LunchTimeWasters: The Opposite Of Tower Defence

The world of flash is plagued with tower defence games. Now, don't get me twisted, I loved Tower Defence games - Pixel Junk Monsters being my favourite - but enough is enough! Thankfully, the creators of the 'classic' Don't Shit Your Pants, have created a game that is the direct opposite of tower defence. In Villainous you're the one doing the attacking.

So, in short, Villainous allows you to program and plan attacks on castles using different types of hordes. It's an interesting shift in perspective. You must try and plot the order of the your troll horde to maximise the potential for damage, and help avoid the defence set ups in each map.

Be wary though - there is a steepish learning curve. Thankfully the game provides a solid tutorial.

Villainous [Kongregate]


    Isn't the 'opposite of tower defense' basically DotA or one of its descendants?

      It would be more likely some sort of Basement Attack (DotA being more a hero PVP environment) - when someone says 'the opposite of tower defense' I immediately picture a game like Villainous :D

    I just played Dont Sh1t Your Pants!

    "Be wary though – there is a steepish learning curve. Thankfully the game provides a solid tutorial."

    More like be preparred to redo several levels till you get enough credit to upgrade units to do beyond level 4ish.

    Also if you open up all your options you slow it down even more then focusing the funds.

      Not really. I didn't repeat any levels, the first one I failed was level 13.

        Well you're one in a million. A lot of commenters, myself included got stuck grinding to get passed certain points. Either that or you weren't concerned about getting bronze or gold to pass.

    Tower Assault.

    Dibs on all royalties.

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