Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one simple screenshot? History says yes! You always bloody guess right! If you guys get it correct before I check back in, feel free to talk shop over this old 'classic'.


    Back to the future for the NES.

    Come on, Mark!

      This made me laugh for some reason!

        You need to seriously put some really impossible ones up. I'm talking maybe a tree from Jill of the Jungle running in EGA mode. Or a hexagonal car tire from Enter the Matrix.

          Ok, the car one isn't really hard, but you get the idea. Challenge us, make us have arguments over that a certain pixel is from!


          *slams his cup on the desk, sending coffee over his monitor*

          I tried to crank it up a notch by using tiny parts of screenshots. But even then you guys got it...

          I'm taking it to the next level starting Monday.

            Half of a decapitated head from Hyper Blade!

            "I’m taking it to the next level starting Monday"
            Next Level Serrels coming to you on Channel 7 this Monday.

              I hope channel 7 doesn't show some promo of it that deceives me.

              "Someone in this episode will die!"
              Yeah, Serrel's assistant who would probably be in one scene only.

            Starting next Monday he won't even give part of a screenshot. This section will be renamed to "What Game From Years Gone By Is Mark Thinking Of?"

            The Morrowind one was good.

            The moral of that story was: your screen shots need more speed tree (it really does make everything better).

            Coming next week: "Remember this pixel?"

    Back To The Future - on the NES, I believe

    Crap to the Future on Nes. Worst. Game. Ever. (at least in the top ten)

    Easy as hell. Back to the Future.

    This explains all :P

      Haha yes! The first thing that came to mind when I saw the screenshot

    My advice for taking it to the next level Mark - if you pick a game people are unlikely to have played, also try and make it one the Angry Video Game Nerd hasn't done a video on. That's how I usually recognise these. :P

      Or even better: Don't even make it a real videogame. Make it a videogame from Law and Order or any one of those crime shows.

      I remember one from Life, and they talk about Prince of Persia.
      "Your goal is to rescue princess Farah"
      Me: "Oh nice! An actual videogame!"
      *Has his soul destroyed when it shows the prince dying, not rewinding time, players playing the cutscenes, and beating a level unlocking a whole bunch of super secret computer code*

      Or even better: THIS IS THE KINGDOM OF GALAGAR!

      Stupid NBC blocked the youtube footage of the Law and order clip, though.

        Now THAT is compelling viewing. Thats the most riduculous thing Ive ever seen - not even Will Pherrel could make something that camp!

      Same lol. I think it's how he picks them.

    Okay, since everyone is on the advice bandwagon, here goes.
    Mark, play one of the old games and get your own screenshot.
    As has been previously illustrated, snapshot will help the unscrupulous find the answer whether they are familiar with the game or not.
    I assume you hyave a few copies of old games lying around, I know I do.

    Soon Mark will start drawing his own screenshots in MSPaint

    Ain't nothing classic about BTTF on NES :D

    Knew it straight away.. I've watched this too many times :)

    I've got an idea...

    Take a screenshot, crop it, then apply a random Photoshop filter.

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