This Metal Gear Cosplay Is Boss

Just as Konami shows off more of upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Omi Gibson cosplays as MGS3's the Boss.

Gibson is, of course, the queen of Metal Gear Solid cosplay, and her latest photos cement it further. Click here to read more about the Boss, and here to read more about Omi.

ザ・ボス / MGS3 [子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ]

(Top photo: Taka)


    Brian you are either undersexed or oversexed up. I can't figure out which. All you post about is women with just the tangible thread to gaming!

      Yeah this is outrageous, I'm deeply offended, what about the children, etc...

    I'd let Omi's version of the boss kick my ass and wear me as a hat.

    knock knock, let me in!

    I think its awesome, not only that omi has done heaps of MGS cosplays and she smashes it every time!

    Her cyborg raiden is unbelievable!

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