The Very Worst Of E3 2011

You've seen the best E3 2011 had to offer. Now see the worst. The very worst. Oh good Lord is some of this bad.

From Ubisoft's Mr. Caffeine to the travesty that is Star Wars: Kinect, take four minutes out of your life to remind yourself that for all the pomp and pageantry surrounding the event, E3's big press conferences still get so much wrong.

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    i feel sick


    Fist bump!

    The image of that poor Jedi struggling and failing to lift the wreckage is a symbol of everything wrong with Star Wars Kinect,

    Man, I even started to sweat profusely and turn red during the less than ordinary wayne's world gag!

    Er "yeah", epic fail bro!

    I dont know who hiredvMr Caffeine but they need to be shot. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

    Didn't know it was THAT bad.

    I enjoyed that like I enjoy a bad film. Terrible but laughably so.

    Dunno why they made the starwars game for Kinect.. Would have worked much better on the Wiimote or Move..

    Jeremy... force choke the announcer... c'mon Jeremy... done? Great job Jeremy.

    nothing from nintendo, pretty good nintendo! must be the lack of cammy

    So I was kinda looking forward to the concept of Need for Speed: The Run, now it's full of on foot quick time events? Did anyone really want a car racing game crossed with Track and Field?

    I wouldn't have cared if they where cut scenes BTW.

    HAHAH, Lightsaber ON!

    1- If only one of the kids avatars smack face first into a wall.

    2- They should have got the star wars kid to demo the game.

    3- Doodly doodly doodly doodly

    And of course the whole kinect thing will fail in Australia due to lack of voice control!!!

      It'll fail because the games are shit. Once they get voice control working here then they'll just be shit games with voice control.

    Now, if you only had 1 bullet, would you go for the easy kill on the "do do do" glasses guy, or go for the riskier, yet potentialy bigger points pay-off of a double kill by chaining together the two kidz?

    Say... Where was the Wii U in this video?


    I Can just see those kids lighting cigarettes the second they walk offstage, turning around to face Steve Ballmer and demanding "We want that check."

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