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    Zomg I'm early today.

      Holy heck dawdle! Talk about quick off the mark!

        Although it's Queen's birthday today, I need to study for exams. Putting off gaming until after this week (but TAY as usual)!

          I feel you, got 2 coming up, and physics + Chem due by Thursday.

          GTFO off kotaku.

    My little brother just gave me the greatest gift of all: an imported copy of Mortal Kombat. At the moment I'm in possession of two banned fighting games.

    I feel like such an outlaw.

    I've been a little busy over the weekend.

    The Batman Arkham Asylum Let's Play is progressing nicely. Part 6 and Part 7 are both up for your viewing pleasure. Blaghman, Bish, Rocketman and Tech Knight joined in the fun for part 6, just Blaghman and Rocketman for part 7.

    I also played Homefront from start to finish on Saturday night. Started around 10pm, finished about 3:45am. Recorded the whole thing for a Let's Play and I can tell you that I was not very impressed by that game. 5 hours of mediocre COD clone.

      Crud I missed out on part 7? Ah well, cuz I really enjoyed taking part in it :). Can't wait to another

        We did the recording on Saturday night before I went and played Homefront, so I don't think many people were really ever going to be available.

        Probably going to do part 8 in the next few days though, if you're around you're always welcome to join in.

        I really want to watch it, but I still don't want any spoilers! I realllly must play AA his week cause I want to lol with you guys! :-(

      No Simpsons references in #7.
      I am disappoint.

      I'm looking forward to watching them this week. It's much more fun when there's more than one commentor.

        Unfortunately, most of what we say can be summed up by "Derp derpity derp derpity."

        Are you saying that I'm boring when I do commentary by myself?

        Because you would be correct :p

    So I finished LA Noire, and put the disc back in the case. Then I slipped the case back into the remnants of its shrink wrap, which I kept. I have done this before.
    Am I a crazy person? I feel like this is probably not normal.

      "I can probably sell this as new..." :p
      No you're not the only one.

        *High fives possible gaming OCD*

      Yeah, I tend to just throw my game cases somewhere in my room, and leave the disks lying in a pile...

      I'm good at this.

    Maybe we need a forum, the amount of comments we will leave on this post will be obscene but in a totally good way.

      Mate alot of people have suggested that but honestly for all the flaws of this system. The people more than make up for it

    So, I have a small problem. In the MC server, I'm making a miniature Death Star. It's going to be made up of 968 cobblestone blocks (which I already have). I just don't know what to call it. I can't call it the Death Star, firstly because it doesn't cause Death (unless jump off the top of it), secondly it is most definitely not a star because it's made out of cobblestone...I can't call it space-sphere because it's top is just underneath the clouds...wait, that gives me an idea, I shall call it "Floating Sphere (that resembles a famous sphere from some famous movies)" :D

      Yeah, that's right baby! I'm makin' my own Death Star! With my bare hands.

        Just a heads up, you may want to put some solid mesh great over that thermal exhaust vent over there.

    Happy Birthday Liz

      Cheers mate!

        Happy birthday !
        It's only 8:40 and I've said it like 5 times xD

    Hooray - a free, unfettered day of gaming, now If only I could pry those kids away from Banjo Kazooie then I'd really have something!

      Make up something they've done wrong and send them to their rooms. :P

        Yeah that didn't work - I did manage to pry them off for lunch and then tried out my newly downloaded Ms Splosion Man beta.

        Let me tell you - this game is the humour from Comic Jumper but with an actual playable game behind it - and is an order of magnitude more impressive that the original.

    I bought inFamous 2 the other day... traded LA Noir, Killzone 2 and FF13 for it, I got bored by LA Noir in the end, it really didn't click with me.

    I've resolved to not playing it til I've finished inFamous part 1 which I got with my ps3 a year ago but didn't start properly til a week ago. Unfortunately I didn't realise how bleeding HUGE this game is!!! O_O

    Now inFamous 2 sits there, teasing me... and I can't wait to play it. Am I doing the right thing finishing 1 before 2 or should I dive straight in???

      I think it's worth finishing inFamous 1, but not worth playing through it twice as both good/evil. But inFamous is a very fun game, I wasted many hours on it. And now that inFamous 2 is out, I spent more or less my entire weekend playing that. Great fun!

    Wow I haven't been on the net since last Wednesday, and I had to had to catch up on 25 pages of articles and 5 pages of TAY. Apparently something happened to Kotaku when "Duke" was in charge, anyone have any screenshots?

    Anyways I bought Assassins Creed II: Cracker(White :P) Edition...for PC for $25 at EB. I haven't had any troubles with it yet. My Internet is the worst, so maybe Ubisoft fixed it with the patches that it downloaded.

    First on TAY YAY!

    Anywho, just a quick question to see if anyone else has found the porn cinemas in infamous 2 yet. If so, how friggin funny are the names!?!? I think Little Big unit, Uncharted Love, and Assassins Need (Love Two) were my favs. If you havent seen em yet head to the red light district and check the cinemas around their in the game

      I like:

      Solid Serpent: The movie

      and there's an electrical store called 'red ring electronics' that doesn't quite reproduce the red ring symbol, but still makes fun of it.

    Doesn't seem to be much hype on the new Alice game this week...anyone intrested? looks to be an intresting game possibly a nice break from all the DUKEing we have been doing.

      I'll be picking it up, looks like a very solid Action/Adventure game even though I never got around to playing the first one.

      Is it out this week? I'll hold it off til next week so let me know if it's any good.

      One of my friends used to rave about the first one though I never had a go. I'll most probably give this one a go though just becasue I love the idea and art style. As a bonus it looks like it will be fun too.

      I'll probably pick it up somewhere along the line...

      I loved "Alice," thought it was an absolutely brilliant game, even if when I started playing it it was looking fairly dated, but Spicy Horse has a pretty crap track-record, as does American McGee, so I'm hopeful, but not really optimistic for it. I want it to be good, but I don't really expect it to be.

    Wow I dont believe it, this is a rare post for me I haven't bothered to post in "Talk Amongst Yourselves" too often as There is normally 1500+ post before me and I dont want to play catch up on the conversation.

    Anyway I met a couple of you at the Infamous 2 lauch in Sydney, I'm related to FatShady (dont hold that against me), I read a lot of the content on this site and find it very informative and helpful.

    I'm not a huge gamer but would say i'm a computer head most of my time is spend racing a simulator game called Rfactor and run a league and website for this also, I do play other games but mainly for a short period of time and when FatShady gives me a heads up if its good or not.

    Thanks everyone and well done on your ever growing community.

      Hi FatShady's friend! I was the short Asian girl in the red jacket that day. *wave*

      I like your name!
      You have the right idea with 'talk amongst yourselves'. If you get on it right at the beginning it's much easier to stay caught up. I think with the slow start today a bunch of people have taken this rare opportunity to get in on the action.

      Hello good sir! I've always meant to give Rfactor a go, I hear good things about it.

    I'm using most of today to watch live streams. First I watched the Marvel vs Capcom 3 top 8 at CEO. If anyone cares, Tokido beat Justin Wong in the finals. It was a damned impressive sight.

    Looks like Japan will be well represented in EVO this year.

    And now I'm watching Miami vs Dallas. I really want Miami to win so that this goes to game 7.

    Holy crap, I think the Witcher 2 is the best RPG I've ever played.

    Just when I was loosing faith in the Genre. Dragon age 2 has NOTHING on this game. I might even go so far to say beats DA1.

      My computer has terrible specs to even play a proper PC game, but I've watched the early walkthrough for the Witcher 2 and it's an amazing game indeed. I wonder if it'll be as nice when ported to xbox 360.

      I think I cheered out loud when I found out The Witcher 2 was coming to the 360.
      I have the first one but it's so difficult to get the opportunity to play games on my computer and the 2nd game is too much for my meagre system so I was crossing my fingers hoping for a console release.

    I'm having a wonderful start to the week. On my way home for a 12 hour shift and have someone crash into the back of my 3 month old car :'(

    I'm fine (and so is the other driver) but my car isn't. Was able to drive it home thankfully, don't want to drive it anywhere other than the panel beaters though.

      Dude, that's not good. :-(
      People really suck. Some idiot ran a red light last night and smashed into the car my Dad was driving my kids around in. Thankfully everyone's okay, my daughter couldn't sleep last night though. It was her side the moron ran into. Didn't even stop.

        :0 now I almost feel lucky, at least that was the probably the safest place to be hit from and I didn't have any passengers, let alone children, to worry about.

        The guy who hit me also stopped. Though his bumper bar was only just hanging on by a thread so I doubt he'd have gotten away with it if he had tried to do a runner. He'd probably have left his number plate behind.

        Maybe it'll pay off in the long run and your daughter will grow up to be a very responsible driver?

      Oh noes, That sucks!

      I have been in this car and testify that it's very nice. Hopefully it gets back to normal soon!

      Mate, that sucks! Seems its the weekend for ppls cars getting smashed up. Was it a brand new new? Or 2nd hand new?
      Also, if you get a chance I sent you an email about the thing you and batguy talked about last week. Did you get it?

        It was brand new. I'm stuck on the motorbike for a week or two which isn't nice in this weather. I got your email though it was flagged as spam so I hadn't noticed. I'll send you a reply from work tonight.

      Well that sucks, but at least you're okay, and the car wasn't completely totaled.

      thats shit gorzzy. Luck just isn't on your side my friend at least you dont have to pay for the damage.

        Yah, I keep telling myself to look at the bright side, mainly I wasn't a fault and they didn't do a runner, I wasn't on my motorbike and the airbags didn't deply and break my nose. I've never had a broken nose and i'm not really in a hurry to find out what it's like.

    • Ouch. Hope the other fella was insured so your only put out by time.

      My brother had someone run a red unliscenced, drunk and driving another persons car and wrote his brand new car off. Just after he fell behind on insurance payments.

    I would Like Kotaku to have a chat with this new Australia Party.

    Turns out they are all about ending the Nanny state.

    Now I called them up and asked about the R18 Rating for games. They know nothing about it. This party is based on Christian principles however they say they not linked to the ACL.

    Sooo, what I wanna know is will the R18 be supported thus inline with their no nanny state theme OR will the ACL pipe up and make them hypocrates.

    I think the R18 Issue here could be very interesting. Do your thing Kotaku.

      That's 'Katter's Australia Party'...

      As in, Bob Katter. I don't think R18+ is at the top of his agenda, just quietly, and I doubt gamers would be part of his target demographic.

      I mean, it'd be nice to get his opinion, but this would be so far down on his list of party priorities...

      There's just one problem.

      It's Bob Katter's party, which means that it's CRAZY. I was going to post a rant about it, but then I realised that nobody cares about the opinions of a left wing city kid when contrasted to those of a right wing country person.

      Still, I agree we should get their opinion on the R18+ rating, although I'd recommend taking anything they say with a mountain of salt, and remember that "freedom" for them mostly seems to be the ability to drive anywhere, and shoot anything...

    I must apologise to Blaghman, who I was on teamspeak last night with. Well, I kind of actually fell asleep sitting up (yes that's normal for me). I had headphones on, and then I remember just barely waking up out of it with blaghman saying something, but my head was totally not with it yet. By the time I realised my noddy episode, I was left all alone in teamspeak wondering if put blaghman through a punishing course of me snoring. Sorry bout that old pal.. :-/

      reading that made my day a little better.
      Thanks for the lolz

      A snoring Q-bo. XD Do you know you have a DJ-ish voice so any sound you make seems reasonable?

      That is rather the amusements. I also like how you say you were left all alone on teamspeak, it produces a mental image of a cloud in a giant giant hanger, by itself.

      Bahahaha! I hope he recorded the snoring and drooling sounds!

        I wish I'd heard it, it would have been golden.

      Don't worry Q-bo, if you were snoring, I couldn't hear you! What you woke up to was probably me leaving to try and get some sleep.

      Funny thong happened to me on teamspeak aswell. I could figure out why my mic wouldn't work until I realized I wasn't pressing my push to talk key lol

    Who are all these newbies? O_o Welcome!

      I, for one, welcome our new unfamiliar overlords.

      Yeah! I was like, we're being infiltrated! But I'll also extend a warm hand of greetings to all the new taybies in here. Welcome!

      Hey, I'm from townsville, not to sure if theres any others on here, but that infamous 2 stuff i saw was just too good not too share. Read almost everything on here, its a great site and props on the amazing community!

        hey jiffy im from near townsville. I'm not the only north qld from this site anymore yes.

      Im normally more of a lurker rather than newbie :P

    Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3
    Carrier Command was at E3

    Did anyone see any gameplay, I'm so excited I can't sit!

    Whilst almost everyone gets to have the day off, I get to study for finals which start tomorrow, yay!

    I just woke up 10 minutes ago. Yay for public holidays letting me sleep in. Also though it sucks because it means I'll probably be up late tonight tossing and turning in bed and getting up at 7 tommorow is going to be hell.

    That episode of Doctor Who on Saturday was awesome.
    Vastra and Jenny need their own spin off series. It would be called "Lesbian Samurai Lizard solving crime in victorian era England" and it would be the greatest show of all time.

      Steven Moffat, make this happen please.

    Alright guys, I posted this on Saturday, so in case anyone failed to see it:

    It's Skyrim A Capella, with copious amounts of Guinea Pigs.

    Also, Sydney Meat *whatever we're up to now* people, does someone want to try and organise something? If the 26th ish is still the plan, then that works for me, I'll be in Thirlmere for the 25th, so something that afternoon or evening would probably work for me too. Anyway, another friend of mine is trying to organise something, so I'd appreciate it if someone else could make some decisions about it.

    *Starts chanting*
    Someone else!
    Someone else!
    Someone else!

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