Mario Was Dead Before He Hit The NES

Before the cellophane came off your freshly shipped copy of 1985's Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment Center, Mario was already one life in the hole. Twas unfortunate cover art that killed the plumber.

How closely do you pay attention to your video game cover art? If you paid as much as Reddit user Deluxo, you might have noticed the impending doom facing Nintendo's greatest hero on the box art for Super Mario Bros for the NES.

As anyone can plainly see, Mario is jumping into a solid brick way, shooting off one last futile fireball before the lava claims one of his multiple lives. He's a dead man gracefully leaping.

It's the equivalent of a Call of Duty game shipping today with a picture of your character shot full of holes, feebly firing his pistol into the air as death claims him.

Hell, I'd buy it.


    yeah and mario has some 14 acupuncture needles sticking out of his head, back and limbs.

    Got it all wrong guys.

    It was going to be a quicktime event but was removed due to time constraints.

    The speed lines coming from his behind would imply then that he is jumping out of the lava. He is still wearing fire flower mario outfit which also means that the lava didnt hurt him because otherwise he'd be dead or shrunken. This Mario is gutsy and invincible.

    Or you know they just implied a different gameplay persepctive on the cover art to what's in the game.

    I always thought this cover art was Mario kicking in a house window and shooting a fireball into its unlucky residents.

    Which of course stems from Mario Bros. original title, Grand Theft Mushroom.

    I always figured that the brick wall was in the background.

    I call slow news day!

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