post will be obscene but in a totally good way.

    • Mate alot of people have suggested that but honestly for all the flaws of this system. The people more than make up for it

      • The system is our filter.

        If people are willing to put up with our constant trial by fire, then they can be accepted, if not, then they simply fade into memory, like the flowers of spring.

        • Plus it seems more communal this way. Like a party in a hall.

          Forums are more like a swingers party. A few people having a discussion in the rooms with a few ransoms popping their heads in to check out the action.

  • So, I have a small problem. In the MC server, I’m making a miniature Death Star. It’s going to be made up of 968 cobblestone blocks (which I already have). I just don’t know what to call it. I can’t call it the Death Star, firstly because it doesn’t cause Death (unless jump off the top of it), secondly it is most definitely not a star because it’s made out of cobblestone…I can’t call it space-sphere because it’s top is just underneath the clouds…wait, that gives me an idea, I shall call it “Floating Sphere (that resembles a famous sphere from some famous movies)” 😀

      • Yeah that didn’t work – I did manage to pry them off for lunch and then tried out my newly downloaded Ms Splosion Man beta.

        Let me tell you – this game is the humour from Comic Jumper but with an actual playable game behind it – and is an order of magnitude more impressive that the original.

  • I bought inFamous 2 the other day… traded LA Noir, Killzone 2 and FF13 for it, I got bored by LA Noir in the end, it really didn’t click with me.

    I’ve resolved to not playing it til I’ve finished inFamous part 1 which I got with my ps3 a year ago but didn’t start properly til a week ago. Unfortunately I didn’t realise how bleeding HUGE this game is!!! O_O

    Now inFamous 2 sits there, teasing me… and I can’t wait to play it. Am I doing the right thing finishing 1 before 2 or should I dive straight in???

    • I think it’s worth finishing inFamous 1, but not worth playing through it twice as both good/evil. But inFamous is a very fun game, I wasted many hours on it. And now that inFamous 2 is out, I spent more or less my entire weekend playing that. Great fun!

    • Finish 1 first. It’s all connected story so if your into following plot lines, it’d be the ideal way to go.

      Plus I actually really enjoyed the story.

  • Wow I haven’t been on the net since last Wednesday, and I had to had to catch up on 25 pages of articles and 5 pages of TAY. Apparently something happened to Kotaku when “Duke” was in charge, anyone have any screenshots?

    Anyways I bought Assassins Creed II: Cracker(White :P) Edition…for PC for $25 at EB. I haven’t had any troubles with it yet. My Internet is the worst, so maybe Ubisoft fixed it with the patches that it downloaded.

  • First on TAY YAY!

    Anywho, just a quick question to see if anyone else has found the porn cinemas in infamous 2 yet. If so, how friggin funny are the names!?!? I think Little Big unit, Uncharted Love, and Assassins Need (Love Two) were my favs. If you havent seen em yet head to the red light district and check the cinemas around their in the game

    • I like:

      Solid Serpent: The movie

      and there’s an electrical store called ‘red ring electronics’ that doesn’t quite reproduce the red ring symbol, but still makes fun of it.

  • Doesn’t seem to be much hype on the new Alice game this week…anyone intrested? looks to be an intresting game possibly a nice break from all the DUKEing we have been doing.

    • One of my friends used to rave about the first one though I never had a go. I’ll most probably give this one a go though just becasue I love the idea and art style. As a bonus it looks like it will be fun too.

    • I’ll probably pick it up somewhere along the line…

      I loved “Alice,” thought it was an absolutely brilliant game, even if when I started playing it it was looking fairly dated, but Spicy Horse has a pretty crap track-record, as does American McGee, so I’m hopeful, but not really optimistic for it. I want it to be good, but I don’t really expect it to be.

  • Wow I dont believe it, this is a rare post for me I haven’t bothered to post in “Talk Amongst Yourselves” too often as There is normally 1500+ post before me and I dont want to play catch up on the conversation.

    Anyway I met a couple of you at the Infamous 2 lauch in Sydney, I’m related to FatShady (dont hold that against me), I read a lot of the content on this site and find it very informative and helpful.

    I’m not a huge gamer but would say i’m a computer head most of my time is spend racing a simulator game called Rfactor and run a league and website for this also, I do play other games but mainly for a short period of time and when FatShady gives me a heads up if its good or not.

    Thanks everyone and well done on your ever growing community.

    • I like your name!
      You have the right idea with ‘talk amongst yourselves’. If you get on it right at the beginning it’s much easier to stay caught up. I think with the slow start today a bunch of people have taken this rare opportunity to get in on the action.

  • I’m using most of today to watch live streams. First I watched the Marvel vs Capcom 3 top 8 at CEO. If anyone cares, Tokido beat Justin Wong in the finals. It was a damned impressive sight.

    Looks like Japan will be well represented in EVO this year.

    And now I’m watching Miami vs Dallas. I really want Miami to win so that this goes to game 7.

  • Holy crap, I think the Witcher 2 is the best RPG I’ve ever played.

    Just when I was loosing faith in the Genre. Dragon age 2 has NOTHING on this game. I might even go so far to say beats DA1.

    • My computer has terrible specs to even play a proper PC game, but I’ve watched the early walkthrough for the Witcher 2 and it’s an amazing game indeed. I wonder if it’ll be as nice when ported to xbox 360.

    • I think I cheered out loud when I found out The Witcher 2 was coming to the 360.
      I have the first one but it’s so difficult to get the opportunity to play games on my computer and the 2nd game is too much for my meagre system so I was crossing my fingers hoping for a console release.

  • I’m having a wonderful start to the week. On my way home for a 12 hour shift and have someone crash into the back of my 3 month old car :'(

    I’m fine (and so is the other driver) but my car isn’t. Was able to drive it home thankfully, don’t want to drive it anywhere other than the panel beaters though.

    • Dude, that’s not good. 🙁
      People really suck. Some idiot ran a red light last night and smashed into the car my Dad was driving my kids around in. Thankfully everyone’s okay, my daughter couldn’t sleep last night though. It was her side the moron ran into. Didn’t even stop.

      • :0 now I almost feel lucky, at least that was the probably the safest place to be hit from and I didn’t have any passengers, let alone children, to worry about.

        The guy who hit me also stopped. Though his bumper bar was only just hanging on by a thread so I doubt he’d have gotten away with it if he had tried to do a runner. He’d probably have left his number plate behind.

        Maybe it’ll pay off in the long run and your daughter will grow up to be a very responsible driver?

    • Oh noes, That sucks!

      I have been in this car and testify that it’s very nice. Hopefully it gets back to normal soon!

    • Mate, that sucks! Seems its the weekend for ppls cars getting smashed up. Was it a brand new new? Or 2nd hand new?
      Also, if you get a chance I sent you an email about the thing you and batguy talked about last week. Did you get it?

      • It was brand new. I’m stuck on the motorbike for a week or two which isn’t nice in this weather. I got your email though it was flagged as spam so I hadn’t noticed. I’ll send you a reply from work tonight.

      • Yah, I keep telling myself to look at the bright side, mainly I wasn’t a fault and they didn’t do a runner, I wasn’t on my motorbike and the airbags didn’t deply and break my nose. I’ve never had a broken nose and i’m not really in a hurry to find out what it’s like.

    • Ouch. Hope the other fella was insured so your only put out by time.

      My brother had someone run a red unliscenced, drunk and driving another persons car and wrote his brand new car off. Just after he fell behind on insurance payments.

  • I would Like Kotaku to have a chat with this new Australia Party.

    Turns out they are all about ending the Nanny state.

    Now I called them up and asked about the R18 Rating for games. They know nothing about it. This party is based on Christian principles however they say they not linked to the ACL.

    Sooo, what I wanna know is will the R18 be supported thus inline with their no nanny state theme OR will the ACL pipe up and make them hypocrates.

    I think the R18 Issue here could be very interesting. Do your thing Kotaku.

    • That’s ‘Katter’s Australia Party’…

      As in, Bob Katter. I don’t think R18+ is at the top of his agenda, just quietly, and I doubt gamers would be part of his target demographic.

      I mean, it’d be nice to get his opinion, but this would be so far down on his list of party priorities…

    • There’s just one problem.

      It’s Bob Katter’s party, which means that it’s CRAZY. I was going to post a rant about it, but then I realised that nobody cares about the opinions of a left wing city kid when contrasted to those of a right wing country person.

      Still, I agree we should get their opinion on the R18+ rating, although I’d recommend taking anything they say with a mountain of salt, and remember that “freedom” for them mostly seems to be the ability to drive anywhere, and shoot anything…

  • I must apologise to Blaghman, who I was on teamspeak last night with. Well, I kind of actually fell asleep sitting up (yes that’s normal for me). I had headphones on, and then I remember just barely waking up out of it with blaghman saying something, but my head was totally not with it yet. By the time I realised my noddy episode, I was left all alone in teamspeak wondering if put blaghman through a punishing course of me snoring. Sorry bout that old pal.. :-/

  • Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3

    Did anyone see any gameplay, I’m so excited I can’t sit!

  • I just woke up 10 minutes ago. Yay for public holidays letting me sleep in. Also though it sucks because it means I’ll probably be up late tonight tossing and turning in bed and getting up at 7 tommorow is going to be hell.

    That episode of Doctor Who on Saturday was awesome.
    Vastra and Jenny need their own spin off series. It would be called “Lesbian Samurai Lizard solving crime in victorian era England” and it would be the greatest show of all time.

  • Alright guys, I posted this on Saturday, so in case anyone failed to see it:

    It’s Skyrim A Capella, with copious amounts of Guinea Pigs.

    Also, Sydney Meat *whatever we’re up to now* people, does someone want to try and organise something? If the 26th ish is still the plan, then that works for me, I’ll be in Thirlmere for the 25th, so something that afternoon or evening would probably work for me too. Anyway, another friend of mine is trying to organise something, so I’d appreciate it if someone else could make some decisions about it.

    *Starts chanting*
    Someone else!
    Someone else!
    Someone else!

  • reading TAY gets me through my week at work lol. I dont normally post but I just wanted to say BRING ON THE FUNNIES 😀

  • I was thinking about ordering Portal Wombat from play-asia. Does anyone know how the dlc works in Australia?

    Also, are we on the same region as asia for the 360?

    • From what I’m hearing, I believe that you’ll need to get a UK Live account to activate your online pass, as well as purchase any additional DLC in future. However, once you’ve used the online pass/purchased the DLC on the UK Live account, all online functionality (as well as any DLC) will also be accessible via your Australian Live account.

      FYI, our region is considered PAL, which is the same as the UK. However, the 360 store is set by country, which is why you can’t activate the online pass or download Mortal Kombat DLC from an Australian Live account.

  • Need some advice. Looking to get some decent headphones for movies gaming etc to keep the noise down now that bub no. 2 has arrived. I’d prefer wireless and have around 500 to spend.

    Been looking at the sennheiser rs180. Anyone had any experience with these or any other suggestions?

  • Just beat my first PS3 game, Uncharted 1, though was embarrassed to discover, rather late in the game, that there is a ‘blind-fire’ function, and it’s a better aim than I am…

    Looking forward to trying Uncharted 2, and have been trying all weekend to get some time on it, but family is being a timesink… ah well. 🙂

    In other news, I dropped out of my PhD. Moved all my crap from uni into our garage today, so all in all feeling a bit crappy.

  • So ages ago, our almighty lord and master Serrels organised a Halo Reach get-together with some of the wonderful people here, and much fun was had by all. However, I was stupid enough to not keep track of peoples’ Gamer Tags at the time, and unfortunately fell out of contact with pretty much everyone because of it.

    Seeing as I’ve had a death in the family recently, and video games are helping to keep me relatively sane, I figured I’d see if anyone was up for some multiplayer of anything, now or in future? I don’t bite, I promise!

    Multi-wise, I tend to play teh Haloz (3, ODST and Reach), Black Ops, Street Fighter IV (vanilla and Super, potentially AE in future), Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of 2 Sentinels, BlazBlue (Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift), Red Dead Redemption, and even the mess that is Duke Nukem Forever’s multi, plus a few that I’ve probably forgotten.

    If anyone is keen for some multi, a hand with obscure multi achievements, or just to shoot the sh*t, feel free to add my Gamer Tag: ‘AshuraMGS3Sub’ (without the apostrophes), or feel welcome to post yours here and I’ll add you.

    Thanks all. ^^

    • You are on my list but ivalways forget who you are. I’m keen for RDR halo 3 or street fighter I’m no goof at any but happy to play.

      • Oh hey, that’s right! I completely forgot that I have you on my friends list. We’ll definitely have to have a bash at something soon. 🙂

        • GT: Stamperrific

          Always looking for new CoD pals, I have Halo Reach but never really play it – will jump in a sesh if there’s enough interest.

          Also have MK if you’re interested in some online sparring!!

          • Great, I’ll add you next time I jump on!

            I sadly don’t have MK as of yet, but it is definitely on the cards. It’ll be good to have people to play with once I manage to get on board myself. ^^

  • Let me regale the TAYbies with a tayle (see what I did there)

    At my school, the entire list of Alure Media sites are blocked, save one (no points for guessing), but only the AU servers.

    However, due to my school’s Draconian blocking of nearly everything, I am left with a no formatting version of Kotaku AU, though the worst part is when sponsor ads have a black background, since the text is black as well, I cannot read Kotaku, at least without pressing ctrl+a, and this totally sucks

    tl;dr – KotakAU at my school sucks, but is still readable

  • Hey guys – just a quick heads up

    Big W has Red Steel 2 with motion plus for just $15

    Of course, this is if your store still has it.. i can confirm they still do at Geelong and Southland

  • So Kotakuites, how did us lucky bastards (if you are one) spend your day off? I drove from Dubbo to Campbelltown and got stuck in traffic for 2 hours. It was times like those that I needed driving to be like Mario Kart, how good would it be to just blast people with red/green shells and bananas? Seriously some people drive like they’re lagging on Mario Kart online sometimes.

  • okay Everyone
    i have a idea, so brilliant your eyes might pop out and roll on the floor. If you are A newbie to tay and want a moment so that you can comment to say who you are please reply to this thread. i’ll start

    Hi I’m Rocketman
    I’m a big fan of a lot of different media including indie rock music, dc comics(thanks to Jimu and Jamesmacusedmy handle. I like but suck at platforming games and really enjoy television. I am also known for sounding like a women on teamspeak and mispelling every third word.

    • Hi, I’m Ninety-Seven Eighty-Three (four names, be sure to take a deep breath), but just use 9783 for brevity,

      I’m a kinda quiet guy, a gamer (no duh, I’m posting on Kotaku), but if you and I get onto a good subject I could talk for hours.

      Hit me up for a game of TF2, I’ll be the guy who moves in bursts (gawdamn lag), or mayby Black Ops on PS3.

      Looking forward to hearing from ya!

    • Hey im defkon,
      I usually just lurk as i live in NZ and therefore am to laidback (lazy) to comment usually. I spend most of my gaming time on my PS3 playing black ops. Will be purchasing Orange box, protal 2, infamous 2 at the end of this month for my bday. any other reccomendations?

      Thanks to all for welcoming us 😀
      gamertag: defkon02

      Oh anyone else from NZ here?

    • Great idea, Rocketman!

      While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m new here (I was around when the Wildgoose ran the Kotaku AU ship), but since it’s pretty rare that I post in TAY (which I’m making the effort to change), I figured I’d jump on board with this.

      I’m Neil Williams, although I tend to go as some variation of AshuraMGS2Sub or AshuraMGS3Sub online (really stupid story to this, actually). I’m a massive Sonic fan and have been since Sonic 1 in the early nineties, and a fairly avid gamer. I love my fighting games, and I tend to play a lot of shooters and old-school platformers. I’m predominately a console and handheld gamer, as my PC is a piece of crap.

      I’m currently very slowly knocking off a Bachelor of Software Engineering at University of Canberra, and I’ve previously completed a Diploma of Software Development (Programming stream) at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I’m looking at getting into games development in future. In fact, I’m currently working on a Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop (initially released as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and Kirby’s Avalanche here back in the nineties) clone with net play and customisable rulesets, just for sh*ts and giggles.

      The only real things of note on Kotaku AU that people may or may not recognise me for are the shopped pictures of Batman from Arkham City rocking out on a guitar that Mark was kind enough to post up a couple of months back, and the extremely long Alex Kidd coming-of-age story that was one of the winners of the Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing comp during the Wildgoose era.

      My 360 Gamer Tag is ‘AshuraMGS3Sub’ (without the apostrophes). There’s a post a little bit above this post listing all the games I tend to play (I’m also hoping to get in on what Blaghman refers to as Chortle Cumsplat soonish), so if you’re keen for a bash at any of those, or just wish to fill out your friends list with like-minded Kotakuites, feel free to hit me up. 🙂

      • “University of Canberra”

        I’m sorry, I don’t believe that anyone else lives in Canberra (please, nobody point out the truth to me).
        I myself dropped out of a Bachelor of Software Engineering at ANU, but that’s because I’m really really lazy.

        Want to make a game? (I have a running joke with a friend where we want to make a game, but never actually get around to it) I have an idea, it’s called “Shooty McSpaceMarine” and I think it will be a genre-defining shooter, unparalleled in its field.

        I really need to stop rambling…

        Oh, I know, I blame Q-bo for that name, it was all his doing, I AM NOT A CROOK!

    • That reminds me, I’ve never fully introduced myself.

      I live in Melbourne, and I’m a 360 and PC gamer (not a very good gamer btw). I like my Halos and JRPGs. My favourite music genres are R&B and Hip-Hop.

      I am also an aspiring 3D character artist, so when I’m not gaming, I am pushing polys or drawing crappy concepts.

    • An excellent idea indeed!

      I’m Cakesmith. I enjoy long walks on the bea…whoops wrong site!

      As you can tell by my above statement I enjoy lame jokes. I live in a small-ish country town in south west Victoria. I’m 22. I work 2 jobs. My Monday to Friday job is as an IT Technician. I also work the odd shift at my local cinema doing projection (a job I started back when I was at school). It’s good pay and easy work.

      As for gaming, I mainly play PC. I own all of the current gen consoles but they don’t get used too much. My Wii was last turned on when Donkey Kong came out, my 360 used to get a decent workout but not so much anymore now I have a new-ish PC and up until Infamous 2 my PS3 has been mainly used as a Blu-ray player and for PlayTV. I recently invested in a 3DS and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Zelda. I have a PSP…somewhere. Most likely caked in dust. I enjoy RPGs (both Japanese and western), puzzle games and the odd shooter.

      Apart from gaming I’m a huge film buff and play the drums (to my neighbours dismay).

      tl;dr – I work lots and play games.

    • I’m from the gold coast and am mostly a PS3 player a my PC consists of a box with a rat and a calculator on it. I play anything thy even looks half good and not particularly picky with what I do play. Get online as much as I can working around 2 younglings schedules.
      PSN is MikeyW if anyone wants to play with a semi okay gamer who doesn’t get uptight or too competitive.

    • Howdy all,

      Long-time lurker, first time poster – have been loving kotaku au as a break during work as a programmer/web dev up here in sunny Mackay (coast of central QLD).

      Mainly a PC gamer and have recently converted a room under my house into a dedicated lan room (the local lan place frowned upon my preference to play games whilst drinking).

      Apart from gaming I’m keen on my rock music, rugby league and pushing the limits of alcohol-fueled gameplay (guess thats gaming also :P)

      Nice to meet you all!

    • I haven’t done a proper intro for mahself either..

      So my name’s Jake aka Stamperrific or just “Stampy” or “Stamp”.

      Im 30, living in Sydney and been gaming for about 20 years. I work in the building & facilities management industry as a BDM (relatively boring M-F 9-5 gig) and in my spare time if I’m not gaming, I’m on some sort of musical adventure attending gigs in Sydney and beyond!!

      Been a reader and semi-frequent commenter on Kotaku AU for a few years now – I must I’m loving this community even more since the terrible reign of Serrels began 🙂

      Gaming-wise – first console was a Master System, then Mega Drive then I focused on PC gaming for years, before it got too expensive and too fiddly to maintain the fun! More recently, I’m an expat from the Sony PS camp (proud owner of the original PS, PSOne, PS2 and then PS 2 slim) before making the switch to Xbox with the advent of the 360! I’m happy to say I had an original release model 360 and it lasted me until the end of last year before RRoD!

      Musically, I’m relatively eclectic but my core tastes lie in heavy metal – Pantera, Down, CoC, Motorhead, Machine Head to name a few – and more recently (and strangely) I’ve become a massive fan of dubstep! Strange I know! Keep an eye out for my random “Dubstep Interlude” posts (need one for this week’s TAY!)

      Anyways, add me on Xbox Live: Stamperrific or email [email protected] (facebook, MSN) – just let me know who you are otherwise I might ingnore!

    • Hi!

      So, I definitely wouldn’t say I’m new here, but I haven’t really commented much in the past, something I’m aiming to change. Side note, it’s actually been incredible the change that has happened in this community since Serrels took over. Not to take anything away from the Goose, but it did seem like the comments were mostly about a possible three-way between Wildgoose, Chuloopa and Qumulys.

      Anyway, gaming-wise I’m pretty much down for anything, though I mostly stick my PS3, except for the odd exception like Minecraft. I’m always up for a bit of multiplayer action in whatever is being played, so feel free to hit me up, I’m pretty chill when it comes to competition.

      Musically I’m all about Australian hardcore and metalcore, a lot of American hardcore bands take too much of a punk influence for my liking. Other than that I’m a big fan of Skrillex and Pendulum, as well as stuff like The Wombats and Darwin Deez. It’s a pretty wide spread in my iTunes.

      PSN: B-G-S-
      Hit me up for a game some time, I’m always down to get schooled.

      P.S. Sorry if I misspelt your name Qumulys, I had to try to remember it. It hurt.

    • Hello all! I’m Gusman. While I am predominantly a Nintendo fan, I own all current gen consoles and handhelds and really enjoy playing them all. I LOVE Doctor Who and am just getting into Minecraft…finally. So atm I’m playing Minecraft, Pokemon White and CoD:BO with my fiance 😀

      P.S. I’m good friends with Harli IRL lol, maybe that will get me more comments…?

  • My weekend was very eventful.
    Really! It was!

    I didn’t just spend it rolling about ob my bed, mesmiresed by both the 3DS’s 3D juicyness and Link’s Awakening retroness inbetween bouts of inFAMOUS 2.

    Didn’t happen.

    It was a lot more interesting than that.


    What? Why are you looking at me like that?

    Okay dammit! I did nothing!

    I didget my FIRST streetpass hit at GAME in Penrith! I NEED MOAR!

    • Streetpass is a huge obsession, getting your first one is a good feeling. You start to get into crazy habits though to get em! Like for me I go to the shopping centre thats further away and is always really busy just to get hits. I take long ways to get to places and go into every game store. Its addictive!

    • My weekend was rather eventful too. I had an old friend from my uni days come and visit and we watched Dragonball Z all long weekend.
      We did nothing else except play a couple of hours of co-op portal because we felt guilty about watching all that Dragonball Z.
      It was insane, I can honestly say there was nothing else we did from saturday lunchtime to Monday arvo.
      I am now sitting here at work and all I can think about are Super Saiyans and Kamehameha Waves.

  • I played Infamous for the first time last night. Interesting game, I didn’t know an open world game could have such floaty platforming.

    For the record, I shall be playing as an evil character in this for several reasons. First of all, it’s called “Infamous” and villains are the ones who should be living in infamy. Secondly, you have lightning powers in this game. Do you know who else has lightning powers? The Sith. Thirdly, I get to cause mayhem and destruction and be rewarded for it. That should make the game slightly easier and I’m all for easy right now.

    • Re: floaty platforming
      There’s also this weird magnetism to things you can latch onto, so if you ever want to drop off a building, you’ve got your work cut out for you because the game is all I MADE YOU LATCH ONTO THAT LEDGE ON THE WAY DOWN, I HELPED!
      Also, for all this climbing magnetism, I can never seem to jump towards a pole and start climbing it.

      • The magnetic latching on mechanics are just plain odd. Most of the time, it works, especially when you don’t want it to (like trying to drop down like you said) other times it just decides not to bother. Particularly in that section right at the start where you have to return to the city by going along under the bridge. I don’t know how many times I had to redo that simply because at one point Cole decided not to grab on to a pole.

        Prince of Persia he is not.

    • “Do you know who else has lightning powers? The Sith”


      Also Zeus has lightning powers, so you know… Olympians and all that.

      But I, for one, applaud your choice to play as a bad guy. Mini Spoiler, the evil ending is the better of the two. The good ending is real depressing.

  • Works wifi is down. I can tell this is gonna be a good day. Also 2 phone calls asking if I can “turn the satellites back on”. Yes mr farmer I’ll call the USA military and ask them to turn them on geez

      • LOL glad to see it’s not just my work.. our servers were don when i came in so i had to head in and reboot them… yay…

        Also, i wish i could be as lucky as you, miss consumer. My work knows i know a bit about computers be cause i opened my big trap a long time ago.. so right now i am sourcing new PC’s for updates… *sigh*

        • Ha. It’s a double-edged sword. There are times when I have to sit here and watch n00b tech support fumble their way through fixing stuff and fight the urge to push them out of the way and yell “YOU’RE DOIN’ IT WRONG” then proceed to fix it myself.

          It can be very frustrating.

          • When the internet went down last week i had to deal with the boss going into the server room, after i had already told him it was just an internet outage in the area, and proceed to start pushing random buttons which caused the whole system to boot everyone and go down for a few minutes…

            Needless to say i could have slapped him with a plank of wood…
            worse, is he’s one of those guys that just doesn’t understand technology and refuses to embrace change.. so… yeah.. ignorance..

    • Wen I first got into work I couldn’t even log into the computers. When I went to see if anyone else was having problems, I couldn’t find anyone. It was very… disturbing, I walked around the entire floor and I was the only one here.
      I had to check the timesheet to make sure today wasn’t another public holiday.
      I am now starting to hear noises, but I still can’t see anyone.
      I’m really starting to freak out here…
      Wait I think I see something…


  • So my sweet-lady and I bought Simpsons Scene-It on the weekend.

    Let it be known, that I am the king of Simpsons trivia. I rolled first and no-one else got a turn as I blitzed my way around the board.

    The lame part is, the 2nd game we played I only seemed to get questions about episodes post season 10. Seriously, everyone knows when Futurama started all the good writers jumped ship so there wasn’t a need to watch the new episodes.

    I also watched The Road, again. If the world ever becomes Fallout, I’m screwed.

  • Alright chaps, E3 is over! What are you people most looking forward too?

    Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic for me game wise. I’m also very keen on the Vita, not so much on the Wii U (seriously, can we somehow remove the people who name Nintendos consoles from the face of the planet?).

  • GAH!!

    My 360 is determined to keep fatshady and i apart!!!
    I also think it’s making him a little annoyed with me.. I’M SORRY!! 🙁

    So since we moved into the new place in febuary, the modem has reset itself about 4 times. Keep un mind that we didn’t get the internet until mid-late April… that’s a lot of times for the modem to reset in a small amount of time.

    The most recent was last week, which caused all sorts of problems.
    The first came when i was meant to play backbreaker with the aforementioned shady and i couldn’t get my xbox to connect to my laptop to use it as a router AT ALL. After 2 hours of troubleshooting, still nothing!

    So on the weekend i went and got and exxxxtra long ethernet cable and plugged the sucka straight into my 360. BINGO WE HAVE LIVE!


    *Not actual conversation chains

    So last night we got on to play some backbreakaaaaaa…. and i couldn’t connect to his games and he couldn’t connect to my games… then i got dropped from live like 4 times or more!!!



    on the plus side, i did get to here the shady-meisters dulcet tones briefly before i got dropped…

    • do a ping test on your modem to see if it’s dropping packets.. put your pc on the cable the xbox is on, and try ping -t
      that’ll do a continuous ping test and you’ll soon see if it’s dropping packets. If it’s a random packet drop, you might be outta luck bar maybe changing the cable, but if it’s pretty constant, then look to the modem logs and see if there’s any hints in there as to what’s going on. If you want help, let me know and I can remote in and have a gander if you like.

  • Yayay, I’m back in Brisland! And I have internets again! But ah… woah, so many new names in here this week. I go for a few days and the whole place changes! At first I was thinking I’d say hello to everyone, but I stopped keeping track of new names after the first million. But welcome!

    And also… still no Jimu? No brudda? :'(

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Speaker and Honoured Guests, I’ve figured something out…

    There is no such thing as nostalgia…

    …Well, there is, but it’s often correct, and not a fabrication of our minds’ developed over years of separation.

    I’ll begin by telling you that instead of studying on the weekend, I played Morrowind. It is STILL my favourite game. Ever.

    I then proceeded to play (for the first time, after much encouragement by friends) to play Thief 3. I imagined it was merely a good game that nostalgia had moulded into a warm memory for my friends. I was wrong. It is amazing.

    In order to ensure I’ve not gone mad, I went even further back, to 2001; to Deus Ex. Once more, amazing.

    Through the arguments presented above, Mr. speaker, I hereby denounce the existence of nostalgia, and proclaim modern game developers: “crap”.

    Well, they aren’t exactly awful… but where are the Morrowind’s and Deus Ex’s, the Thief’s and the Hitman’s? Sure, sequels are incumbent for all of those games just mentioned, but where has the magic of games’ gone?

    I’ve already proven to myself that it isn’t the fact that I’m getting older, because I still thoroughly enjoy the games I played when I was younger, I think dev’s have become too involved with money, and not the game itself.

    It is here I must conclude, Mr. Speaker and Audience, for I could write a thesis paper on the topic and still not be done (don’t challenge me, I’ll do it…)


      • Then perhaps it is because I have such a polar view of games: They are either good, or they are bad.

        Because, so far, I’ve not felt nostalgia has misled me in any way. If I write down a quick list of games I feel nostalgic about, I think you’ll agree that most of them are great games:
        – Morrowind
        – NOLF 1 and 2
        – Flight Simulator 2000 (not even kidding)
        – The Logical Journey: Zoombinies (if anyone has a copy of this, or knows where I can find one, I will love you for eternity)
        – Hitman 2 and 3. (I still haven’t played #1)
        – Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Thankfully, it’s remake is excellent also)
        – RollerCoaster Tycoon
        – etc…

        I still think that if I went back to each of these games, I would not be disappointed!

        • I would love, LOVE, to see a new NOLF game, made with all the charm and style of its predecessors. If I can criticise the two games, it’s the 1 had a better atmosphere, but 2 had better gameplay.

    • Modern game developers are crap?? Aren’t you forgetting about the Portal games??
      But yeah, *most* game developers are crap these days. Luckily we still get a few gems every now and then.

      • Sturgeon’s Law:

        90% of everything is crap.

        Ever notice how movies set in the past always contain just those awesome songs that have withstood the test of time? Now watch actual movies from that time period and see how many bad songs that were popular at the time pop up.

        Things weren’t better back then, we just ignore the bad parts.

        Boom nostaligad.

        • That’s actually an interesting point… Maybe nostalgia is just the removal of the bad parts, rather than highlighting the good ones…

          • I think it’s also the blindness of the bad.

            Like how Serrels claims the old Indian Jones films are good.

            When it’s obvious they are all the same level of average.

      • The portal games are good, admittedly, but I don’t imagine that in 10 years time I’ll want to go back and play them. I wouldn’t even say that the half-life series is the god-send of the FPS world as others make it out to be… it’s fun at times, but it’s by no means great (In MY opinion).

    • I think you may be on to something there. At least with games. Cartoons is a whole ‘nother story. Do NOT go back and relive your favourite ’80s cartoons it will make you cry.
      I think there are still new games like your Morrowinds and Deus Exs, they’re just harder to find because the sheer volume of games available has grown exponentially. My nostalgia games of the future are probably going to be ones like Demon’s Souls and Resonance of Fate.

  • Sometimes Bee is amaing with her understanding of my hobby – ie. Buying me a PS3 for my birthday..

    Other times though… oh boy…

    For example.. last night, getting ready to (try to) play some XBL with fatshady, so i bought out the headset and put it on.. Bee turns and looks at me, and this is pretty much how the conversation went:

    “Are you f***ing kidding?”
    “what the hell are you doing with those”
    “it’s so we can talk in game”
    “You f***ing loser, oh my god”
    “how am i..”
    “you are soooo gay”
    “how is it…”
    “seriously you look stupid.. oh my god”
    “don’t be silly”
    “you’re like one of those fat losers you see on TV playing games, you’re going to become a fat loser”
    “are you saying i’m fat”
    “no, but that’s what you look like”
    “soooo gay!”

    Thank you baby.

    thank you for allowing me to see that the stereotypes still live strong within you…

      • haha probably not the best idea, as it’s my fault she swears so much more now..

        She used to be so sweet and innocent!

        damn me, damn me all to hades!

      • Well it was the first time i’ve worn it.. so i’m sure it was quite the shock to her, too.

        It did feel funny on my head, though… lol



      • If a bunch of gay guys were playing Batman: AA, i would SO TOTALLY watch that every single bloody time.
        Do you have any idea how hilariously entertaining that would be??

        “My god, everytime his cape swings i get a little peek at his tush”
        “oh stop it, you’ll make me all moist and sweaty”
        “that doesn’t take much, princess”
        “oh be nice”
        “ladies, shush, i’m tryin gto aim my batarang”
        “that’s what he said”

      • But I wear a headset when we’re recording the audio for those as well.

        Oh dear Lord, does that mean that I am like you? Am I also a fat (gay) loser like the ones on TV?

        This does not bode well.

        Wait, is there anything particularly wrong with being a fat (gay) loser? Sure, I’ll have to make a few changes, like eating more and becoming sexually attracted to men, but I’m failing to see a downside.

      • I’d like to point out that one of us is fat.

        Which given we’re adults, means we’re defying the average.

        Good work guys, gamers are skinnier on average than the general populace!

        I have a study here to prove it.

        Thus Gaming is good for your health!

        We should promote gaming in schools!



      I swear if I turned on Kinect she would have had a much better argument!. See Im no small dude anyway, but last night i was actually wearing 2 headsets. while I was talking to you. one XBL on and the other a PS3 one. I was talking on neither, but my son was next to me and wanted me to wear them.. so yeah, When she was calling you a fat loser.. i think she was talking to me! LOL

      • Nah i’m pretty sure she saw your Kayne and Lynch entry. She probabably thinks you’re another kind of heavy.

        the one that carries guns

    • Wow, Chuloopa! With that amount of swearing she should either have a speaking role in Deadwood or put on the headset herself and get online – she’d fit right in with the general populatioN!! 😀


    oved into my house. Hell of a two weeks of packing and moving. Discovered my son is a master of unpacking things I just packed.

    No internets at the home …yet.

    Back at work and ready for a rest.

  • Sooo.. 1000 Heroz… Anyone already started a custom league yet? I’ve been using the tag KOTAKU_AU but if you guys already have a league going I wouldn’t mind gettIng in on it 😉

    • Does anyone else use KOTAKU_AU?
      I’ve been using Kotaku AU (with a space instead of an underscore)
      I think I actually beat Batguy’s time yesterday. That is, unless he played some more last night after 8:30.

    • I replied on the other thread. Sorry but I jumped ship and am now competing in a Redlynx forum league. I will try and pop back in every now and again, or you can jump onto this one.

      It sucks that there is only one slot for leagues…

      Their league is simply ‘TRIALS’.

      If you want to join, just jump on here and say hi! Many of the dev team and artists are actually competing so from time to time they jump in and let us know stuff.

      Just let them know you’re with me! LOL

    • I’m running under Kotaku AU now, though I haven’t played the tracks daily like I intended to.

      Also, are you guys finding that the gold times seem to be far too easy?

      • Not todays one… I struggled with todays track. Yeah the golds could be harder but to me a gold medal is the minimum requirement for the day. Competing with others will have you many seconds under the gold times by 4am (competition close time)…

        • I actually just came back to say that I may have jumped the gun, today’s track is HARD!

          And I can see that the appeal is in beating other people’s times, that’s what sucked up half my work day on day 1.

          • Well done man, I saw the time as I was getting into bed and thought “well played sir” *shakes fist*

          • Ended up #2 in the world for the day! I was #1 when I went to bed 2.5 hours before the end, and I knew I probably didn’t have enough of a time buffer, but I needed to sleep 🙁

          • Congratulations!

            I managed to get #2 on the first day, but that was only against 350 people. You got #2 over seven and a half THOUSAND!

            I haven’t had the opportunity to compete over the last few days due to lack of Internet, but when I am able I’m posting my scores to the Kotaku AU group. Having a lot of fun with it!

  • I recently purged my Xbox Live friends list and there is a surge of new people here.

    Seems like a good excuse for another posting of XBL, PSN and Steam IDs for people to add:

    XBL: TrjnRabbit
    PSN: Trjn
    Steam: TrjnRabbit

    Now it’s your turn.

  • Hey TadMod, I happen to have two copies of Zoombinis Logical Journey. So if you want one of them, just email your address to lamboman007 (a)t live (d)o(t) com (d)o(t) au and I’ll send it to you 😀

  • So as the people on teamspeak know I have recently been playing vvvvvv and I finished it. I died 1800 times i’n 6 hours of play. That’s Like 300 times a hour. How the he’ll did I do that. Anyway now I’m confident I can play and beat super meat boy. Gosh I’m gonna die so many times

  • So I was playing NBA JAM on the megadrive on the weekend and the damn AI kept scoring buzzer-beaters from the other end of the court to win the game. I was frantically running to power off the console.

    Quite a workout 😛


    Finally got around to playing Terraria and, after reading the guide, it finally clicked for me what the game was all about.

    Now I’m having fun and I want to play online.

    I know a few of you are playing, is there a Kotaku AU server?

    • We have been talking on the Kotaku steam page about a community play date (if our overlords will post something about it).

      I’m happy to host, maybe instead of my Minecraft server (which is currently down as Java started stuffing up for me with the last update), I should run a Terraria server?

        • Not sure, I was going to start up a page when we ran the Chime competition, but had found that one had already been created with about 3 members. We’ve since started flooding it.

          Might be a good idea to get them to elevate a few others to admin privileges.

        • We should start our own Steam group.

          With blackjack and hookers!

          Actually, forget the blackjack.

          And the hookers.

          Ahh…screw the whole thing.

          I probably should join the actual Steam group though. Keep forgetting to do that.

    • I occasionally just host games on one of my worlds, but the lag is pretty bad, but I’d love for someone else to try, I love doing social things! (I am a terrible introvert)

  • I’m back, and caught up on this week’s TAY.

    I apologise for my absence last week, but when I broke the wall outside Galaxy World, I inhaled some insidious virus to protect Harli and Bish, and it left me nauseous and dizzy for a week.

    You’ve all heard about the Mini Meat and have now moved on and don’t care anymore, but it was awesome. Don’t tell my family but it was the high point of the trip. Well that and the jaffa cake my Mum baked. WITH REAL ORANGES.

    Welcome newbies! Good to see some fresh blood. I mean fresh meat. I mean friends!

    Harli: Were the goods delivered? Also, I do plan on trying HoN soon, I swear! It’s just World of Tanks is so awesome!

    One more thing – did I miss a Kotaku Chronicles last week? If so, what page was it on?

    • I thank you for inhaling all that asbestos on my behalf!
      I promise you I will make full use of the amazing breath capacity I already have.
      *sits on computer and plays video games*

    • Hey man welcome back, still needing to d/l Monday Night Combat but gonna tuck right into it the night that it gets finished.

      • Thanks Batguy (and Loops, below).

        Unfortunately my boredom must continue as I did read that last week and then forgot about doing so apparently.

        Back to writing this damn tv commercial then. I don’t care that Americans don’t like it! They won’t see it!

    • Yep – part 2 is here mate 🙂

      it’s more of a build up for the next instalment which is going to be action packed hack-o-rama.

      I haven’t started par 3 yet (sorry guys).

      I’m actually having a bit of writers block. One thing you’re never meant to do when writing is introduce too many characters.. and i am introducing heaps over the next few stories, so it’s hard to writer and maintain personality so that you guys feel something when i kill you off.. er… i mean make you heroes…

      The next one will be pretty massive though.. but not as massive as my future planned planetfall ones… oops have i said too much??
      *zips lips*

  • Ok guys…

    I’m about to post what is probably the funniest YouTube video I have seen in the last 6 months….

    I am also warning ALL of you it is probably one of the most disgusting videos too..

    8 mins of non-stop laughter for me, though. Lemme know what you think!!

    FYI it’s a parody of Bear Grylls and REALLY well done, despite the ‘toilet humour’ *snigger*

    You have been warned.. enjoy!!! (NSFW, quite obviously 🙂

  • 90 odd pages and I have finaly caught up on my Kotaku…

    Some notes:

    Mark, what’s with the NSFW content not being labelled as such? I know it’s the American stuff but surely your job as editor is to “fix” these things?

    Mario Kart by Retro Studios? YES PLEASE!
    Also whoever said Retro = New Rare was dead on. Also MK3DS = Diddy kong Racing…dead on!

    I’ve gotta read all these Wii U articles.

    WOOP! Did I pick a bad time to lose intarwebz?!!!

  • On the weekend I finally watched ‘The Hangover’ which various people have been telling me is the funniest movie ever. I was underwhelmed. Is this because I’m a girl?

    I also went to the movies for the first time in ages and saw ‘Super 8’. I was quite charmed. It had kind of a ‘Goonies’ vibe going for it.

    • Whoever told you that was ‘lucinatin’.

      Hangover was funny, but not so great.
      Hot Shots Part Duex, now thats a funny movie!

    • Bridesmaids is being touted as “The Hangover, but for women”.
      So I guess there is some sort of weird gender humour barrier?

      • That bridemaids thing must be for women, because i can’t find a single thing in ANY of the previews or ads that would suggest it’s even slightly funny or mildly entertaining….

        Then again, even Bee thinks it looks like a pile of BS.. and she loves girly romps…

        then again, again, “she’s the man” is one of her favorite movies…

        • But She’s The Man!
          How can you not like Amanda Bynes movies!?
          There was the bit where they found of her cross dressing schtick but by then her brother had already come back so then they were accusing her brother of being a chick and he was mad confused but some of the people were demanding to see his man bits or what they thought would be a lack of except he was all MAN BITS BECAUSE I AM A MAN and then there were awkward times since he was totally a dude and maybe that counts as sexual harassment somewhere?
          My point is that She’s The Man is a rad movie.

          • I think I might consider watching this movie now.
            Although I think you’re synopsis might be better than the film itself…

        • I don’t think it’s only for women… I think it’s pretty funny that people are more than happy to jump at an all male cast comedy and take it as it is, but as soon as it’s an all female one it’s automatically assumed it’s a chick’s film >_<.

          I might bring peoples attention to the fact that it's directed by Paul Fieg, who pretty much created Freaks and Geeks. He also worked on Knocked Up, Arrested Development, Weeds… so yeah, I think the film has good potential myself. Just saying.

    • I thought it was entertaining, if a bit too crass in some parts. My wife was underwhelmed as well and she is a girl so perhaps you are onto something.

      I will not however be sucked in to seeing number 2 as it has shameless cash in written all over it.

    • I was thoroughly unimpressed with The Hangover, but I think expectation may have played a part there. To be fair, the same people also told me Pineapple Express was hilarious and I really didn’t enjoy that either, so perhaps it’s just a particular audience that enjoys these movies.

      • I actually didn’t mind Pineapple Express. It’s a leave-your-brain-at-the-door type flick, but I found it quite funny, though the entire last half-hour annoyed me profoundly.

        I mention this because I HATED The Hangover.

        • That said though, I actually enjoy the Harold and Kumar movies. Though I did expect that to be the kind of thing where you just let go and watch, where I was led to believe that Pineapple Express was the greatest film ever.

    • I went to see it with my wife, my bro and his gf. Wife and I LOATHED the movie, the others LOVED it.

      I think it’s more a question of having discerning taste, though I guess it’s possible it’s more of a ‘guy’ movie…

  • Saw X-Men: First Class last night.
    I enjoyed it, although it’s not without it’s flaws.

    Read House of M over the weekend.
    Good read. I’m sure some of it would have greater impact if I was more knowledgeable.

      • Nothing in particular was over my head, but I think if I had been more involved in some of the characters, through reading earlier work, then I would have felt a more profound response to their reactions to the events and the events themselves.

        • That scene near the end where Spidey asks Dr.Strange to make him forget was amazing for me. I really understood. Actually had an emotional impact and that happens so rarely to me with any media(other than happiness).

          • I know what you mean. I ‘got’ it. I understood it. But I didn’t react how I felt I should, to the point that I was thinking about how little impact it had on me while I read it, which was frustrating.

  • Just watched the first Mortal Kombat movie, got it in a double pack with the 2nd for $9 at Kmart. I managed to convince my girlfriend to watch it with me but she fell asleep. It’s kind of lame, but it’s that awesome sort of lame. All I did was smile the whole time and I felt like I was an 8 year old watching it again. I haven’t seen the 2nd one but I’ve heard…things. Watch it guys and gals?

    • Loved the first MK hated the second, saw them both at the cinema as a teen.

      That MK theme song still makes me excited for all the wrong reasons.

      Watch the second, just be prepared for too many characters not enough time.
      Theres a short but sweet fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero that is prolly dissapointing now.

      They should just make a Scorpion movie.

  • You should hear the glee in Trjn’s voice as he lightnings and grenades people in the face in inFamous.
    I feel like this should be concerning.

        • I’d be shocked if we could put up much resistance to the battery of electric based puns. We really wouldn’t know watt to say after the conversation arcs in that direction and we definitely wouldn’t be able to make any comments that are currently relevant.

          It might be a bit of a buzzkill as well, too many puns at once can leave you a little drained.

    • Share buttons are universally retarded.

      On some sites, it’s there because someone who doesn’t really understand the interwebs thinks that it is a good idea. On others, it is just there because it’s a part of so many other websites.

      I can’t imagine that there are very many deliberate uses of the thing, especially when most people who view Allure sites probably know how to copy and paste a URL.

  • Today we cannot get any of the ABC channels to work on any TV in the house. All the other ones work fine just not ABCs.
    This is going to be bad at Play School time. You’ll probably hear my son’s tantrum even if you’re on the other side of the world.

    • Maybe you should take advantage of the ABC Website to make sure that there aren’t any spectacular tantrums in the next few hours. I think you should be able to get a Play School episode or two off of iView.

      • You could even use the iview on the ps3. Even with my net shaped I still get a smoother flow than watching it on the tv. I have a backup plan if many many DVDs though. My girls don’t throw tantrums. Just get very cold. They’ve spent too much time with their mother I think.

        • We actually have a TiVo and have some recorded Play School on there. I was planning on using the main TV myself this morning but gave in and let him watch it. He proceeded to ignore it. Grr.

  • Looking at the Herald Sun this morning on the gaming page that shows up on Wednesdays, I couldn’t help but laugh my head off that MW3 made number 1 on the 2011 list, and no BF3 anywhere, more like Herald Derp!

  • Oh wow.

    ALL VIP tickets to the EB games expo in Queensland are now sold-out! I’m SOOOO glad I bought mine (and forced my mates to buy theirs) a week ago!

    Will anyone else be around Broadbeach/the convention October 15-16?

  • Does anyone else have problems with the ads on this site? I normally don’t care at all about background ads. Easy to ignore. But the Kotaku ones seem to slow my computer to a crawl. Is it something on my end?

  • Anyone ever played Spiral Knights? It’s a free to play MMO that you can now get off of steam. I just downloaded it (it’s only 270mb) and I’m about to try it out 😀

    • I played some Spiral Knights for about an hour when it first came out. I enjoyed it, but then ran out of time to play it.

      Now that it is on Steam, thus linked more heavily to friends who I would play it with, I imagine I’ll give it another shot when my Internet situation becomes more reliable in about a week.

    • It’s pretty okay, as free MMOs go.
      Shooting and slashing things is always fun, and some of the bosses are interesting enough to fight (rather than just being a meatshield that takes ages to kill).
      Didn’t really hold my attention though, possibly because I played it when it was invite only and there was no one else to play with.
      Also because random people kept joining my party and hoovering up all my loot >:C

      • I LOVE AGT!!

        this guy was one of the highlights of the night.

        As soon as he did Cleese i was literally tom-cruise-bouncing on my sofa. It was so spot-on and hillarious!!!

        I realllly want the opera guy to go through.. but there was alot of a-grade acts last night so i fear he won’t be one of the 3 to go through 🙁

        The first guys Freddy Mercury was so Spot On too.. he looks like him, he sounds like him, damn he could BE him! lol

      • Don’t bag it – it’s awesome!!!

        Much much better than X-factor and singstar.. or whatever the hell that other show is… and dancing with the stars… YUK!!

        it’s the one talent show i still like 🙂

        • That was really cool. Reminds me of The Third & the Seventh, a 3d animation made by one guy, took him a year to do. I’ve linked it b4, but its so awesome I shall link it again, but has grass fields very similar to this. Its beautiful on a whole other level. Its truly what modern art is. Watch it full-screen on a lunchbreak or something, you will be in a state of zen after it, I assure you. 😀

    • *nostalgias* hell yeah i remember that game! was too young to really know what to do, but i just liked picking up everything possible! probably didnt help that my mum threw away the manual (diary) cus she thought it was ‘written in blood’

      • Yes! I had that diary too. But it was lost years ago *sobs*

        Dreamweb was such a weird game. You play as a dude who kills people because the voices in his head tell him to do it. Probably not a great chance it will end up on XBLA.

  • 40hm/h in a school zone…

    I HATE doing that speed past a school.

    You know why?

    you’re only going 5km/h faster than pedo cruising speed!!!

    Seriously, at 40km\h i will not even look in the GENERAL DIRECTION of the school, especially if it’s a primary school, for fear that someone might start screaming “stranger danger!!”.

    I just dive right on past looking directly at the road 5 meters in front of my car!!!

    What’s worse is that i know the actual pedo’s doing drive by’s will be all like “just obeying the law… driving slowly in a school zone”

    You know what we did when i was in primary school??




    • It disturbs me that you thought of this.

      Also, if you value your life and/or sanity do not go anywhere near a school at start/finish times if you can help it. Parents picking up/dropping off their kids are the worst, most dangerously impatient drivers ever. They’re the ones the speed limits had to be put in place for but rarely do they comply.

      • I have to go past one at finishing time when i do the banking for work.

        if it’s not insane enough driving through the school traffic, then trying to find a park at the bank which is across the road is sure to tip you over the edge…

      • At a school I worked at a parent abused another parent for driving too slowly in the school driveway. He reduced her to tears. It is crazy.

        “How am I supposed to do any damage to a kid if i’m only doing 10km an hour!”

    • You try being sent to do some work at a school. You have to go through 3 different security and criminal checks before you even get on site. Than they will send someone around with you to keep an eye on you.

      Yet if you do volunteer work at a school you are a community minded individual who is to be unquestionably trusted.

      Schools seem to be designed with pedos in mind.

      • See, I do IT support for public schools, and I’ve always found it curiously easy to get in. I rarely have to show any identification. And preschools are the worst! If one were so inclined, one could just walk in and take a child and no one would even know, the “teachers” at preschools are awful careless when it comes to watching the children.

    • My response to post of the year:

      I’ve posted about this on my wife’s blog, with a catchy little title: ALL MEN ARE FIENDS.

      It’s not unusual to be thinking about this, given the level of suspicion leveled at every man out there. (Common blanket policies that exemplify my point include no man being allowed to sit next to an unaccompanied minor on any transportation)

      And as a parent myself, I find myself torn between being outraged for my gender, and being relieved that there is a level of caution protecting my little one from the predators that might be out there.

  • Oh. Almost forgot.


    Six straight tonight boys.

      • Puhleeeease! NSW are on the comeback trail – I can’t wait to see the Blues PWN the shit out of you redneck bastards 🙂

          • I always love Origin, mainly because the selectors never pick anyone from my team, Wests Tigers so we have a full squad. Also, I’m a Blues supporter but Queensland is gonna win. We should stop trying really.

        • Oldy but a goody…

          A man was found dead floating in a river wearing fish-net stockings, lipstick and a blues jumper. To save his parents the embarrasment the police removed the blues jumper before they arrived to identify his body.

          Go The Maroons!

        • but yeah stamperific as a maroons supporter I thought you guys were the better team last game and we were lucky to get away with it – shall be another good game tonight!

          • It’s kinda like when Schumacher (Michael) used to win the F1 alllll the time.. got boring!!

            I’d love the Blues to take the series of course, but mainly Game 2 so that Game 3 can be an absolute cliffhanger!!

            Its always a great battle either way, looking forward to it!

  • Going to record the audio for the next Batman LP video tonight (well, the next next one, the audio for the next one is done, I just haven’t finished editing it). Just realised that Origin may make it somewhat difficult.

    Then I realised that we’re all nerds.

    • I’m wearing a Batman shirt at the moment. I just thought I’d share that useless piece of information.

      Why would Origin make it difficult?

      • It shouldn’t, but everyone is a Queenslander and New South Welshman. Well, everyone except Blaghman, who’s a Canberran and Tech Knight who’s a robot.

        So there is the ever so slight possibility that they might care more about that silly little sporting event than taking part.

          • I don’t think I’ve seen a commenter from NT yet… I lived in Darwin for a few years, but I don’t think that counts.

          • Dats coz dems ain’t got no internetz in da nordern teritohry, *hyuk hyuk hyuk* 😀

        • To be fair, most Canberrans tend to side with the Blues, seeing as we’re kinda sorta part of NSW.

          But then again, why would I care about a bunch of grown men running around on a field of grass tackling each other when VIDEO GAEMS?!?!? 😛

      • The guy playing Chun in that clip was on WCG Ultimate Gamer season 2. He didn’t win but everyone else feared him. He is also the top US Marvel 3 player and always does pretty well in Street Fighter. Really, he’s just good at all fighters, I think he has a couple of MK9 wins under his belt too.

        The guy playing Ken is the reigning EVO champion for SSF4 and kicked some ass on the weekend at ReveLAtions (or was it CEO? this is why there shouldn’t be two majors in a weekend).

        Short version: those guys are both better than us. Although at least I’m skinnier than Justin Wong.

  • Having a pretty tough day/week/month so i just got myself a bottle of V. I have not had one in weeks/months…

    If you prefer redbull then pretend i said that for a second.

    It is ice cold and hurts just a little bit when drank fast….

    MAN that is good!

    Now i’m wide awake and want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work but i want to go outside but its cold and raining so i want to work…

    • I too prefer Red Bull to V. But whenever I drink redbull it makes me feel sleepy???

      Are you bouncing off the walls? Attempting real-life rendition of Trials HD?

      Hope your day/week/month gets better =]

        • Yeah, you the guy with the backwards headed, Cole Phelps…if that really is the name of the guy from LA NOIRE.

          • I’m confused… but I’ll try and comment back.

            I’m no developer, and I hate dropping what it is I do because it sounds waaaaaaay more impressive than it actually is.

            Just let it be known, I do have caffeine fueled evenings bathed in the ambient glow of computer monitors watching progress bars/my life slowly tick by.

            As for Phelps, his terrible dialogue and dick-persona ruined the fact that his head was backwards most of the time I drove around. LA Noire is no longer in my PS3.

          • 1.I meant, “do you like the developer also?(R*)”, not “are you one?”

            2.You a drummer far as I concerned.

            3. I’m diggin the game, am up to disk 2 now, which is the start of homicide for all you PS3ers.
            I always used to laugh at that scene when bart went to the arcade and Martin was playing that dinner conversation game “tell me more”.

            Now I seem to spend all my next gen time playing convio games, LA Noire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Alpha Protocol.

    • Personally, I would head outside and embrace the cold and rainy weather! I decided to take a six hour walk in the sun today, which was delightful, but now my face and neck are all red and flaky. My delicate gamer skin is not thanking me. If it had been cold and rainy, then things would have been quite different, and I’m sure I would be happier for it.

      Hopefully, this period of toughness that you are experiencing is temporary. Or within your control to change.

  • So for the last few days I’ve been having trouble sleeping. By trouble, I mean not sleeping at all.

    Can’t think of anything that’s bothering me besides the usual stuff. Money, work etc. Nothing is that bad either.

    But I can’t shake this feeling. This horrible, depressed, blahness that seems to permeate everything.

    Could it be linked to my giving up of soda? Some sort of chemical imbalance? Must has sugar and caffeine!

    • I had a truly unshakable feeling of impending doom a few weeks back. it lasted about a week, and I felt absolutely awful. There was absolutely nothing wrong in life, I just felt like everything was bad.

      Turns out I shouldn’t drink 3 cups of coffee a day. It screws you up. Really hard.

      So in conclusion, I bet it’s the chemicals. Don’t go cold-turkey, it’ll only be worse.

    • I suspect it is. I get like that if I skip meals due to a lack of energy so perhaps your body is still trying to cope with not having the energy levels provided by the soda.
      Maybe try to keep your energy up with other foods or smaller amounts of sugary goodness and slowly back off them.

      Or you could just be like me and have insomnia and depression. If it is I can probably help you there too!

    • Well, it could be a case of seasonal Melancholia, you’re old, right? (To clarify, seasonal melancholia typically appears in people over the age of 60, if my memory serves, so I highly doubt it’s that.)

  • Who was it that read Flash : Rebirth recently??
    I read it last night and really liked it. Crazy confusing, but the copy of the submission Geoff Johns made to DC that’s included at the end went a long way to explaining what went on. The most interesting part is that whilst the submission is dated 2008, the last paragraph has been blacked out and pertains to the end of Flashpoint.
    DC reboot has been in the works for over 4 years?
    And while we are on it, thoughts on the reboots JIMU???

    • I read it like 3 months ago I liked it. I had no freaking idea what was going on. It wasn’t clear to me what the speed force was but the art was good and I like the flash.

      • The speed force is the thing he taps to go fast.

        I read recent-like that he IS the speed force now. So any other Flashes here or in other dimensions are tapping him…heh.

    • Reboots are a “necessary” evil to cover up all the inconsistincies that crop up from 60 odd years of continuity.

      I follow my own canon. I just pick and choose what I see as the best, which means Spider-Man did not sell his love to satan for anonymity etc.

      Rebbots often do help sales but hurt the feelings of die-hard fans. Sometimes I even jump on or off because of reboots.

      Just follow creators, to hell with the marketing dept.!!!

    • I need to read more flash. He was always one of my favourite DC heroes. I need a flash shirt too.

      Also, on the reboots. I’m looking forward to it, mainly because one of my friends is working on Superman.

    • I read Flash: Rebirth, not recently but I did read it. DC seems to be doing a bit of retooling lately, the Green Lantern corps had their bit with GL Rebirth and then the Crisis crossover stories (Sinestro Corps war through to Brightest Day). Batman also had the Battle for the Cowl and Batman Incorporated.

      Looks like the Flash family is getting it now.

      I like speedsters in general, particularly Wally West, but I didn’t feel compelled after reading Rebirth to read any more of the new Flash material. So as someone who is essentially a new reader (at least as far as that material is concerned), Rebirth was a bit of a failure.

    • See, the problem is, it doesn’t look like that all of the time. That and most of the complaints are about the console version, which is about as pleasing as a punch in the crotch. A visual punch in the crotch. Point is, it looks a bit poo.

      • The most i have heard is from the Xbox 360 version of the game… the PS3 has decent graphics from what i have seen, the thing is that 2K games mostly sent out 360 versions to be reviewed knowing that the PC version is the best.

        Its a shame that the game has been rated so badly… i absolutely loved the game, the general feedback has been positive, sure you get some people saying that it sucks but that is with every game, i feel that it was the reviewers expectations that have led to such bad scores, they expected from the 14 years development that it was going to be a supergame which will herald a new age in gaming where jesus will decend from the heavens holding a controller, but naturally that didnt happen to i guess they feel butthurt so they said pretty much every negative thing to say about it.

        I played it, i loved it… in the end that is all that matters.

        • Well I’m playing on PS3 now, and I can honestly say I’m enjoying it. I mean, if you can just sit down and have fun with it, it’s a good game. But if you go in expecting 14 years of anticipation to be worth the wait you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed.

          In saying that though, I can’t just sit back and ignore the terrible graphical quality at times. I’ll admit there are a more than a few moments where I’ve been like “Damn, that looks nice.” But I wouldn’t put those in the majority.

  • Sometimes I write out posts or replies in the comment section and then not submit them.

    Am I the only one who does this?

  • If anyone’s wondering, my Spiral Knight’s name is lambomann (yes, it has two “n”s, that’s not a typo)
    For some reason I couldn’t put numbers in my name…

  • I am not great at fighting games. I enjoy them and I am better than your average chump, but only just.

    With the release of SSF4 Arcade Edition, I have a bit of a problem. You see, I could keep playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 and try to put together a decent team. Or I could relearn a new character for SSF4 as Akuma got hit hard with the nerf bat and so did Dhalsim.

    I’d also have to purchase Arcade Edition.

    It’s a hard life being a gamer, I think I might just focus on my Let’s Play and whatnot for now.

      • I never count DOA as a real fighting game. I have friends who RAWRK at fighting games and have seen them get their arses handed to them by random button mashers.

        I do like the bewbs though!!!

      • I am horrible at fighting games, my ‘strategy’ is too usually join the dreaded one-move spammers! None of my friends wanted to play Killer Instinct with me all because of Cinder and -> -> Punch.

        • I was playing SSF4 Arcade Edition at a friend’s house on the weekend. We were both playing random, I ended up with Balrog (who I can play reasonably well) and my friend had Hakan (who nobody I’ve ever met can play reasonably well).

          To be cruel, I just stayed in one spot mashing crouching jab until he found a move to get around that. It took a few rounds.

      • I think it’s safe to say you would own me wholesale. I used to muck about with Xiaoyu in Tekken 5 and I just couldn’t get the knack of switching between her stances.

        Also, Tekken footsies are plain weird.

        • Yeah Xiaoyu is hard to win with at a competitive level, she ranks about mid-bottom on the character tier. My movement on stick is absolute balls – I’m a pad player. And all tournaments are on arcade machines, meaning they’re always using joysticks =|

          Been meaning to give MvC3 a whack too but just haven’t had the time. Have you seen the replay from Australia’s top MvC3 player?

          • I might have seen ToxY play during a Wednesday Night Fight stream, but I don’t know who Australia’s top player is. Not for Marvel anyhow, I’m not exactly an active member of the community, I just watch streams and wish my X-23 was as good as Tatsu’s and that my Doom was anywhere near as good as Cl0ckwork’s (or was that clockw0rk? Can never remember where he puts that 0)

          • Ah, Toxy is good but Humanbomb could give him a run for his money in SF!

            I cover the competitive arcade scene and so knowing who all the top players are is part of my job. At the moment, BRISBANE is absolutely dominating in MvC3.. for the recent Grand Final for the OzHadou Nationals click here ->

            Dr. What, I read your post twice and am still confused.

          • From what I remember, before AE Humanbomb > Toxy. With AE out, I don’t know how they stack up, just that Toxy has traveled to and played in some US tournaments recently thanks to his sponsorship with TTC.

            If Brisbane is dominating in MVC3, then I probably need to actually start playing competitively.

          • I used Xiaoyu and Lei back when Tekken 3 came out. I stopped playing after Tekken tag and only picked up Tekken again when 6 was due (Have since went back and played a lot of 5). I no longer liked the feel og Xiaoyu of Lei. Lili is my prefered character for 1 single reason. Oh! Great did her p3 costume design. I <3 Oh! Great so much!

            I really need to do a propper refresher on Lili's combos. And learn how to use a damned stick. Evil, evil things.

    • The older I get, the sucker I get at fighting games.
      I can hold my own in an arcade using Jack (insert number here).
      I want to be good with Kazuya…but I’m average to below average.

  • So who is going to the EB Expo and what times are they planning on being there?

    I’m considering getting Saturday Twilight tickets simply for the WCG finals.

    • I’m going on Saturday Twilight and Sunday morning VIP.

      I’m going with a couple of mates. Staying at the Jupiter.

      Going to be epic! 😀

    • HOLY S**T!

      This gives us an excuse for a massive meet up, right?

      Surely, there’s going to be a fair few inter-state men and women hanging ’round our neck of the woods, therefore we all awkwardly meet somewhere, girls on one side of the hall boys on the other until our parents come get us at 9:30!



  • Had a lan on the weekend, had mates from around town and even some down from townsville over. Much beer was had and once we were sick of fps (aliens vs predator 2) we decided to crack out the old Dawn of War:Soulstorm.

    We’ve been doing this for a while now so I kind of know which of my mates prefers which races and how they play. One mate however, a notorious chaos aircraft spammer was playing as the Sisters Of Battle, and every game, he proceded to beat us like red-headed step-children (normally his skills are above average at best). He would have barely any points (hence no resources) yet would have a fully-fledged army by the time everyone else barely had 2 squads.

    A booze break was taken, and determined to overcome my mates new-found soulstorm prowess, I watched the replay and googled some Sisters multiplayer strategies. Whilst searching I stumbled upon a ‘cheat’ of sorts, where a Sisters player could build and cancel an upgrade repeatedly which would return more resource than what it originally cost. Surely enough, the jackass had been exploiting this to build up his army.

    Has anyone else ever been subject to a ‘cheat’ such as this? I’m not talking about the plentitude of hacks that are rife in online play, but in an intimate lan this was the last thing I was expecting.

    For those of you actually interested in this lame story, sweet justice was achieved in the taping on a frozen bait prawn on the inside of his case. He still hasn’t replied to my texts asking if he’d like to go fishing this weekend.

    • Was playing guitar hero with my brother once and all of a sudden had a guitar controller smash into the back of my head. That put me off my game for a bit. I got him back though. Bloody siblings.

  • You know, I’ve been thinking what TV would be like if it was like Cheap$kate Gamer…
    “Tonight on Channel 8, Funniest Work Videos at 6:30 or whenever we feel like it”
    Oh, and by the way, I’ve sent Cheapskate off to you Mark, but the subject is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cheap$kate Gaming” so I hope it hasn’t been eaten by your spam filter.

  • so as i may have mentioned before, i like to chiptune, well i finally have produced something i think may have worth to put up

    it is titled: Pink is just another shade of red
    and is a WORK IN PROGRESS, it is not complete! i still have a little bit left to go (adding percussion/guitars) but i thought i’d just show you guys what i’m doing, anyway, enjoy! 😀

  • Hong Kong PlayStation Store is back up!

    the welcome back games are The Last Guy, Come on LocoRoco! Buu Buu Cocoreccho!, Trash Box, Hustle Kings and Wipeout HD.

    any suggestions?

    Still no JP store 🙁

  • Best price (instore) for –
    Child of Eden: Dick Smith: $69.94
    Alice: Madness Returns: $99.

    Hopefully there are some better prices for Alice soon!!

    • Alic is $89 on the website but I think I’ll just get my copy from for $60 and just wait.

      I want to play this game but not enough to pay an extra $30+ just to avoid waiting a few weeks that I probably won’t play it anyhow.

      • I picked up Alice from the US thinking I’d be tricky and get my girlfriend to send me the code to play the first game while waiting on 2 to arrive in the mail.

        EA managed to throw a monkey wrench in my awesome plan of awesomness by not making Alice 1 a downloadable game, but DLC requiring the disc for the new one. Tricksy hobbitses.

        • They should have made the first available as a teaser thing to get me interested…as it stands I will not be purchasing said game because a0 I have no idea if I’ll like it and 3) I have no money…for the next 30 GODDAMM YEARS!!!

    • If there were tags, they would go something along the lines of: Gary Oldman is a pretty cool guy, Groin dots and groin shots, Guys what do you mean you have never played Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines


      • I really should retag my videos to be slightly more accurate.

        Every video you feature in needs a reference to groins, almost all of them need a “failed counter counter” and the next one will definitely need some that make use of rocky puns.

        • Stone related puns so bad they rock.

          We talk so much nonsense you would think we were stoned.

          As the video went on, we only got boulder.

          I am digging these puns.

          Watch Trjn’s battle Bane against Bane. He tries everything. He leaves no stone unturned.

          The next pun is only a stone’s throw away.

          These puns are pretty igneous, if I do say so myself.

          Gosh darnit, why is it you always think of more stuff way after all’s said and done.

          • L’esprit d’escalier.

            We really need an English equivalent of the term aside from “like that bit in Seinfeld when George thought of the Jerk Store retort after it was too late”.

  • I’ve been away from TAY all week trying to get my car sorted after the crash I mentioned on Monday.
    Finally got it actually in being repaired. Apparently my policy doesn’t cover a hire car so I’ve been getting a little damp on the way to and from work (1 hour there, 1.5 to 2 hours back)as I’m stuck on my motorbike.

    Sounds like I’m without a car for the next week and a half at the least. I’m praying the weather clears up.

    Then I discover LulzSec has attacked both minecraft and EVE online. If they took down world of tanks I’d suspect they were just targeting me!

    • Take take on the bike man! I gave up riding motorbikes long ago, when a best mate of mine was on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere, came round a corner and a 4×4 slammed into him head on. The impact made his leg hang on only by small strand of skin at the back, all lower leg was crushed into mince meat. To make matters worse, the driver took off on account of being an arsehole and 14 and in his parents car which he had stolen. Luckily, on his way out a couple bushwalking noted his car and heard my mate screaming b4 he passed out. They called in a rescue chopper, which saved my mate. They tried to save his leg, took massive straps of skin off his back and tried using it on his leg, mostly held together with a weird mesh stuff. It was really horrid to look at, I passed out when I saw it. Anyways, it got golden staf in it after 4 months laying in a hospital bed so it was removed entirely (they should have done that to begin with really). Anyway, the 4×4 driver was caught (thanks to the bushwalkers) and he was kindly given a $100 fine and a stern talking to from the judge. That was it… >:-(

      Anyway, the point of the story is, I sold my motorbike after I saw his mangled leg in hospital. So I emplore you to be safe mate, those things are death traps, good fun, but death traps!

      • Reading your post made me angry. Our justice system is bullshit sometimes. Being under 18 doesn’t automatically make you void of evil.

        • Sorry Harli, but it makes me mad too. It was ridiculous, and horrifically unfair. My mate wears a prosthetic leg for the rest of his life, and that kid probably forgot about it all years ago. There is rarely any justice these days. Mind you, without those bushwalkers, he would have died once he’d passed out so he tries to focus on that. He’s a better man than me because he’s let it go, whereas I still hate that kid.
          Just take care on that motorbike Gorzy!

          • No need to be sorry Q-bo, I’d rather not be ignorant of what goes on around me.

            I shall just try to convince myself that karma will make him pay. And your friend is amazing to be able to move on past that. Kudos to him for taking the moral highground.

          • I’ve been involved in the justice system before and it really sucks much of the time. I just wish I could think of a better system.

            Well I had considering taking over the world and just vetoing any decisions made by any court anywhere in the world and imposing my own but the world is such a big place, it’d seriously cut into my gaming time.

          • Thank you for your concern Q.
            I always try to be extra careful when I ride but it make it easy when people don’t look. The closest calls I’ve had have been idiots not looking if there is someone next to then when changing lanes. Each time I’m just cursing along at the speed limit in the flow of traffic, staying in my lane etc.
            Makes me wish I had a much louder horn, preferably one people in cars can actually hear, or better yet an shotgun and Arnie’s mad terminator skills.

            Even with wet weather gear I usually try to avoid riding in the rain as it just makes it that much harder for people to see me (those that bother looking.)

            Oh, And do you know what nickname ambulance drivers have for motorbike riders?


          • Good old donorcycles.
            I’ve always wanted a bike, but haven’t since my mum would kill me (which sort of defeats the point, but just roll with it).
            She was a nurse in the Navy and they had a whole ward dedicated to motorcycle accidents. The Navy boys would get shore-leave, get smashed, then get smashed some more (On a bike).
            Funny story: At the start of one shift she encountered a patient, all plastered up like in the cartoons. He had all kinds of injuries and broken bones, and naturally my mum assumed he was another bike accident.
            Not quite…
            The sailor had hit the town one evening, become suitably innebriated…
            Then attempted to steal an elephant from a circus.
            The elephant was not impressed.

  • Oh geez my work server isn’t up still. This isn’t even funny anymore. On the brightside I’m now steam rolling super meat boy thanks to my training on vvvvvv. Yay for countless deaths

    • Missed it because it was a holiday on Monday, then I was off on tuesday as a result of a nasty skateboarding accident. By wednesday I figured it might be a little late.

      • Maybe we can just rally a few titles off in here? I myself will be looking to play ‘Armed and Dangerous’, possibly ‘Armed Invasion’, and if I get time I’ve been keeping my eye on ‘ArmA: Armed Assault’.

          • Actually I finished that game, loved it! Although I was convinced the whole way through that there would be another anime fmv like the one in the intro. There wasn’t.

  • Update to Acrobat Reader notification on my PC this morning.

    Updated, rebooted… now windows wont start!

    Ugh.. well if startup/windows repair doesn’t work when I get home tonight I’ll be doing a reinstall.

    I haven’t had something like this happen to me in the better part of a decade (dream run I guess) but methinks its time for me to invest in some disk imaging software and do OS backups on a semi regular basis.

    What really irks me is not having to do a reinstall its losing a activation on the upteen different games I have on PC that have limited activations. Yay for DRM.

    • Cant agree more on DRM crap. Hopefully it will boot into safe-mode. Also, I gave up on Acrobat long ago, takes too long to start and is a bucket of problems, lookup and give ‘foxit’ a go. Starts in like 2 seconds and is wayyyy more stable than Mark on a longboard. 😉

  • Reposted from Twitter:

    I had the weirdest dream that combined Naruto and the Karate Kid (old one). John Kreese could go invisible. It was the best (arooouuund!)

    Also, PC at work was being a pain in the donkey this morning so I used my time well…

    And drew a WIZARD! Marvel at his awesomness!

  • Ugh. Got my high school 10 year reunion this weekend. Not even sure if I want to go but a mate is dragging me along to it. Are these things as painful as they make them out to be? Anyone got any experiences?

    • I went to mine about 3 years ago and it was good fun. As long as there is drinking there is little to worry about. And if you are taking a ‘current’ mate then it is good. I got really drunk at mine and walked 6km home at 2am. good times.

    • Either I wasn’t invited or we never had a ten year reunion for mine…I prolly wasn’t invited. Was a “bit” of an outcast(and not in the populor way like Outkast, more like one of those obscure swedish metal bands that you can’t read the logo of).

      • Yeah, I wasn’t exactly Mr popularity either. Though you’d think anyone that this mattered to after all this time wouldn’t be someone all that entertaining to talk to