It's Hammer Time In Fallout: New Vegas' Old World Blues

Fallout: New Vegas' story advances with fresh new kicks on July 19, when the Old World Blues expansion pack hits Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and Steam. Yo, let me bust the funky screenshots.

The residents of the Mojave have long suspected the boundless wastes of the Big Empty were a no man's land where nothing could possibly survive. That never happens. In fact, whenever something is described in an entertainment medium as a no man's land, you can bet your arse you'll be going there. That's exactly what happens in Old World Blues.

As the screenshots demonstrate, there seem to be plenty of mans there.


    sure hope they dont phone it in with this one like they did honest hearts, my god that was a terrible fallout dlc. dead money was fantastic so im averaging out my enthusiasm for this one as 'cautiously optimistic'

    Anyone know if this is the last DLC??? Want to get them all as one, so I can do another playthrough :)

      There is at least one more after this planned called lonesome road, I didn't mind honest hearts the survivalist caches were worth the price of admission alone, lots of people screwed up and killed an npc in the opening of honest hearts and complained it was boring because everyone was hostile and couldn't do any quests lol

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