Well, Look Who's Making Video Games Now... Mad Catz!

Mad Catz, perhaps best known now for its fighting game joysticks and flight sim controllers is getting into the game development game, aiming high with the creation of Thunderhawk Studios. The newly formed studio's first product is... an MMO flight sim.

Or, to be more specific, ThunderHawk (not pictured) will "focus on developing a series of MMO (massive multiplayer online) flight simulation games with the first game expected to launch in 2012," according to owner Mad Catz. That may seem a bit strange, unless you're familiar with Mad Catz's high end flight sim products, like this $US5000 setup from its Saitek brand.

What better way to serve that flight sim-loving market with a massively multiplayer online game for which you make pricey, top-tier controllers?

Hopefully the studio's name is a sign of things to come and ThunderHawk Studios is making a Warhammer 40,000-license flight sim in which you actually pilot a Thunderhawk Gunship with Street Fighter's T. Hawk in the pilot's seat, who can also be controlled with a Mad Catz fight stick. This is a great idea, right? Guys?


    Looking forward to it. I love my X-52 Pro and really need something else to use with it other than the first HAWX game.

      Have you not played Arma 2?

        Can't say I have. Do you get much time in the air in it?

        Nevermind, upon further reading it seems that Arma 2 is extremely hit and miss when trying to use the X-52 Pro.

          I'm using the X-52 vanilla, and a pair of CH Pro Pedals with Arma 2. It's bliss. I haven't had any problems so far with mine.

            I might try the game through "other means" and trial it, see how it goes.

              Arma 2 is a bit of a hit and miss with some people. I suggest getting the operation arrowhead expantion (as it contains a whole bunch of new aircraft). Check out the armory levels and the like. If you like how it handles, check out some of the Warfare BE levels online. Thats where the game really shines.

    I'd register a hell yes on a Thunderhawk 40k flight sim.

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