This Is The Worst Mass Effect Trailer Ever Made

For a series so epic and sweeping in its CG imagery as Mass Effect is, a hammy live-action trailer on cheap sets is almost a disservice.


    That was like, early Torchwood bad.

    that makes torchwood look good

    But we have a release date now

    You guys are on crack. That was fine. ( never played ME though) trailer wise, there's plenty worse.

    That was more than fine. It had a very strong 'District 9' feel to it. I have no problem with that trailer. With the delay in its release it looks like the decided a viral video was their best option and they're not too wrong really.

    haha what was that stupid looking thing standing up in the city at the end? (I've never played ME). The trailer felt like one of Michael bay's disasterpieces.

      Its a REAPER!!! play before commenting!!!

    Worst? This looked like Command & Conquer at its finest!

      thats exactly what i thought. Look it's command and conquer

    It wasn't that bad, I mean it wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible.

      So it was good?

    I don't see what was wrong with it...
    They weren't trying to be epic with the live action....they were trying to be like the news.
    I don't know about you but all the news programs I've seen are hammy with cheap they pretty much nailed it...

    Oddly enough it reminded me of those early command and conquer games with the cut scenes in video, the live action is just so badly blended with cg elements that there is zero immersion on the part of the viewer.

    Good lord. Stick to the CG teasers EA.

    That was fine, it pumped me up for the game. What the hell is with your reactions.

    There was nothing bad about that trailer. I don't even think there was enough acting in it to declare it "hammy".

    I'd be interested to see a longer live-action ME ad/short like those done for the Halo series.

    Did I just see the good Commander make a 'shwing' sound with an omnitool sword?

      It's a little known fact that not only can holograms become solid and pointy, but also make noises when swung through the air.

      (My suspension of disbelief with regards to ME's universe was broken in the first 5 mins of ME2)

    Absolutely no where near as bad as this FEAR 3 trailer!

    Hopefully they'll release a full ME2-style cinematic trailer for ME3, I think that'll make up for the first CG one.

    Innovation is good, you know pushing boundaries. Trying out new things.

    Just don't ever do that again.

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