This Piece Of Furniture May Just Save My Marriage...

I don't know about you, but the placement of my endless amounts of games and plastic peripherals is a constant 'discussion' point between my wife and I. And by 'discussion' I mean 'endless battle of wills until one of us is cold and dead in the ground. Maybe this interesting piece of gaming furniture will provide resolution and stability?

It's called the 'Zig-Zig', and it's a unique storage solution that let's you place your console, controllers, games, and guitar peripherals in one handy storage space.

They cost just under $100 and are available at Dick Smith for the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.


    I don't see this working that well. It only holds 13 games, a true gamer would have a much more vast collection.

    I've got say the IKEA 3 drawer Kullen unit has worked well for me.

    Atleast two of these side-by-side (I'm up to 3 now). It puts the base of your tv at about 720 high, which is a good height for a Wii or Kinect. The bottom 2 drawers perfectly fit a Amray case (PS2, Wii, 360) or a PS3 case with the spine pointing up. The top drawer fits PSP cases the same way.

    This allows me to hide all the games from direct view, but sliding the drawer open shows all the spines for easy choice.

      Yeah, I was gonna say...

      It only holds 13 games. Many people would have many more than that.

        I think I have like 10 games, why do you guys bother keeping so many.

          I have like 75, how can you make do with so few? :P

            That's just plain f****d up mate, who would play 75 games in rapid succession? Surely once you've played the game to a point, that it's and it gets shelved indefinitely. I'm sure there are not 13 titles that you play at any one time so this little unit should be more than sufficient.

          Because we like to collect as well. Who knows when I'll go back to a game I like. Could be 3 months, could be 10 years.

      I'd say this sits right next to the lounge for quick access to what you're currently halfway through playing now.. the rest of the games sit on the shelf on the bookcase or wherever you proudly display your wares!

        Wouldn't work for me. I'm halfway through 50 odd games.

      Looks good, but can you get it assembled? If not I could have some problems...

    I'd need 100 of them to fit everything in though.

    Billy bookshelves from IKEA is all you ever need for game storage and collection purposes.

      I second this. With adjustable shelf height, and pretty damn cheap, these are great.

      I have a few Benno shelves for my games instead:

      They're basically the smallest-sized Billy, except less deep, sized exactly for DVD/CD cases. Fits about 18 to a shelf I think, four shelves to a unit when set up for DVD/game cases. Only real issues are that you can't get all the shelves perfectly evenly spaced, and they don't sell a wider unit or a height extension with the lower depth. :(

      Been considering grabbing a wider-version Billy for some of the non-standard sized 'premium' boxes I have though, and as an overflow for when I inevitably run out of space.

        Besta is like Benno, except they come in LARGER sizes.

        You need to add a couple of extra shelves to make it work for games/DVDs though. If you space each shelf out the same, you do get left with one at a different height at either the top or the bottom though. But that's actually great for box sets and stuff.


      Hang on so you mean my Benno DVD tower is wrong

      It possibly is, as I've got two and still haven't got the shelves spaced right. Plus they're also the height of a normal Billy bookcase. 'Sides most of my games are in a 'drawer box' tower holding the printer up at a usable hight.

    Has no spot for collector's editions...

    I just have a few stacks of movies etc from ground to roof leaning against the wall. It'll do until I build a unit for them!

      Better – build a unit OUT of them for the next generation stuff.

    I imagine most wives have more of issue with how many games and devices are left on display, or generally litter the room. Contrary to popular belief, game cases and plastic controllers don't make for very appealing interior design. Atleast this would limit how much is displayed, and might encourage controllers and game cases to be put away after use.

    Bit enclosed for the 360 consoles? Need good air flow to ensure no overheating and stuff.

    I have over fifty games. I would need to buy atleast five of these.


    I'm totally cool with it only having 13 slots for games. I go through all of my Xbox games in discrete sets, so I could just rotate game cases between that and a cupboard. :)

    come on this is just a product advert, why the need to pretend?

    And the fact that you shouldn't stand you console vertically...

      Xbox 360s (at least, the original version) was designed to have better airflow when it is vertical. In a well ventilated area, it makes no difference, nor does it matter if it is in a stable position where it is unlikely to get knocked over.

      Having it standing vertically on the floor when there are drunk people about is definitely a bad idea. Especially if you want the disc in the drive to survive the night.

      I have all my 360's standing vertical is allows better air flow.

    I actually like this! It looks quite cool. Would there be any problems using this for a PS3 set up?

    What if you have more than one plastic instrument? I've got at least three guitars and the RB3 keyboard. I've actually been considering going into a music shop and buying one of those guitar stands, but I don't want to have to admit it's for fake instruments. :(

      Almost all guitar stands are universal, so if they ask, just say you play guitar haha.

    Very cool, but couple of issues for me. For one, I never stand up the xbox, you're just asking for scratched disc's, and second, it looks like its a bit snug, so it might get pretty warm with the guitar attached.

    I think I saw this (or something very similar) recently - so it holds a guitar, and has just enough slots for not quite all of the games that use said guitar!

    I'm with the others.. Ikea stuff does the job much much better. Just drill some holes in the back and you have your own customisable units.

    Also, as neat as this thing looks, bee has a massive problem with my games and consoles being "out on display".

    Also-also, i would never use this for the simple reason of dust.. i would be dusting my console, games and unused controllers every week... my current set up means dusting only happens once or twice a year

    This would be good for my 360. Wii not so much. Over 50 games for Wii and a bajillion plastic instruments and controllers...I'm gonna go with everyones Ikea option.

    So where do you put the drums, keyboard and microphones?

    Vision TV Unit?

    My dog would just knock this over. not to mention there is no room for it in the lounge room. And it looks like a dust collector.
    I currently use an aldi DVD cupboard for my games but I'll need to get another one because I have nearly 300 games from 1st gen to current. It is a source of argument with my mum (and before you judge, I am her carer so I have to live with her), and I am thinking of getting a large ottoman for the consoles and guitars.

    Why the hell don't either of the towers charge the controllers or add extra usb ports?

    My wife would get pissed if I tried to box up and hide all our games. Maybe your wife just isn't cool, bro.

    It has ventilation for the console, awesome...and my TopShotElite would look good hanging off the side ;) i may have to check this one out.

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