All States Except NSW Agree To R18+ In Principle

As expected, there was no consensus decision at today's SCAG meeting - all states except NSW have agreed in principle to an R18+ rating for games, with the NSW AG abstaining from the vote as expected.

More details as we get them.


    I'm sick of this shit.

      Aren't we all.

        this explains it all


      STOP THAT!

      I know it is frustrating Weresmurf - but posts like that actually make the matter worse!

        It's just frustration. Severe frustration. To be honest I actually feel really depressed and upset over this. The only glimmer of hope is he hasn't ACTUALLY said no, just he wants to talk to his cabinet about it. FFS this is ridiculous. Why can they not just implement it in every single other state?

          If it's OK in other states then we can just pop over and grab games that aren't OK in NSW, could be worse :)

            What I don't understand is why he didn't talk to them last week? Like, he knew this was coming up!

        It's posts like that that crack me up.

        I don't know how exactly it actively makes the situation worse. Unless his excessive use of the F and U key on his keyboard somehow (I dunno... via vacuum, osmosis, magnetic fields?) impact the AGs ability to reach a consensus on an R18+ classification.

    Really? Come on

    Ok Brendan, it's time to make good with what you said. Seriously. ITS TIME. Kick the goddamn AG's to the curb with this shit and go over their heads.

    After seeing that C-3PO xbox controller earlier today - I'm kinda hoping when we finally get an R rating - M$ will do up a limited edition Capt Picard Facepalm controller to celebrate!

    *Prays this is enough for Brendan O'Connor to somehow push it through anyway.*

    It's only one man - can be please not have another Michael Atkinson veto again?


    Stupid NSW government, they were bad before, and the new mob is slowly becoming a new bad.
    Bunch of idiots.
    No sense of progressive thought.

    I used to be patriotic, now i think Australia is going to shit. I really am over all of this governments bullshit. Worst part it doesn't matter who is in you end up with the same shit.

    From this vote all states should be allowed to have R18+ games bar NSW.

    ugh, so the NSW AG didn't even have the balls to pick a side, he's just sitting there on the fence... Must rub his vagina in a pleasing way.

    Just another reason for me to hate Greg Smith.

    I can't think of enough cusswords to describe this hideous excuse of a public servant.

    I actually feel like this outcome is quite different from December.

    We have a yes across the board except NSW, who has said that they will decide asap. I don't trust politicians but, its a a lot further than having to wait for three or four to decide.

    I say we give him and the NSW government a week before we kick their door in.

    God dammit

    nsw just needs to go with the crowd on this,disagreeing is just pissing people off

    I guess that means WA isn't the laughing stock anymore.

    Just another train stop right??

    Expected, but still doesn't make it any easier to deal with

    surprise factor 0

    lol, no surprises here. I'm not even angry anymore, this is just all too laughable.

    I just picture all eyes on the NSW AG during the voting process:

    *plays with iPhone*
    "Huh? Oh, Idontknow. What we talkin' about again? I think we need more research on whatever it is we're talking about.
    *continues playing with iPhone*"

      I'm the same, I'm not even angry at all this is just funny. Don't they realise that they look like complete idiots that can't do their jobs properly.

    And then NSW will agree at the next meeting, but another state will have changed governments, and their new AG will oppose/abstain... sigh>/i>

    I'm curious, do these guys ever reach agreement on the issues they address?

      Wow mega formatting fail there! Silly back-to-front bracket. Oops.

    Oh well. I'll continue to play games that should be rated R18+ but are rated MA15+ instead.

      Except the ones we dont get or the ones that are censored... but you are right, the majority of these games are actually here and MA15+ anyway.

        We'll just import those ones. Really I think the NSW AG shouldn't stress there's no way anybody is going to bring "Contents Under Pressure" back to these shores

          Either that or illegelly download them off the net. God I hate politics.

            Did you realise you're named after the greatest example video game box-art of all time?!

    i think this should be considered human rights abuse

    This *could* be a good thing. It will become a part of the overhaul of the entire classification system, causing ratings to be equal across the board. Or, it could mean that we end up getting even more screwed.

    As a member of NSW: I voted Labour. Stupid Liberal AG...

      Labour has done worse things to our State ( and country ) than the Liberals have gotten a chance to do yet.

        Lol, you're funny.

      Not something I would be bragging about.

      I withdraw this earlier statement. More information has come to light and I think that the NSW AG has a good reason for abstaining from today's vote.

      After reading more about the decision made today and watched the majority of the press conference, it is highly likely that there is going to be an R18+ classification before the end of the year.

      All the AG's made an agreement 'in principle' supporting the introduction of the new rating, but the NSW AG abstained from the vote to introduce it at this point as they had not investigated public opinion enough in the 3 months they have been in government. There were also there were amendments made in the meeting of the SCAG that change some of the proposed guidelines and the AG's need to take these amendments back to their cabinets before agreeing with them.

      I'm quite happy with the outcome, and the NSW AG even said that he doesn't feel that NSW will end up being "the odd one out" when it comes to the introduction of the new rating.

      The most likely scenario is that the rating will be introduced at a Commonwealth level and the states that support it at the time of introduction will introduce it. If NSW has not decided their stance at this time, the rating will be introduced when they have made that decision.

      Obviously, this discussion is still ongoing and more information is slowly trickling out, but the general consensus is that the R18+ classification will be introduced by the end of the year.

      This is what happens when someone makes a comment (aka. me in this situation) without having all the information at hand.

    The more things change, the more things stay the same. Still, it's not a blanket no, so we're getting there.

    To be fair, they are waiting for a large survey study to be done, and it'll be finished by 2012, so it's not as if there's a huge wait for it.

    Plus, just import. Import import import import import.

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