Chrono Trigger Meets Futurama In A Moment Of 'Sure, Why Not?'

Artist Nina "spacecoyote" Matsumoto, an occasional Simpsons Comics contributor, has good news, everyone! She's finally managed to mash-up beloved RPG Chrono Trigger with Futurama in a surprisingly good fit.

Matsumoto explains her Chrono Futurama fan art is "Inspired by the names of my current Chrono Trigger team. No, I haven't gotten to Magus yet". She issues the following challenge: "Try it yourself, and imagine all of Lucca's lines in Professor Farnsworth's voice."

Chrono Futurama by Nina Matsumoto [deviantArt]


    OMG I love this!!

    lol @ Hypnotoad = Frog, very nice

    Oh Mom would work perfectly as Queen Zeal. Also Mom's 3 kids would work well as Slash, Flea and Ozzy!

    It makes me sad that there still arent enough Futurama games out there.
    Id love to see a Futurama game in the style of Mass Effect, seems a perfect fit to me

      I played the PS2 era game. It was...passable.
      (The cutscenes were better than the game was.)

    Lucca's lines in Farnsworths voice hmmmm...... *head implodes*

    Good news everyone!

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