Transfer DSi Data To The 3DS (But Not Vice-Versa)

Players can transfer DSiWare data (games, saves and photos) to the 3DS. But players cannot transfer the data back from the 3DS to the DSi. [Nintendo]


    Yeah, we all know that! I wanna know HOW to transfer DSi data to the 3DS. First of course you download Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool to your DSi using DSiWARE but what is the 3DS supposed to do while waiting for this data to be given? Does it go to Health and Safety Precautions, System Settings, what are you supposed to do for the DSi to connect to the 3DS??? THAT's what questions are being asked because EVERYONE WITH A 3DS AND DSi ALREADY KNOWS YOUR LITTLE "HELPFUL" SUGGESTION up there so give us some real answer if you're so smart and post anything you feel like that doesn't actually help at all it's just wasting our time and annoying because I bet you don't even have either makes of the DS systems or know what the hell to say back to this because you DON'T KNOW. I've tried everything and I haven't made assumptions so I'm not trying to prove anything so don't turn this back on me because this little comment will have people asking you even more questions that you may not know how to answer. If you DO know, post a comment or add another little "Helpful" suggestion that might actually be a little help.

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