My, Phantasy Star Online 2, Don't You Look Nice

Sega's online action role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2 is, currently, only confirmed for Japan and only for Windows PCs. And although we may have been burned by past Phantasy Star games, the next PSO has me extremely hopeful.

Sega recently showed off the latest from Phantasy Star Online 2 at an event in Japan, flooding us with new gameplay video and screenshots. The Phantasy Star Fan Blog has a handy rundown of the changes coming in PSO2, from multi-party areas (with up to 12 players) to jumping(!) to third-person shooter-style targeting.

The character creator looks robust and the action looks enjoyably action-oriented, so Phantasy Star Online 2 fills me with hope. There's a distinct lack of MAGs in the above gallery, but who knows what else Sega has in store for the game?

Check out a lot of new media in the gallery above.


    I love the fact that every time PSO2 is brought up wherever I see it, the one feature people always seem to be excited most for is the ability to jump.

    God I want this game. . . it and PSPo2I

    Holy shit that looks amazing!
    I personally didn't like PSU but PSO on GCN was my first 'MMO' and I have extremely fond memories of it. I even bought one of those ASCII GCN/Keyboard contollers to be able to chat.

    Lets hope for an english release :)

      PSO for GCN was also my first MMO. I was kinda disappointed by one thing though, the title was a text book case of False Advertising down here.

      Not that it was Sega's fault mind you. . .

        How was it false advertising?
        That you had to import a modem because they weren't sold locally?

          Phantasy Star ONLINE

          Little sticker on the top right hand corner of case - (Online not available in Australia and New Zealand)

          Sure you could import a modem from Europe but because there were no dedicated servers (like commercial servers) in Australia the lag you would suffer connecting to the closest possible server would of made it unviable.

          My only hope is if they do decide to localise PSO2 they actually put the time and effort in to make it successful.

            I played it online using the 56k modem attachment (in Australia) and still managed to have fun with it. Sounds like you missed an opportunity there :P

            TTF (download quest) was the shit!

    I'd love to play it! Except I live in AUS where we dont get our own servers so we cant play without lag.. even with proxies.

    PSO for DC was my first MMO. Was still on a 56k modem! All the other online players I met were all like experts at the game and 12 yrs old!!

    Maybe one day PSO2 will be out on PS3 or PSP and then I can have my full on PS nostalgia fix.

    Breast size sliders! Easily the best improvement.

    Dunno why they keep trading on the phantasy star title. The online games have nothing to do with what made the series great PS 1-4

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