Commonwealth Will Consider Overriding NSW On R18+

Commonwealth Will Consider Overriding NSW On R18+

The SCAG meeting press conference is underway, but we got word from Brendan O’Connor’s spokesperson that if NSW doesn’t agree to an R18+ rating, there is the possibility that the commonwealth government will go ahead with R18+ is eight of the nine states regardless.

We expect that Brendan O’Connor will express these sentiments in further interviews but we were told that “NSW has put themselves in the position where if they hold it back we will strongly consider overriding them.”

The spokesperson also said that he didn’t expect the R18+ issue to ever be discussed in a SCAG meeting again.

It’s worth noting that the NSW AG has not explicitly stated he is against the R18+ rating, he just wants to wait until the ALRC report back to make a final decision.

We’ll have more info on the situation soon. Gamespot are streaming the conference here


  • Wait…so federal govt refused to over ride the old labor person whom stood in the way, but will happily over ride a liberal govt?

    • O’Connor wasn’t in his current position when our old pal from South Australia was gumming up the works.

      Also, that was before the extensive grassroots campaigns that showed that it’s an issue which a very large amount of Australians feel is not being addressed properly.

  • So they should… why should one wanker hold the rest of australia back. If only Brendan O’Connor was around when Michael Atkinson were AG.

  • Mark,

    I still always enjoy everything you put up about R18+. You’re tireless devotion is fantastic! You and Brendan O’Connor should have a beer and laugh if this goes through!

    We should send you muffin baskets too.

  • Can someone give a quick rundown on the stream? No pun intended. Im at work too. Need a briefing. Please? Cmon guys…

    • I only just started watching and it was some guy talking about the sticker system John Rau was talking about.

    • Upshot:

      The vote hasn’t ‘failed’ because it wasn’t a vote in the negative. It was an abstination, but the concensus seems to be overwhelmingly in favour of the introduction of a system that introduces an “adults only” choice that is greater in scope than what is currently allowed under MA15+.

      Under this system, many games being shoehorned in to MA15 will be reclassified under this ‘adult rating’.

  • OMG i hope so, im seriously sick of the AG’s holding back the R18+ rating.

    There are adults in Australia who play games!

  • From the sounds of it we will get an R18+ eventually with NSW being the exception however no games that are currently being banned will be allowed, it will simply be that some games that would currently get an MA15+ rating will now be R18+. In other words it’s just 9+ years of politicians wasting our time and theirs and getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to do so.

  • Well and truly over this. Always some roadblock in the way. Meh.. I’ll just buy my games from the UK and Hong Kong. Cheaper but, i have to wait nearly a month to receive them.

  • Can’t the government just say

    “right, you know we are in favour of it, you’ve had more than enough chances and you still say no. Well, you’ve had your chance and now the A G role is null and void and we will do it ourselves”

  • Good.

    I hardly think NSW would stand alone against the rest of the country when R18+ is introduced and children don’t go on orgies of violence and depravity.

    Not to mention the logistical absurdity of trying to prevent games simply being brought in from other states

  • Even if the NSWAG had voted no I’d have just called him a moron and got on with my day but “No comment” makes me think he’s just an attention seeking dick or an utterly spineless twat but then surely he’d have been too afraid to contradict the majority.

    Meh, he’s a tosser and I’ll keep buying from ozgameshop since I get vastly more value in both the financial and lack of censorship stakes

  • I think I pretended I didn’t care because I was resigned to disspointment. Reading the developments that it will be pushed through gave me a sense of relief.

    That’s what she said.

  • If this results in the R18+ rating either being delayed even further or even shelved, I will shit fucking bricks.

    These people have had well over 10 years to make a decision. To say this has gone on long enough is the biggest understatement in the world.

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