Your Half-Life Action Figure Dreams Are Coming True

Yes. It's been announced at E3 that NECA, makers of fine action figures (increasingly these days based on games), have picked up a licence from the Half-Life creators "to produce consumer products based on Valve's much-acclaimed games".

That will mean action figures at an absolute minimum, but hopefully also given the wording things like replica props and weapons too.

Like, say, crowbars. And Portal guns. If you're wondering which franchises are included in the deal, it includes all of Valve's series, meaning it's not just Half-Life but Portal, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 as well.

Be still, my beating heart.


    I'd prefer it if my Half-Life 3 dreams were coming true.


      Where the hell is HL:3?? Or even episode 3. Are they even going to make an episode 3?

    Does this mean NECA are going to bulk buy normal Crowbars for like....$25 each, then sell them at $45 after painting them a bit red?


    Team fortess figures? A Dog figure?
    Portal figures?!


      I've always thought that the picture featured in this article (Gordon beating the crap out of tentacle....psine...claw...things...) would make an epic mini-statue.

    In the words of Johnny Depp In Fear & Loathing in Las vegas:..

    FINISH!! THE F%^cking! STORY!!

    I think the best news from E3 so far is the pricing on the PSV (No I can't bring myself to say it yet) and now THIS! Oh, and the whole weird-out Nintendo thing. Wii and now U - seems pretty obvious now doesn't it?

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