Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free. Free Forever.

If you've waited this long to finally play a game of Team Fortress 2, now may be the best time. Or at least the cheapest, as Valve is giving Team Fortress 2 away for free - forever - with the team-based first-person shooter now solely supported by microtransactions.

Valve's Robin Walker tells Develop that Team Fortress 2 won't fund its continuing development with advertising or subscription fees, just the things players spend their real-world money on right now (hats, new weapons, crate keys and other virtual goods). Walker says that free drops of in-game loot will continue as it has, now that the game is free to play, as will the sharing of profits with community members who create content for TF2.

One of the bigger benefits to Valve of TF2 going F2P is attracting more people to Steam, the developer's digital distribution and community service. And more players means more people willing to invest in items from the game's Mann Company store, more people willing to put cash in their Steam Wallet and spend elsewhere.

While other games in Valve's catalogue have in-game stores, like Portal 2, Walker downplays the notion that other games from the developer will adopt a free to play model.

So, who's finally jumping in? We could use a few more Medics.

Free At Last [Develop]


    holy crap

    Might be a good opportunity to have a go. I've been reluctant because typically I don't like playing competitively (prefer single player).

    I should at least try it. Don't have much to lose. :P

    So, what do people that bought the game get?

      The privilege of having being able to play the game for the last 4 years?

      Depending on when you bought the game, you have your service medal that you can proudly wear. You also have other things like the Cheater's Lament and such which are items that are not available to purchase and don't drop :P

      A great game that they enjoyed?


      A chance for an unjustifiable whinge?

      Up to you, buddy.

    Someone, somewhere, was the last person to ever purchase Team Fortress 2 for money.

    And they will be pissed.

      I laughed so hard at this! LOL!

      *raises hand meekly*

      I purchased the Orange Box from Steam two days ago

        Doesn't count.. you got a bunch of other rad games with it too, so then you'd just consider TF2 a bonus :P

          That is exactly how I see it. For $20 I kind of feel guilty, like I'm ripping them off :/

            Yeah, i don't blame you.

            The orange box really is one of, if not THE, greatest collections of all time.

            $20 really is like nothing for such a wonderful bunch of games

      Lol... that would be me...

      I bought The Orange Box about a month ago, so I think I'm entitled to a little bit of rage.

    They've finally done it.....
    Team Fortress 2 is now entirely powered and maintained by HATS.

    Brilliant move on Valve's behalf, they've probably made as much money from TF2 as they possibly can, so going free to play to boost both the in-game purchases and the proliferation of Steam is definitely the best way to go.

    This is BRILLIANT!!

    I, of course, already have TF2, as i have the orange box. But still, this is a great idea.

    But i know one place that won't be happy... EA with Battlefield heroes... They can kiss A LOT of players goodbye now...

    Also, Meet the Medic's out now:

    Never played TF2 (got the Orange Box on 360 tho), but I'm interested.

    Hopefully there'll now be some people with my skill level (read: none) that I can get into it with.





    Is there really anyone left that hasn't picked this up?!

    Great, now I can get the whole office to play TF2!

    Been curious to try this. Seems now is the time.

    Oh I thought it was only free for a week, so I picked it up a couple of days ago. If I had known it was free forever, I would've gotten it a bit later...(like after exams kekekeke)

    Pea Roast from TAY:

    To celebrate TF2 going Free to Play, I've set up a Kotaku AU TF2 Play Date for tonight 8:30pm AEST.

    Get home, download and install the game stat!

    i got it for free yesterday, i was wondering wtf was going on

    Its interesting to note, there are two account types now. Free and Premium. People who bought the game automatically get premium (and a new hat!!) and everyone else is free (with limited game options) until they purchase something ingame and then they get bumped to premium.

    Was going to get it... but then I saw that the download size is 10GB. My currently monthly download allotment is a good GB less than that. Much cursing and rage and sadface ensued. Welp, Orange Box retail purchase it is then...

    Ah this makes me want to play TF2 again, sunk so many hours into it when I first got The Orange Box <3

    Yea, now we have an influx of idiot xbox players coming in. Thankfully it's been balanced somewhat by people who are trying to learn and help others, but those idiots do make the game harder to play now.

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