Let’s Go On A Group Mission In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Let’s Go On A Group Mission In Star Wars: The Old Republic

During Comic-Con last week, visitors had a chance to play through “The Esseles”, one of the early Flashpoint group missions for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is what that looked like.

The Old Republic‘s director of production. Dallas Dickinson. provides the play-by-play as a group of young Republic heroes take on their first big group missions, securing a damaged freighter from and its high-profile cargo from Imperial forces. It’s an excellent demonstration of the game’s cooperative gameplay, multiplayer dialog trees, and just how unfulfilling it is to watch other people having fun playing massively multiplayer Star Wars.


  • codemoneky and milali, you guys know that you can’t actually play the game right?

    It isn’t getting released outside of the US and UK for months/a year after normal release.

    • Just found out thanks to this comment… so devastated. But on a good note I found the old article with a comment from someone who contacted Tech support asking if it will be region locked answering no.

      But that still doesn’t solve the location of your credit card though but at least if you find work a rounds you don’t have to deal with ping issues from proxies.

  • i hope there’s a way to skip the dialogue…i can imagine after doing this instance for the tenth time you’d get a bit bored of hearing the same lines over and over

  • Oh, you MMOs of 2011.. kill off the local market all you want, you’re not driving me back to WoW.

  • Whilst I’m disappointed about Aus & the majority of the world having to wait to play and probably not getting access to the CE when it’s released..

    There is one upside to all this. We get to see if the game is another AoC or Warhammer or APB before we commit to buying it. If it’s garbage, EA/Bioware are going to rue they didn’t sell more on release to cash in.

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