What Do People Think Of PS Vita's Pricing?

At Sony's E3 press conference, they seem happy. In the U.S., the Wi-Fi only PS Vita will cost US$249.99, while the 3G/Wi-Fi one is $US299.99.

It was thought that the 3G/Wi-Fi version was going to cost over $US300—somewhere around $US350.


    Assuming that it doesn't get cocked by our ridiculous price increase of being in Australia, then it should be good.

    But I doubt it wont, so I'll just import one with that yummy yummy dollar ratio atm.

    I think the pricings great. Im just worried about what al this 3g datas gona cost to be using the thing like that. I already use to much data on my phone since I got a new one. Using the internet and downloading/playing hd games on a Vitas bound to be more than I use with my phone. =/

    Awesome. If anyone complains about the price they're just pissing in the wind; given the choice between the 3DS and the Vita at $250, i'm going for the Vita.

    Yep, import a brand spankin' new console for $250, yes please. I picked up a PSP in April this year for $180 or something. Whoops.

    Fat change we will see this at a near $250.00 AUD price.

      Probably $300-350 AUD.

        I instantly thought of 350. The PSPgo was the watermark for us being effed in the ay, I don't expect it to chang

    Thats a kick ass price.
    The 3ds was at the same price at launch and this comes with so much more

    So far, so good. $400 3G model and I'm on board. The problem is what sort of data plan it would need. Best case scenario, they go the Amazon Kindle Whispernet route and allow free 3G for browsing and downloads for the life of the console.

    The likeliest scenario in Australia;

    Hi 3G on a gaming system, how are you?

    What's that? You're stuck with having to use Telstra in Australia?

    That's no good! Oh it gets worse? How so?

    Ohhh...so only if you're an existing Telstra customer with at least 2 mobiles, a homephone AND internet with them, you're going to pay anywhere from 200-400% more than you should for the service?

    Honestly, I don't know why you'd really need 3G - if you have a smartphone (and who here doesn't?) then you wouldn't use your Vita to surf the web, and it'd be way too laggy for gaming.

    Wifi looks the way to go, and if EB is right, you'll probably be able to grab it at launch for around $300.

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