All States Except NSW Agree To R18+ In Principle

All States Except NSW Agree To R18+ In Principle

As expected, there was no consensus decision at today’s SCAG meeting – all states except NSW have agreed in principle to an R18+ rating for games, with the NSW AG abstaining from the vote as expected.

More details as we get them.



      • It’s just frustration. Severe frustration. To be honest I actually feel really depressed and upset over this. The only glimmer of hope is he hasn’t ACTUALLY said no, just he wants to talk to his cabinet about it. FFS this is ridiculous. Why can they not just implement it in every single other state?

      • It’s posts like that that crack me up.

        I don’t know how exactly it actively makes the situation worse. Unless his excessive use of the F and U key on his keyboard somehow (I dunno… via vacuum, osmosis, magnetic fields?) impact the AGs ability to reach a consensus on an R18+ classification.

  • Ok Brendan, it’s time to make good with what you said. Seriously. ITS TIME. Kick the goddamn AG’s to the curb with this shit and go over their heads.

  • After seeing that C-3PO xbox controller earlier today – I’m kinda hoping when we finally get an R rating – M$ will do up a limited edition Capt Picard Facepalm controller to celebrate!

  • *Prays this is enough for Brendan O’Connor to somehow push it through anyway.*

    It’s only one man – can be please not have another Michael Atkinson veto again?


  • Stupid NSW government, they were bad before, and the new mob is slowly becoming a new bad.
    Bunch of idiots.
    No sense of progressive thought.

  • I used to be patriotic, now i think Australia is going to shit. I really am over all of this governments bullshit. Worst part it doesn’t matter who is in you end up with the same shit.

    From this vote all states should be allowed to have R18+ games bar NSW.

  • ugh, so the NSW AG didn’t even have the balls to pick a side, he’s just sitting there on the fence… Must rub his vagina in a pleasing way.

  • Just another reason for me to hate Greg Smith.

    I can’t think of enough cusswords to describe this hideous excuse of a public servant.

  • I actually feel like this outcome is quite different from December.

    We have a yes across the board except NSW, who has said that they will decide asap. I don’t trust politicians but, its a a lot further than having to wait for three or four to decide.

    I say we give him and the NSW government a week before we kick their door in.

  • lol, no surprises here. I’m not even angry anymore, this is just all too laughable.

    I just picture all eyes on the NSW AG during the voting process:

    *plays with iPhone*
    “Huh? Oh, Idontknow. What we talkin’ about again? I think we need more research on whatever it is we’re talking about.
    *continues playing with iPhone*”

    • I’m the same, I’m not even angry at all this is just funny. Don’t they realise that they look like complete idiots that can’t do their jobs properly.

  • And then NSW will agree at the next meeting, but another state will have changed governments, and their new AG will oppose/abstain… sigh>/i>

    I’m curious, do these guys ever reach agreement on the issues they address?

  • This *could* be a good thing. It will become a part of the overhaul of the entire classification system, causing ratings to be equal across the board. Or, it could mean that we end up getting even more screwed.

    As a member of NSW: I voted Labour. Stupid Liberal AG…

    • Labour has done worse things to our State ( and country ) than the Liberals have gotten a chance to do yet.

    • I withdraw this earlier statement. More information has come to light and I think that the NSW AG has a good reason for abstaining from today’s vote.

      After reading more about the decision made today and watched the majority of the press conference, it is highly likely that there is going to be an R18+ classification before the end of the year.

      All the AG’s made an agreement ‘in principle’ supporting the introduction of the new rating, but the NSW AG abstained from the vote to introduce it at this point as they had not investigated public opinion enough in the 3 months they have been in government. There were also there were amendments made in the meeting of the SCAG that change some of the proposed guidelines and the AG’s need to take these amendments back to their cabinets before agreeing with them.

      I’m quite happy with the outcome, and the NSW AG even said that he doesn’t feel that NSW will end up being “the odd one out” when it comes to the introduction of the new rating.

      The most likely scenario is that the rating will be introduced at a Commonwealth level and the states that support it at the time of introduction will introduce it. If NSW has not decided their stance at this time, the rating will be introduced when they have made that decision.

      Obviously, this discussion is still ongoing and more information is slowly trickling out, but the general consensus is that the R18+ classification will be introduced by the end of the year.

      This is what happens when someone makes a comment (aka. me in this situation) without having all the information at hand.

  • The more things change, the more things stay the same. Still, it’s not a blanket no, so we’re getting there.

  • To be fair, they are waiting for a large survey study to be done, and it’ll be finished by 2012, so it’s not as if there’s a huge wait for it.

    Plus, just import. Import import import import import.

    • Problem is the unanimous decision is in place yto ensure that states don’t gang up to screw another state I’ve financially or otherwise

      As this isn’t an issue which benefits any state it shouldnt be held to the same regard

  • I was listening to news radio yesterday and they had a poll on the r18 issue and 96.9% of voters said yes we should have an r rating for games, the highest yes vote that the presenter could remember.

    Be patient everyone, it is frustrating but it is inevitable that we will win. we just need to keep the pressure up and never ever give up. If we give up so close to victory we don’t deserve to win.

  • So how may taxpayer dollars were wasted this time just to give all the AG’s a free trip to Adelaide?

  • You’ve gotta give them credit for consistency. There’s no reason to delay it now as there was no reason to delay it every other time.

  • I wonder if Mark has an image lined up for when (yes, I’m still optimistic) this finally gets through?

  • I’m pleased by Victoria’s decision to back it. Rob Clark’s misgivings must have eased a little.

    This isn’t so bad, hopefully we get NSW’s opinion in a few weeks and the process can resume.

  • It shouldn’t be possible to abstain from a vote on an issue that *requires* a unanimous decision.

    The whole system is clearly fundamentally broken and completely incapable of ever producing an agreement. Scrap it.

  • I’m appalled at the lack of violence this excuse for a debate has generated. The NSW AG is seriously asking to get shot. We have obviously not done our part in sending him death threats. I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic or serious anymore. Please someone kill this bag of flesh.

  • I like the let’s wait approach – they’ve been doing it for FOREVER. this is just ridiculous. i can’t believe how long these retards are willing to let this issue waste their time for.

  • F*** IT.

    F*** THEM.

    F*** EVERYONE.

    I’m gonna go GTA on these bastards! Where’s my Infernus and solid Gold Uzi???

    • In the locker – just walk to it and press ‘X’.

      Then equip it by pressing ‘Start’ and….

      Oh wait, that does not work in this plain we call *reality.*

  • Videogames don’t lead people to violence.

    Ridiculous, drawn out, useless circlejerking “meetings” where abso-f*cking-lutely NOTHING gets done just to make it look like they’re working when they don’t do SHIT ALL CAUSES PEOPLE TO BECOME VIOLENT GODRAWRFUUUUUUUGHHHH~!!!

    What the F%$K has changed since this debate started?


  • guys we are NEVER going to get an R18+ rating until we get the right of free speech and freedom of expression enshrined in law. the issue is bigger than video games, open your eyes we are not free in this country, every time the debate about an Australian bill of rights is brought up all politicians regardless of party or ideology reject it, there is a reason for this. It is to keep power in their hands. I understand the irony of saying there is no free speech in in a public internet talk back but the freedom of speech we do have is only at their bequest they could shut anyone down at any time for what ever reason if they wanted to

  • I was more worried about Victoria to be honest. That AG has some real wacky self righteous christian spirit.

    Greg Smith will come around once the report come through he will have nowhere to hide. Still bad news, I can hear the ACL heads growing from here with their unchristian pride.

    Someone send a hologram message to Brendan O’Connor

    “Help me Brendan O’Connor your my only hope”

    • By the time the next meeting comes around after the review, NSW will have fallen into line to support it, but the Vic AG will have changed his mind under pressure from the ACL and we’ll be having this same discussion again.

      What I don’t get is WHY NSW abstained? I assume they’ll use the excuse that it’s a new government there. This is bullshit. This is not a new issue. They had years in opposition to formulate their policies and positions on EVERY issue – don’t turn up at this meeting and say “Oh, we’re a new government, we need time to consult and decide on our position”. This debate has been going on for years. If you weren’t doing that consultation and deciding on your position during those years, just what the f**k WERE you doing?

  • Actually, screw this for a joke. I’m fed up! I have been actively campaigning since this whole debate started and this has just broken my resolve.

    Mr Smith, you are responsible for me vowing to not give a single gaming dollar to Australia from now on. Until this moment I was still willing to buy a few things locally (when on special) but no more.

    I will not give my gaming dollars to a country where I am not treated like an adult and teenagers can legally purchase mis-classified 18+ games.

    I will continue to ensure my children only access appropriate material, since that is MY JOB as a parent and shall watch this complete farce as just a spectator from now on.

    Kudos to you Mr Smith, and fuck you!

  • An abstention can’t be a surprise this time, NSW govt is not in a position to antagonise Nile over something getting such limited traction in press etc. 😉

  • well, guess ill be importing MK9 then. Well done Australia, thanks for once again beating around the fucking bush, let us know when you are ready to take some serious action.

  • As a side note, though, I don’t think the ACL will take much joy from this. We now don’t have ANY states outright opposing this, and only 1 state not explicitly in favour of it.

    I fully expect the review to come back recommending an R rating for games be introduced. So starting from where this meeting leaves us and adding in the expected recommendation from the review, I think we’re half a chance to finally get it at the next meeting after the review. If not then it’s time for Mr O’Connor to get out the legislative big stick and belt this b*tch the rest of the way over the line.

  • Ok lets look at this objectively Mr Smith,
    I have numbers on hand for Brisbane city only but I’m sure they will correlate across all cities. Ok firstly the average age of a gamer has been shown many times previous to be between the ages of 18 the 35 years of age, taking that bracket in to account from recent census information roughly 35000 people live in the 4 postcodes of the Brisbane city area, of these 35000 people slightly over 1/3 of this population fall into the category of ‘gamers’ and ‘voters’ respectively. so it can be estimated you have upset over 11600 people in your voting region give or take a few thousand in relation to the demographic age brackets of each particular area. That to me seems like a very large aspect of the voting community that you are ignoring and could possibly determine a ‘win’ or a ‘lose’ during the next election, but take in to account these numbers are for Brisbane city ONLY and would probably be far greater in and around Sydney, I think i have put it in to plain terms that you can understand which are votes, or in this case non votes. Hurry up and make this happen.

  • FYI, your state AG is appointed by the governor general. They are not politically tied to any party. All this bitching about state governments and their inactions in contrast to what is currently happenin to this R18+ bid is a loat of bollocks. It’s this kind of think which makes us seem extremely unworthy of such rating and reflects badly/discredits us in such a bid. All the reason to smarten up you ignorant bunch. You guys make conservatives look good.

    • Thank you kindly for the insult, but i will continue to contend that the AG is sensitive to his state’s politics (borne out by his later statements, tyvm). The simple observation was not bitching nor even suggesting he’d made an unreasonable vote :p

  • So he abstained from a vote he was AT and at a vote that REQUIRES a unanimous decision to change? How is that allowed?

    As far as I’m concerned he didn’t vote no and everyone else voted yes, fuck him lets do it! Approval by apathy

  • What a frustrating jerk the NSW AG is.

    There should have to at least TWO states opposing.
    Surely thats common sense to help weed out those trying to make a name for themselves by being the LONE opposition.

    Also… these comments need some CSS work :/

  • I don’t want an R18+ rating! I won’t be able to play some of the best games then! Will they still ahve the cut and uncut versions?

    • Most of us don’t think twice about your position. They’re likely going to abolish MA15+ if they bring in R18+, so that parents and the like can see a clear difference between what is appropriate for their children and what isn’t. Being 22, now, I have no issue with this. 5 years ago, and I’d be as worried as you are. 😉

      • Oh, and no; the only reason they release cut versions is so they can make sales to the country banning the game in question. Most game purchasers are at the age of majority or over, so dulling down violence and gore to release two versions of the same game in one country is not really profitable for them… Besides, they’re lazy; how many games get banned compared to how many make cut releases. Sooner or later they’re just going to stop cutting games, too. Maybe then, we gamers will riot enough to get our R18+.

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