The Nintendo 3DS EShop Gets Its First 3D Movie Trailer

The Nintendo 3DS EShop Gets Its First 3D Movie Trailer

As promised, the newly opened Nintendo 3DS eShop is now offering downloadable 3D movie trailers. The first is no surprise – it’s DC Comics’ big budget Green Lantern flick. Thanks for the tip, Felipe!


  • The Trailer is only on the UK store. If you want to watch it you need to go to your settings and change your region to the UK/England, then go back to the store and you’ll see it for download. I’m in Australia, I did this and it worked.

  • Does cbanging your region even work?
    It would be niceto get one of the only 2 decent games other than Zelda, if thats the case.

    Why in the blue hell we dont have DSi Cave Story or Shantae on day 1 is the dumbest thing ive ever experienced!!!!

    Can anyone get a reason for this stupidity from Nintendo?

    • It works a charm, your money doesn’t carry over regions, however it doesn’t disappear when you change regions either (a plus)… it just stays back in Australia. So when you switch store and download what you want, you simply change back to AUS.

    • That has to do with Australia, not Nintendo.
      It doesn’t have anything to do with them.
      We are never going to get Shantae.

  • I’ve got a US 3DS so the trailer is there for me. On that not the 3D in that trailer is quite poor. E3 3DS trailers are much better. I’ve finally got decent 3D content – in the way of games no less to show people on the system now.

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