Is Battlefield 3 Skipping Steam?

Is Battlefield 3 Skipping Steam?

Over the weekend, EA published a list of all the digital retailers you’d be able to preorder Battlefield 3 from. There were dozens of stores. Yet Steam wasn’t one of them.

That’s led to speculation that, in the wake of the recent, ahem, change in relationship between EA and Steam owners Valve, you won’t be able to buy the game on the PC’s most popular digital shopfront.

The thing is, the list has since been pulled from the game’s site. Perhaps because of that 2+2=5 speculation! After all, just because a game doesn’t appear on a preliminary list of preorder sites doesn’t mean it won’t be available at all.

Case in point: recent EA release Alice: Madness Returns wasn’t available for preorder on Steam. Yet on the day of its release, bam, it magically appeared for sale on Valve’s service.

The same may well be true in this case. We’ve contacted EA to see what’s up, and will update if we hear back.


  • I know I’m going to sound like a fanboi but if EA decide not to put BF3 on Steam there will be a massive community backlash and instead of being a pioneering game it may fall over in the mess that is Origin *cough..EA Store..cough*. “Play it our own way” is the moto for the game but I want to play it on Steam and not Origin!

    • The thing you need to remember is that Steam is ultimately a Valve service, and they have self-interest as a developer in their own right. I think that the introduction of Origin, and the removal of steam as the predominant online distributor could be a good thing. Steam have been rather uncooperative with EA lately, after all, so it’s not unreasonable EA would want to take steps to counter that move

  • i either want steam or retailer store. If i have to have a steam acocunt to play sweet the rest of my games are already on steam but if its origin locked etc will skip it i dont want another PW/user/friends list/another server that could get hacked and leak credit card details. *cough sony.

    Dont understand why they would want to avoid steam its the best thing thats happened to pc gaming since the internet. except steam sales which i hate. mainly because my account balances ends up being negative =P

  • You can buy it off Origin and add it into your steam games list, just you would if you were adding a game not distributed through Steam.

  • Alot of the guys I currently play BC2 with absolutely hate steam, so maybe this wont be as big of a problem as some think?

    (I dont care either way prefer hard copy)

  • id like to know who the box of lightbulbs were that though the ea Origin store was a good idea:
    ‘hey guys, valve is making wheelbarrows of money from steam, we gotta get in on that action!’
    ‘sounds good, but we already make heaps of sales from the huge audience we reach from putting our games on steam.’
    ‘yeah but thats not good enough. we need to make our own online distribution store!’
    ‘you want to compete directly with steam? why on earth would we do that? what can we offer that will convince millions of users to use our service instead of one that is already completely user friendly and community driven.’
    ‘well we can annoy the shit out of them by forcing them to have to constantly remember which service has which games on it, and we’ll charge full retail price for our games, because people will be climbing over each other to use our superior service’


    • They’re not necessarily in direct competition, tho. They would be offering their own games on their own site, thus denying steam the ability to compete for the sales. And given the rigidity of Steam with support conditions, I can understand EA’s move to be able to support their product how they see fit rather than having it dictated to them by another publisher/developer/distributor such as Valve and Steam

  • My guess is EA is trying to trick people into purchasing from online stores other than Steam.

    Given how pervasive Steam is, they’d lose too much money to ignore it. But there’s nothing wrong with misleading a few people to diver the $$$’s away from Valve.

  • I’d rather use brick-and-mortar stores again than have a different f’n program background running for each different publisher.

    But who am I kidding? It’s only a matter of time until EA include Origin with their retail games and have them install onto Origin.

    • even with a hard copy you’ll still be forced to run EA’s own program in the background.

      The issue here isn’t that the game isn’t directly available on Steam it’s that (like PS3 and 360 games) you’ll need to log into two different srvices just to be allowed to play the game.
      so you log onto steam, PSN,or Live then have to also log onto EA’s system before playing the game.

      PC gaming has become a laborious task, signing up, registering, downloading, updating, patching, subscribing, then you still need to do the same for the actual game! It’ll be easier signing up to the armed forces, training, and traveling to a war torn desert, than to go through the BF3 installation process.

  • I want BF3 on Steam.. I also feel (but disagree with) the need to pre-order to get the BF2 map remakes..

    I’ve been holding out on pre-ordering with the hope that it shows up on Steam soon.

    If EA decides to put it on Steam on release day then hit me up for more cash for the maps I’m going to be pissed..

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