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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Did you know about the JB Hi-Fi sale tonight? (including 20% off all games)

    Heads up for all:

      Awesome. Might knock up a post on this if you don't mind.

        Not at all, spread the knowledge!

        There's the rest of your month of shame shot to hell...

    When do you think we can expect word on Quantic Dream's next game? Likely to be PS3 exclusive again?

      Long dev cycle on this stuff. I expect it to be PS3 exclusive. It worked well for Heavy Rain. Maybe another two years?

        Da-amn. Least it'll give me time to replay Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit a dozen or so more times. Thanks.

    1) Does Seamus have the Mile High Club Achievement?? By that i mean is he really in a position to be discussing COD Modern Warfare on national television?
    2)Having read excerpts and opinions on Breivik's manifesto, shouldn't everyone be alot more scared of Facebook than WOW?
    3)If I fall will you catch me? Will you be waiting?

      That first question must be answered. I DEMAND A RESOLUTION!

      Mile High Club is a MW achievement, they were discussion MW2.

      That being said, judging by the footage of him playing, he hasn't gone past the tutorial stage yet :p


        Learn to type, Trjn. None of this "oh, but I'm switching back and forward between a kickass mechanical keyboard and a kickass slim profile keyboard and my fingers are getting all dazed and confused" nonsense. No excuses, learn to type.

          Please don't talk to yourself. It disturbs me greatly.

            Aww, but I was having fun :(

          I know :) MW2 cheevs are too easy.
          I'm far from a FPS fanboy, but this is the true measuring stick....

            I have 1000gs in MW2 but only a paltry 980gs in MW. This makes me a sad panda. You can guess what the missing 20gs is for.

              Hmmmmm.... Does this mean that we can have an awesome " Let's get the Mile High Club Achievement" video with expert and guest commentary......Please.....?


                If you do it.

                The problem with that one is that it requires live commentary. You can't do the sort of post-game stuff I've been doing for Batman because it is just the same stuff over and over again.

                So I'd have to stream me playing and commentate while others join in the commentating. I can see it going very badly, especially because I have not experimented with livestreaming just yet (although I'm fairly sure I have the capability now).

                  "'kay, Trojan, I think I've got a solution to the guys that maul you just after you head up the stairs. Maybe try shooting them... better.
                  No, no, I said 'better'! WHAT ARE YOU DOING
                  GET IN DAH CHOPPAH"
                  Arnie quote because I can.

      1. Seamus doesn't have it. Neither do I BECAUSE IT'S TOO HARD!
      2. Yeah... bottom line though - he was just completely crazy.
      3. If you fall directly above my desk I my catch you. But it's totally dependent on how much you weigh and whether or not I'm at my desk.

    The whole comment is.

    I've debated this with someone, but I'm curious as to your opinion:
    Does Lynne remember Sissel, or is Sissel (and Yomiel) the only one who remembers the events of the game?
    I argued that rescuing someone from death by proxy (so saving the surveillance van guy prevented Lynne from dying) isn't remembered, and as such, most everyone doesn't remember anything.
    I don't know why I'm asking this now, since I finished it back when, but eh.

      No. Sissel said himself when he traveled back in time. Yomiel pointed out that since they failed they can just reverse time and try again with young Lynne, but Sissel didn't want her to remember and be traumatized by her own death.

        Now that you mention it, yeah, I guess that makes it pretty obvious, huh.
        Thanks, guy!

      Oh man. I'm so confused right now.

      But Ghost Trick was awesome right!?

    What happens when the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars?

    Also, what's your take on the Vita article you mentioned in "While You Were Sleeping"?
    Do you think handhelds are still relevant?

      Zombie Winehouse will devour the Earth.

      Re: Vita.

      I found a lot in common with that Vita piece. I'm finding it increasingly hard to find a place in my life for handhelds. It's like a niche gap that once existed has now been filled by smartphones.

      I treat handheld consoles much more like a book. It's something I use just before going to sleep, or on overseas trips. But that's it really.

      I don't think we'll ever see a handheld have as much relevance as, say, the DS or the original Game Boy ever again.

        Well now I know...

        Re: Vita

        I think I'm in the same boat (Bed and Travel).
        I was really G'd up for the Vita, but that article has dampened my excitement.

      Did you just ask if handhelds are relevant?

      Was that a serious question??

      I do 90% of my gaming on handhelds.

        damn straight

    Hi Mark,

    One of the reasons I love this site is because the community has intelligent, funny, kind and insightful things to say, making the comments section worth a quick read. Compared to a certain popular site that will remain nameless but rhymes with ygn.yom, kotaku feels like the Jedi Council. My question is, are we just awesome, or do you have to 'moderate' a huge amount of trolls that we don't see?

    Also, would you eat a donut-burger?

      I am also curious about the amount of moderating required to keep this place awesome.
      (And I would totally eat a donut-burger)

      Hahahaha, "would you eat a donut-burger". That's phrased like a question! As if you could say "no" to that!
      This amuses me.

      I doubt any real moderating goes on ;)
      By that I mean that I doubt many comments don't get through. The community deals with trolls accordingly, some even get invited for sleepover meats..... :O

        If you'd made the effort to get to Brisbane, I would totally have invited you to my sleepover meats as well!

          Gee thanks Strange!!! :)
          I'm soooo keen for some Brisbane Meats one day... I may just hold you to that. I WILL MAKE JIMU PARTICIPATE!!!!

          And some Cypress Hill like activity could be enjoyed by all...or maybe just nohandle.

            SShhhh! It's kinda like secret buys!!!! Oh and HI!!!

      Are you offering to make donut burgers for everyone?

        I'm not sure anyone should make donut-burgers.

        Ever since I caught a story about them on Sunrise before the ACL vs Sane people story I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

        I was merely looking for some sage like advice. To donut-burger or not to donut-burger?

      I barely have to do any moderating at all. In fact I reckon this guy could approve comments.

      And I'd rather teabag a polar bear than eat a donut burger.

    How does it feel to have another 'Larsson' torment your beloved 'gers?
    Do you recon Celtic will have the better team stats in both FIFA 12 and PRO EVO?
    Do you recon all collector editions should now just come with hats?


      I made an official complaint to EA when a preview copy of FIFA had Celtic rated higher than Rangers after Rangers had won the league that year.

      Surprise surprise it was fixed for the final version!

    How much impact can the ACL actually have at this point on the R rating decision do you really think? Everyone had a kneejerk reaction at the Sunrise piece, myself included, but in retrospect it was no worse than your average Today Tonight fluff, but at this point do you think the ACL could derail it?

      I think it's a done deal at this stage.

      The next step is seeing what the 'amended' guidelines look like.

    What's your favourite board game if you have one? I gotta love me some Risk but wondering if you have one?

      I like Settlers of Catan - but I hate all that seafaring random nonsense.

    Mark, what's up with the mobile website? I access it through Google Reader on iPhone's Safari. When I click on each individual article, I'm taken to what appears to be the main site's abstract/preview, including a (more..) button. But hitting that doesn't do anything. I had to switch back to desktop theme to actually read anything this morning! D:

      In general, we just underwent a big change on the back end of the sites to help prepare for our redesign. There are a couple of bugs and stuff being ironed out and that's one of them.

      Sorry about that guys!

    What's going on with the mobile version of Kotaku?

    There's been some kind of redesign, but now when I go into a story I only get the first paragraph with a "more" link at the end. But touching the "more" link doesn't actually do anything, so I can't read the rest of the story. But the link at the bottom to view comments etc still works.

    It also asks me for a username/password from time to time, but if I just press "cancel" that goes away.

    I'm using an Android phone (HTC Desire) if that makes a difference.

      I'm getting the same thing on my iPhone.

      Same here. The comments work fine but the More link does nothing. I'm using an iPhone 4.

      Yeah I'm getting that on my iPhone.
      Mark said someone was working on it.

      Answered above. Teething probs with new back end stuff. Should be fixed really soon!

        Your back-end is teething?

        Don't even want to know what that's all about.

    Hi Mark,

    What do you feed your Spam Monster at lunch? He seems to delight in gobbling comments in the afternoon, so I would suggest a change in diet :)

    Everytime I click on the au tag, it leads me to an old article Wildgoose wrote back in 2009?

    Is it just me or does everyone else have that problem?

    what genre of games do you enjoy playing the most?

      If I had to choose one... maybe 2d platformers? Especially if Metroid games can be classified as such!

      In general I just like new experiences and innovation.

    Any chance of getting Trenched ported to the PS3 or PC? I've been conducting a guerrilla Twitter campaign to try and convince Microsoft but haven't been very successful.

      That'll be a tough sell! Especially since Microsoft is the publisher!

      Keep fighting the good fight!

    Infamous 2. I just finsihed it and loved it. Probably GOTY (so far).

    Your thoughts?

      Love the way Infamous 1 and 2 actually builds its world around the protagonists abilities instead of just saying - here's a stupidly big game area with nothing to do in it.

      My only problem is with how lightly the character controls. I'd rather he had a bit more weight.

    US Debt problems, how do you think it will effect the gaming industry if a solution is not reached?

    Sorry for the serious question. ;)

      IMHO, I think a tightening of the belt will lead to games with a faster turn around time and shorter dev cycles.

      This means less interactive-movie type games (God of War, and Heavy Rain for example).

      Episodic content and deeply embedded DLC/ micro-transaction fuelled enhancements will surge forward, and traditional mega games will become rarer, whilst online-distributed XBLA-size titles will increase dramatically (think along the lines of Shadow Complex).

      Unfortunately, risk taking amongst established studios will decline, and so we'll likely see a lot more of the Indie Innovation -> Major Studio Adoption cycle.

      Hmmm. Dunno. People spending less money on games could be a problem? But I'm not really seeing a trend in that direction.

      Games are recession proof in a way, because its cheap entertainment in a way - pay your money, get 30 hours of value. Not like going to the cinema or a restaurant which is more likely to suffer.

    So I went to the USA in June and bought a bunch of PS3 games.
    The games all work fine but of the 9 games 6 came with some form of 'Pass' or 'free DLC' which will not work with my legit Oz PSN+ Account. This is seen as combating 2nd hand games or at least getting the devloper some revenue. Fine if thats what they want to do but again it takes away the immediacy of a game purchase and putting the disk (like the forced update discussions)
    So I open a 2nd USA PSN account & download all my DLC/Pass etc & I'm happy but technically I'm breaking the PSN Terms of Service - Is there some legal stand point about restriction of trade etc or other opinion?
    After all I paid for this stuff.

    Thoughts Please

      I say go nuts. I have a US Rock Band, have been buying Rock Band songs from the US for years.


    Can you confirm that the R18 is just not bump stuff from MA15 into the new category as all the media is reporting?

    It looks like we have R18 in name only :(

      Only if you live in South Australia, because your Attourney General is a tyrannical despot drunk on his own power. Or is a man who is taking unilateral action. In a democracy like ours, those are basically the same...

      I don't think so. There will be amendments, and compromises, but I don't think it will be as bad as all that.

      This is just based on early rumblings I've heard from a couple of people. Hopefully we'll get more info on the guidelines soon.

    I was a big fan of MVC2.
    I preordered MVC3 as early as I could. I throroughly enjoy the game, especially the speed, but am disappointed that my well honed lose-combat skills with Haggar, Skrull and Shuma are constantly being bested by the immensive projectile/teleport spam of Dante, Magneto and the like.

    2 Questions:
    1. Do you think the changes/rebalances offered by UMVC3 will be significan enough for me to hope for a better tomorrow
    and 2. Should I feel guilty about enabling Capcom's awful habit of re-releasing a game 6 months later with balancing/features that should've been in the initial release?

      1) You would hope so, but competitive play seems to favour these techniques and it fits with their whole fast/frenetic/I can't actually discern what is going on/THE COLOURS/THE LIGHTS pacing. Also considering the nerfs they put in SSF4AE, plus the emphasis on speed, I wouldn't hold my breath.
      2)Yes we all do :(

      BlazBlue is good for some close combat punchy punchy combos....

      Hmmm good questions.

      I haven't spent enough time with MvC3 to really get a feel for it - but I think post-game patches have positive and negative implications.

      I also think we tend to put older games on a pedestal a bit (see the way competitive gamers talk about CS1.6, Street Fighter III, Halo: CE, etc).

    So I've scoured the intertubes, and I can find no info as to whether Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 will have LAN/System Link in it.

    Anyone know?

      Dunno yet dude - this is the kind of thing that as soon as we know - you'll know!

    Cannon Fodder 3.
    Any more news?
    Where is it at in development?
    Expected release?

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