The PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free (To The Best Of Sony’s Knowledge)

The PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free (To The Best Of Sony’s Knowledge)

Region-free gaming is something we should all be behind, whether we’re importers or citizens of countries with arcane classification laws. So whether the PlayStation Vita is region-free is, for many, a subject of great importance.

And on that front, there is some good news. Sony Europe’s Michael Denny has said that “to the best of his knowledge” the Vita will, like Sony’s previous disc-based PSP handhelds, be region-free.

If true, that would be a big plus for Sony’s new device, as Nintendo’s rival 3DS has turned a lot of people off with its new policy of region locking.

If it’s true. The words “to the best of his knowledge” aren’t confirmation on the matter, even when they come from a man who works at Sony.


E3 2011: Is PlayStation Vita Region Free? [IGN]


  • well its stupid if they have region locks on portable consoles, the number 1 use of these type of consoles is on train and on plane and if going my plane its suck major if you arrive in lets say the US see an awesome game and you want to play it on the way home and you cant. PS3 is awesome because no region locks.

    And if no region lock its certain that i will be buying from US wifi unless i can unlock the 3G.

  • If this is true I’ll be importing a wi-fi model from the US and A. They’ll probably get it before us anyway.

  • “whether we’re importers or citizens of countries with arcane classification laws”

    or whether we travel and use portables on planes and in airpots which may not be the same region as where we bought the hardware.

  • Chance of buying with Region Lock: 0%
    Chance of buying without Region Lock: 50%.

    Better half than nothing right? :3

  • So, probably about $40 on top to get it from the USA – with Amazon probably knocking $20 at least from RRP, you’ll probably save around $80 by getting it from the States.


  • awesome console but still ill probably wait a year or so incase they push out the “slim” version…

  • I’m still going to wait and see what the AUS price is. If it’s $338 as EB are guessing then I’ll probably go with that, even with the price hike. The warranty is too important to me (my PSP had so many dead pixels when I first bought it).

  • I am seriously considering jumping ship and get a Vita instead of 3DS.

    The fact that I would need to buy an imported American 3DS in order to get the games I want was already discouraging. The lack of anything worth playing for me currently means I haven’t even started ordering yet. But now with Vita at about the same price AND region free, that might be enough to tip the balance the next time I get some spare cash. After all, there is still that FFVII I want to buy from the online shop…

  • If it’s actually not region locked then Sony, for the first time this year, will get some positive reputation from me.

  • If it is region-free it’ll definitely have my purchase.
    If it isn’t then I’ll be thinking more than twice before thinking about buying it, like I am doing with the 3DS.

    I don’t get how they can’t understand that some people understand both English and Japanese and want to be able to play games from both regions… 😐

  • I got a 3DS and Ive been regreted It ever since news of the PSVITA emerged well that and the fact the 3DS sucks balls teach me to be a nerdy fanboy oh well such Is life.

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