Battlefield 3 Devs: 'We’re Not Telling You How To Play The Game. You Choose'

As huge as Battlefield 2 was - in scale, in scope - it was a limiting game in terms of its rule-set. You either played in a squad-based manner or your team would be ripped apart. For most fans of the series, this was a positive thing. From the recent Battleblog on Battlefield's official site, it appears that DICE are attempting relax that style of play, to encourage more players to make the shift across to Battlefield 3.

"We thought a lot about Battlefield 2 and how Battlefield 3 would relate to it," said Lead Multiplayer Designer Lars Gustavsson. "The mindset at DICE during the development of Battlefield 2 was pretty much: “Play the game our way, or play something else”. Now, we have made a conscious effort to reverse that mentality. The goal with Battlefield 3 is to offer a vast variety of gameplay experiences and to be inviting to everyone. We’re not telling you how to play the game. You choose."

Apparently this mindset came from the sheer amount of effort and balancing put into Battlefield 2.

"I think it emanated from the pride in the unique game modes we created at DICE, like Conquest and Rush," he claimed. "We’re still super proud of them, but going into Battlefield 3 we had a frank discussion about our mindset. We discussed the strengths of Battlefield and ended up with a lot of interesting questions. Does teamplay have to be squad based, or can it be in a more general sense of playing together? Am I less of a gamer if I don’t want to play in squads? If I want Team Deathmatch? If I want infantry only gameplay? That discussion really was an eye-opener and has changed how we view ourselves and what we set out to do with Battlefield 3."

Interesting words. Battlefield 2 has a huge amount of credibility, and the strong community the game developed over the years was arguably a direct result of the level of communication required to play effectively - attempting to reduce that in some way to help new players hop onboard is smart, but there is the risk of alienating your core users.

Hopefully DICE will find a way to strike the perfect balance.

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    Really? Never felt that way to me. I excelled as a scout flying over, parachuting out and C4'ing enemy stations to kingdom come then sniping them with my lil ole rifle... all by my lonesome. Quite succesfully too.

    Here's hoping for a large vehicle based map at release, with Jets and tanks at the core.

    BS. What they are really saying is that BF3 is being pushed out quicker (and cheaper due to not as much testing/balancing) and is trying to appeal to the COD players by making it feel more like Just Another FPS.

    I'd give my 3 left nuts for another BF1942.

      Gee Matt, reading into the statement much? I think they're trying to adapt, whether for better or for worse. In the end it's up to the individual player if they want to lone wolf it or play in a squad - so they're loosening how the game plays so if they make that choice they won't immediately be punished.

      I can see where the animosity comes from, which people overreacting and saying that less focus on the squad aspects is the death of Battlefield, but frankly squads will always be king, and if you have a strong, communicative and constructive squad you will rule the playing field.

    Don't people already have the choice to go all "lone wolf" and such? Isn't that why theres the choice to be put into squads in Bad Company 2?

    As long as it doesn't result in an influx of "LOL CAMP FOR MY CHOPPER GUNNER WITH MY 7 K/D RATIO" people from Call of Duty, its fine I suppose.

    By all accounts with everything I have seen this is going to cover all bases. It truly does look line an epic shooter!

    As long as there was general teamwork then you were fine. Squads were never 100% necessary, it helped with respawning and such and could be a great way to play but never a necessity, not even close.

      Also, I hope they remove that spotting feature that came bout in the BC games or at least nerf it so that if a person actually leaves your LOS then the marker disappears.

        I'm actually inclined to agree with the spotting feature, from what I've played on the PS3 and PC versions, you can simply spam Select/Q as a Recon class and mark pretty much the whole team, which I can see would get annoying.

          I quite enjoyed spotting in general. 3D spotting was useful as it made it easier to mark targets for your friends while the spotting in Hardcore mode (just an audio cue) made for a more realistic and challenging mechanic

        i think it is quite valuable in the game especially with the long sighted maps, as i've had countless encounters with snipers in the distance and its great to keep an eye on them while trying to reload so they dont just "disappear". Plus it's helpful spotting from a distance with team mates in the area to notify them of threats, because not many people actually use headsets (or effectively).

        And i think the marker does wear off when they leave your LOS after a couple of seconds?

          It takes a couple of seconds yes but it should wear off the very instant you lose LOS on them. You're not psychic you can't tell their movements when you can't see them.

          Either way, I'd still like to see it removed entirely. It's nothing but easy-mode to help people who can't actually be bothered putting in some effort to play the game. People did just fine in 1942 and BF2 and such without it, it's just anothing thing DICE introduced that made the BC games the steaming piles of crap they are.

          BC is to Battlefield as MichaelBayformers is to Transformers. It carries the name but none of the style or substance.

            That's racist.

            not sure what you mean when you say people did alright in bf2 without it..considering spotting was introduced in bf2. its how the sniper in my squad would often identify enemy snipers covering bases.

              That was only on the minimap, so you only had the most basic idea of where they were, not some fancy highlighted marker above the actual person that lasted well after they left LOS.

        No way - spotting is the best thing about BC2 - I don't know about you but trying to pick out soldiers at a distance in camoflage is not easy even in high definition, the should definitely keep spotting (you can always go hardcore and remove it in the options)

          That's kinda the idea. You're in camo gear for a reason, it's meant to be hard to spot the enemy and for them to spot you...

    "play how you want.... unless you want to play as anything but a chopper gunner then you can just f%$k right off"

    I'd like to play over LAN.
    Can I do that, DICE? Please?

    If they are providing equal benefits for players to lone wolf as they are for squad play, then why would any new players bother with joining a squad?

    I fucking HATE joing a BC2 match with my entire side running around like retarded rambo wannabes, getting pwnd by a squad of level 50s on the other team

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