The Old Republic's Opening Cinematic Writes Cheques The Game Can't Cash

Even if BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic fails miserably, it will leave behind a series of extremely impressive cinematic trailers. How can a game possibly follow an opening cinematic this spectacular?

The Sith have returned, the Republic is in grave danger, a Smuggler comes into his own, and war is waged with the same weapons they'll be using thousands of years in the future. Yep, this is definitely Star Wars. It's even got someone fending off enemy forces using a turret while the good-hearted scoundrel waits for the warp engines to power up.

The story is vaguely familiar, but the action is wonderful. At this rate I'd pay BioWare $US50 just to have their cinematic team remake one of the prequel films.

Now if only the actual game was this exciting. It's nice, to be sure, but you don't get to feeling like a tough-as-nails Smuggler by clicking several hundred times in a row.


    holy balls thats great animation, but i agree, i never caught up in the hype for this one, i guess i would of loved something more twitched based actually blocking hits , using cover etc, could of made for some intense battles. I guess ill wait for the reviews, i just don;t trust mmo's these days.

    john marsden has travelled to the future i see

      exactly what i was thinking haha

      wouldnt it be the past? you know, "long time ago", etc etc.

    Pardon the French, but holy crap! Awesomesauce!
    This trailer has everything! Satele Shan, the nameless trooper captain, a stylish smuggler (with an awesome hat) in a presumably Corellian modified freighter, a Zabrak Jedi Master who uses not one, not two, but THREE lightsaber blades at once...


    Also, Blur studios should totally make a Star Wars movie like this.

    Yeah... the execution of that is flawless, but it has absolutely nothing that we haven't seen before. Except for John Marsden playing the role of Han Solo, I guess that's new.

    If Bioware can replicate the level of energy in that trailer for the quests of the game, I think that we may have a true contender for MMO glory on our hands.

    Watching this makes me wish that the trailer's animation team was behind the animated series of the Clone Wars.

    Best Star Wars movie I've seen since Return of the Jedi

    God dam they know how to get the hype going! These trailers are just amazing, I was blown away by one of the older ones, but this takes the cake

    I think I need to get a towel...

    Yeah this would be hard to follow. I'd sooner see it as a new tv series than a game I think

    Im not gonna lie, the combat for this game is similair to world of warcrafts, but after watching these trailers i want this game for its great story =)

    why the bald guy hurt teh red guy? he was your friend :)

    See that Lucas? Do you see that?

    THAT is what I call a Star Wars movie. Good lord. I would pay double the entry fee to see a movie that follows what I just saw then.


    Having said that, I will not be getting this game. I do not think I could stand another MMO.

    I think the Jedi knight that was killed was the same species as Darth Maul, cool! And the ship is deliberately made to look like the Falcon...
    If only if all games could be like this...

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