Now Age Of Conan Is Free To Play

Now Age Of Conan Is Free To Play

Massively multiplayer game Age of Conan has just jumped on the bandwagon and is releasing a free-to-play version.

For those wondering, the existing, paid version is going nowhere, with free players given the option of upgrading should the fancy take them.

One day, our grandchildren will laugh at the notion we spent money on video games up-front.

Age of Conan [Official Site]


  • This game had so much potential and it’s a shame people gave up on it so quickly all because it wasn’t perfect on release.

    • In this day and age though, games need to be as perfect as they can be when launched. I bouhgt AoC on release, i compared it to WoW, and In my opinion WoW was better so i stopped playing AoC

    • I agree. On release I really enjoyed AoC and was glad to play it after having tried WoW for a few months and found no reason to continue playing any MMOs whatsoever. The problem was that my computer can barely run AoC on the lower settings for some reason. I couldn’t get more than 11 fps, so I decided to come back to the game after I could afford to upgrade my computer… But alas, that time has not yet come… Money feels like it will forever be tight :-/

      By Crom, someday I shall wander the lands of Hyboria and the brigands will taste my steel and the maidens will be crushed under my sweaty manliness. 😉

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