Old Republic Gets A Little Bigger, A Little Newer

An upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic will add a host of new features to the MMO, like a new "Nightmare" difficulty level, new compansions characters, new PvP warzones, new playable species, more high-level content and a new planet.

It'll also go free-to-play in July up to level 15. Make of that what you will.


    Looks good, hopefully it'll breathe some life into the game, oh and fyi, it's a patch, not an expansion.

      If they call it an expansion they can charge you for it!

    I didn't see anything about new species in there

      Yeah I'm guessing it's the wrong video because the one the showed on the E3 live stream said that Cathar will be the next playable race.

    Hmm new level cap? Not an expansion?

    Looks amazing....also HK-51 ASSASSINATION DROID!!!!!!!

    whats a "compansions" character? nice typo :P

    Surely they cant be serious, if this isn't free I think there will be hell to pay.

    Coming soon Free to Play up to level 50

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