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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    I've recently been playing Ocarina of Time on the 3DS and I've come to the realisation while I love the nostalgia hit, playing the game on a little 3.5" display is a far cry from playing it on the old family 68cm TV.

    My question is do you think that Nintendo will have Nintendo DS or 3DS game support on the Wii U? Think about it, the Wii U Controller and TV setup would be exactly like a large DS/3DS setup, with your TV being the top screen and the Wii U controller being the lower touch screen. I would love to play Ocarina of Time 3DS on my TV.

    Perhaps if you're ever talking to Nintendo about the Wii U you could ask if this is a feature they are considering.

      I must be weird. I prefer games on little screens.

      It's not out of the question. Nintendo had the Game Boy thing on the SNES.

      Don't see it happening though, since the 3DS' main selling point is 3D.

        I hate to say it Mark, but the 3D on the 3DS is STILL a gimmick. I play with it turned off.

        3D TV's do exist, all Nintendo have to do is develop a glassesless 3D TV

    Mark you get my idea I emailed the other day about community quotes?

    Not a fan?

      Hey mate, I just found out that all emails going to the tips address had been going to a weird folder instead of into my inbox. This has been happening for a month, so as you can imagine I was pretty pissed off. It's possible your email is in that pile. I hope to go through them at some point...

        No worries. I can re-send it to you directo if you want? haha

    So, xbox live is being intergrated into Windows 8. Seeing how Games for Windows Live was a hugeish failure, do you think this will be a success or failure, and how do you think it will affect Steam?

      I fully expect it to fail! And not affect steam in the slightest.

        But it doesn't have to affect steam, it just means microsoft can access the pc market without porting 360 games to pc.

    Are you as proud of the Kotaku AU community as I am from yesterday's discussion on 'gay' etc in the gaming community?
    Considering that article was pointing it's finger at "the gaming community" for being too liberal with vocabulary, it seems our little community doesn't fit their mold of "gamer".
    Take that, generalizations!

      The civility was awesome.

        I know I'm astounded at how mature it generally was.

        I also wanted to thank you Aiden, you gave me some really interesting points to think about.

      I saw heaps of people suggesting that certain other people should "Harden up" because "it's just words". Wasn't too impressed by those... but there were good people, too. I dunno, it's still distressing to see people say that something so fundamentally mechanical to the way we communicate is something that should be overlooked or ignored or is beneath them (and therefore others).

        It wasn't all good, I agree.
        But as Aidan says, it was civil. Most Internet "discussions" include the sort of language that was being talked about.
        Most people put forth good arguments for their side.
        Obviously there's always the ones who don't take it as seriously.

      I mentioned in the thread as well. I expected it to be a nightmare to moderate, it turned out to be one of the best comment threads I've seen here.

      Didn't have to delete a single comment. Amazing.

    How was the wrestling? Worth the $$?

      It was a good show. The people I was with made me miss the Punk match though :(

    I just found out DLC isn't considered important enough to ensure release on all platforms is important.

    If you check out the Forums on Bethesda in Fallout NV DLC - under the topic no OWB advertised on Steam last page - kinda eye opening for DLC actually - I am wondering if all companies are feeling this way?

      EA did this with NFS Hot Pursuit. Let's just say that not to many people were impressed with that move.

      Yeah, I had a look at that thread. Strange situation.

    Mark, please help lobby for Edmus on a mobile device so that my productivity can effectively become zero...

      I enjoy life. I enjoy variety. I will not be petitioning for this time destroyer.

    Do you think it's possible the next xbox and playstation are going to be released sooner rather than later (2012-early 2013). For the good of the 360 and ps3 obviously it would be better to release the next console in a couple more years but in terms of competition they could really stick it to nintendo by releasing within 6-9 months of the wiiu. If the new xbox or playstation were to include an improved kinect type accessory with each new console (effectively matching the novelty factor of the wiiu for casual buyers) it could potentially take the wind out of nintedos sails/sales.

      imo the further they release after the wii the more they stick it to them.

      the larger the visual difference between the WiiU and the next consoles will be the way of sticking it to them.

      because while currently it might have 3rd party support that's fine to a company that just has to port over the console version to the WiiU.

      but if the consoles pull out ahead graphically a year or 2 later the wii could end up in the same position as it is now.

      I'm surprised by nintendo though i thought they would stick it out and try and get a console on the same level as the next generation instead they are going to end up in some limbo again.(not to mention that it would proabably make their peripherals cheaper when launch came

        I'm not so sure...

        I think Nintendo may have built themselves a niche market selling the .5 of each generation.

        They'll release their next console halfway through the cycle of their competitors machines.

      I expect to see new PS3/360 within 2-3 years. On shelves.

    Can you use your influence to get Crytek UK to develop Timesplitters 4, please?

      Hmmm. They might already be working on it!

    One question... do you know if Nintendo are planning to bring 3D Video services for the 3DS in Australia?

      I think so - isn't this already here? God damn I need to look into this!

    Sorry to be broken record - any news from EA re this Crysis comp? I've tried getting in contact with EA myself but their website doesn't provide much in the way of contact details and those that it does have provoked no response.

      Will email you about this!

    Hey Mark, kinda with Jason's comment above...the dungeon siege 3 comp that some of us won 3 or 4 weeks ago. No prizes ever came.

    Tried to ask namco, but of course, no response there. Any news on that?

      I sent the winner's addresses over a while back. Will check up now.

        Thanks buddy! Hopfully it shows up at some point...each day when I check the mailbox I think today will be the day!...hahaha, it's like a kid at Christmas!

    Question: Rockstar said that new DLC would be coming for Red Dead Redemption very soon. Pretty sure this was in early June?
    Any update as to what and when it might be? I can find nothing using google-fu

      Not too sure about this one. Rockstar won't let us know until they're ready to tell us sadly...

    Hello friends, Joe Magic stole my name and reversed it. Crazy Chap!

    I'm going to a Steampunk night at the end of the month. Mark/Everyone, do you know any good Aussie websites or shops for Steampunk attire for the fashion-conscious gent?

      Can't help you on the Aussie store front, though etsy is always overflowing with handmade steampunk attire!

      I have no idea. There's an anime/manga convention this weekend called SMASH. You might find stuff there?

    On the first day of my new job next week, what flavour do I get at the bubble tea store during lunch?

      Green apple green tea with green apple jelly.

      It both tastes awesome and looks like nuclear waste.

        This is interesting. I am normally a 'with milk' man but I think I'm going to live on the edge this time.


    On a serious note - submission for the new classifications system (if there is to be one)close tomorrow.

    I urge all gamers to go and have their say

    I asked in EB at lunchtime about the Ico/SotC collection. They've got it down as 1st September, $99.

    Do you think that's the actual date, or just a placeholder for "September sometime". And, more importantly - do you think that's just a placeholder price? Sounds a little pricey for an HD remaster collection compared to say the God of War or Sly collections. Or have they really done that much extra work on this to justify the price?

      My guess (hope) is that it's a placeholder price, as it is waaay cheaper everywhere else (retail is $39.99 US, I believe)... but sorry, take it away Mark!

      Looking at the US RRP, which I believe is the same as GoW collection, it should be closer to $60. If it's $99 I'm definitely buying online, because you should be able to pick it up for 35-40 of Zavvi.

      I'd expect to pay something a little under regular price. Nothing concrete yet!

    How's things?

      I almost ignored this question just to see what your reaction would be!

      I miss your scent.

    Hey Mark, I know you've been asked about how you got started in games journalism a lot, but what was your first actual paid job? Obviously PopMatters wasn't paid, but when and where did you start earning from your writing, and after how long?

      My first paid job was on Games TM I think... either that or Play in the UK. Man, I can't remember.

      In Australia it was OPS.

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