Now That's A Controller

With space shuttle Atlantis on the launchpad prepping for its final journey into space, maybe now's a good time to reflect on just how unlikely it is that our time at a flight sim yoke will ever prepare any of us for the real thing.

Check out the full 360-degree version of this image over on 360Vr and then look at the still relatively complex controls of the Enola Gay there too.


    Is it wrong that I know what those panels control? I've been using Space Shuttle Mission 2007 for a couple of years now and I know those panels inside out.

    this is the only controller I ever need

    NASA sucks, Kubrick filmed the landing, that looks nothing like a spaceship should(wheres the grates?) and thats a freaking DELL.
    A DELL.
    No one in their right mind would spend that much money on a rocket and choose a Dell.
    Cancel their funding, we got a war to win.

      You know that film was a mockumentary, right?

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