Battlefield 3 Might Not Be Released On Steam

Battlefield 3 Might Not Be Released On Steam

A few weeks ago, a list of retailers from which you’d be able to pre-order Battlefield 3, surely the biggest PC game of the year, was released. Popular online shopfront Steam wasn’t among them.

At the time, that didn’t seem too big a deal. Other recent EA games, like Alice: Madness Returns, had not been available for pre-order on Steam either, but had shown up for purchase once released.

Well, things are looking a little more dire, with EA now releasing a list of retailers from which you’ll be able to buy Battlefield 3. Not pre-order, buy. And Steam is not listed.

This of course all boils down to a little spat EA and Valve are having at the moment over who as the right to do whatever.

Now, it’s not the final word in the matter. Like I said, there’s been precedent for EA games suddenly appearing for sale on Steam recently. But given the way the pair’s showdown has escalated of late, it certainly doesn’t look promising.

We’ve contacted EA for final confirmation on the matter, and will update if we hear back.

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  • I became interested in BF3 when they started to talk about how they wanted to do right by the PC. But shortly after E3 EA worked as hard as they could at destroying all that wonderful good will they’d generated.

    Looking forward to Arma III and Red Orchestra 2 alot more.

    • Lol, what?

      There is not a single thing wrong with Battlefield 3 besides it not coming to Steam mate.

      And even then who the hell cares? You can buy a retail copy and then add it to Steam using the non steam game function to use the overlay and chat to your friends while playing the game just like you can any other non steam game.

      No other multi platform game in the past 3 years has had the PC as it’s main platform and I doubt we will see any others for another 3 after Battlefield 3.

      Be more appreciative. It’s going to be one of the most amazing video games ever made.

      • yeah it’s kinda like saying that you wont buy a car because your local dealer doesn’t sell it

        doesn’t change any of the abilities of the car, or anything.

        at most the price might be different

      • BF3 not being on Steam isn’t my problem, I’m quite happy adding non-Steam games to my Library. My problem is how EA has of late been treating their customers like morons.

        Now if you feel like that’s a stupid reason not to by a game then that’s your opinion. Personally I’m happier spending my money on devs that like to get involved with their community.

    • Steam/Valve or NOT failing you dude. Looking into past headlines. It’s EA that’s failing us all, with shitty legal BS that clamps their claws into you with more unstable DRM. Wunderbar…

  • I got an email yesterday from EA, I imagine because I register my games and signed up for their ‘gun club’ thing or whateverthehellthatmeans. Long story short they wanted me to participate in their PC beta (too bad my ‘PC’ is really just a ‘Lappy’ and can’t even run Bad Company) and then informed me that if I didn’t wanna miss out on the action that I should sign up for Origin to pre-order… NOW! 😛

    So yeah I won’t be surprised if they don’t even offer it on Steam… at least until they see that it hurts sales, which I expect it might.

  • Damn I hate ea for doing this. I mean, okay compete with steam fine, but they’re not. They’re taking all their games off steam and charging more for them. Maybe not to americans, I don’t know. But for Australians they still think 2x the American price is fair for a digital download.

    Say what you will about steam, but I am yet to find a better price offer on origin (for literally any game).

  • I can’t see how it’s a good business decision to deliberately cut off a large part of your market…

    Spat or no, this doesn’t exactly look good.

  • It’s a clever, but anticompetitive technique.

    EA owns so many AAA titles. If they remove their games from Steam, there will be a number of people who will get Origin as well.

    EA isn’t trying to get max profit yet, otherwise they would have it on Steam.

    They’re trying to kill Steam.

    (Just theorizing right now, lol)

    • and you know what? they will fail

      steam works because their prices are organic, they will change prices of games regularly, and aren’t afraid to have massive sales. i think EA with origin will not offer many (if any) deals. also, origin sells EA games, Steam sells everyones games, even Indie games.

      so origin is going up against a complet giant, and i honestly think they’ll get squashed, Battlefield 3 isn’t going to magically make people use origin, when i get it, i’ll use origin to buy battlefield 3, then play it through steam.

  • If this Game is Any way tied to EA Origin I’d be worried as The License Agreement for Origin gives the right to EA to shutdown accounts after a certain amount of time and even delete games you own from your list. I hope to god the retail disc version allows us to get around this and/or it’s not tied to the Origin Platform …
    It will diff be a no sale for me if the PC is Origin tied…

  • I don’t understand why people would support getting the game on steam or the majority of digital distributors at launch, considering that most of them are generally dearer then our retail or are at the same price. I never understood why my mate would buy a game that just got released for $80 on steam, for it to only be $70 down the road at JB…

    • There’s only a few games that are more expensive on Steam than retail (CoD springs to mind) and you can always just buy it through the US store which is about a 50% price cut.

  • If this requires me to have an Origin account to play, then I probably wont get it. Not that I don’t like Origin, it’s just that I already have Steam (not to mention Origin’s slightly draconian spin on everything).

    If I can buy it in retail and not have to have an Origin account logged in at all times to play it, then I’ll be getting it.

  • I have an Origin account, but it’s a massive disappointment to not be able to play over Steam. I hope they don’t implement a feature that won’t let me put it into my Steam library using “Non-Steam games list”

  • wow i feel sorry for all these fools in here saying they wont buy it cause its not on steam. thats just retarded who gives a shit where you get it? the game will be the same. its so ridiculous argh people make me want to shoot people

  • If I get it, it will be from Ozgameshop, I don’t want Origin and even if it was on Steam it would be $80+, and from what I’ve seen of the game so far, it doesn’t impress me.

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