The Rolling Western Might Be Nintendo's Best-Kept Secret

Here's a surprise. Nintendo's most interesting game of E3 2011 may also be one of its least-publicised, because The Rolling Western for the 3DS looks great.

Mixing action gameplay with a tower defence-style strategic element (including what looks like resource gathering), it's not even a retail game. It's a downloadable from the new eShop for the 3DS!

It may not be flashiest game of the show, or the most marketable, but there's something about the art style combine with the mish-mash of gameplay styles that's put a hook in me. Can't wait to see more.


    I like it. Another thing on the list of reasons I should get a 3DS...which I can't afford :(

    Ha that looks pretty cool for a bit of fun every now and then! Any info about when it's being released?

    LOL I like it.. now if only I had a 3DS :S

    You know what i want to see, I want to see Mystical ninja starring goemon on the 3ds, that would make me buy one.

    Seems like a Zoroark mixed with a Goron who sounds like Link who builds like a Kindom of Keflingswhile taking down Goombas Sonic style... very original game.

      Wow!!! A cynical and sarcastic comment pointing out that a new game has taken cue from other games that use already established popular techniques and ideas...very original comment!

    SHIT! This is what new Sonic games should been like!

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