Win! A Copy Of The X-Men Quadrilogy!

Want to win one of two copies of the X-Men Quadrilogy, featuring X-Men 1, 2, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Of course you do! It's an eight-disc monstrosity!

This may actually be the simplest competition we've ever run. Entering is simple - all you have to do is let us know what your superpower would be if you were a mutant.

The latest X-Men movie had some pretty ridiculous powers, so you might as well go absolutely crazy on this one. One entry per person please, and the two funniest/smartest answers win!

Terms and conditions can be found here [PDF] .

In addition, while you're dreaming up bizarre mutant powers, feel free to head to this website to create your own mutant. If you use the code 'KOTAKU' you'll be able to unlock some extra credits, so give it a bash. If anyone manages to create something sufficiently hilarious/offensive, feel free to post a link in the comments below!


    I would like the power to turn this prize into the animated boxsets...

    Only 2 of those movies are worth watching. The other 2 are crap.

    Man.. i see the word "competition" and i so badly want to enter.. but i just can't see myself sitting down and watching a couple of these again..


    *sits and awaits the next neat comp*

    I'd be 'Uber Micro Man', with the power of an APM of over 500. I'd pwn n00bs all day and all night. It would be totally awesome, and i'd get all the chicks.

    The ability to play HD quality games on my Wii. Because I want to be like Switzerland in the PlayStation/Xbox 360 arms race.

    The ability to manage the government properly and fairly with the best of interests at heart?

    No? Too impossible?

    What about the ability to get people to agree to mutually beneficial terms. Hence no more conflict in the world. Ever :).

    My mutant powers would be to instantly make people orgasm, at the pure state of climax I could be at anyone's mercy!

    The ability to accessorize - any outfit, any occasion... any time.

    I would be the literate brother of Wolverine who shoots pens from his wrist and reasons with sound arguments and well written letters of objection.

    The power to turn into a giant bullet, like bullet bill from Mario, then I could get around easily, shoot bad doers and the kids would love me.

    My enemy would only be a plumber jumping on my head, every mutant needs an enemy.

    mutant healing. I am now invincible to all attacks and nothing you do can hurt me. take that everyone!

    The ability to swallow people whole and absorb their knowledge - then regurgitate them as big rolls of stinking, mucus covered balls of shit to infect everyone they get close to!!

    My ability would be...Finger of Happiness, whoever i touch will instantly see a double rainbow

    I would like the power to get paid for work but not actually have to go, that way I could catch up on everything else in my life

    The ability to manipulate time. So I could spend forever playing video games :p

    Bollywood POWER!!!

    If attacked i would serenade my attacker with a sweet love song, then they would dance with me, and sing back at me. There would be some head shacking, and then kiss, but lots of heavy sexual tension.

    I would possess the uncanny ability to influence the decisions of others through spoken and written word, especially when entering competitions.

    The ability to not need sleep. Constantly at the peak of my energy and metabolism.

    I could achieve so much!

    People would watch me as I shop at night and gasp in fear at INSOMNIUM!

    The power to play, enjoy and remember games in my sleep. The only way I'll ever get though my pile of shame.

    Easy, I'd want the ability to give people who annoy me online a raging case of genital lice. I'd mostly be using it on all the 15 year old CS players that keep using me as target practice.

    well im a jew so i guess i'll get the powers of attraction over metal, someones just gotta kill my mummy :P

    My mutant ability is to rewind time. Not time travel per se, but like a "do over" for a recent mistake.

    Take just now for example. If I hadn't rewound time, you would all be having a laugh at my typo, where I wrote "ability" as "abilititty". Rewinding saved me from humiliation!

    My power would be to know exactly what to write in 25 words or less to win at competitions.

    Time freeze! The only viable power for any RPG completionist...amongst other things in life!

    The power to change The Australian Classification Laws. Because we all know it would take a super power to do that.

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