Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single part of a screenshot? If you guys can't guess by 2pm I'll upload the next part of the screenshot!

Congrats to Scruffy! Unbelievable! This was my reaction.


    Paperboy 64? Grass looks familiar

    Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge. It has the best faux-greens ever!

    Just gonna take a punt and try to be first on.

    A-10 Cuba?


    My first thought is Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, but that could be because I've been playing the sh!t out of it lately.

    The Sims 2, maybe? Lol.


    The screenshot looks to be using polygons, and the original resolution seems to suggest it might be a PSP title. . .

    But then again that's just me, I might be dead wrong

    For some reason it does look very familiar but that's probably just cause it's so generic. I got nothing.

    That looks polygonal! That or my eyes are bad! Something from the Playstation or N64?

    This is just getting crazy.

    I'm going tith Empire:total war. I'm sure that's what one of the crashes looked like.

    Reminds me a bit of the cell shading in Wind Waker

      Tony Hawk: American Sk8teLand on DS?

    Looks a bit like my sons favourite game, "gears of war"

    Looks like "Serrels is a Sore Loser" on PC.

    Okay.... looks like mid 90's 3D textures... no obvious pixelation, so probably a N64 game.... Blast Corps?







      I can't believe this.

        grats scruffy you are my hero.
        Mark give us another one please.


        Well great. . . I guess this means next time we'll get a goddamn pixel. . .

        Good work scruffy!

          Wow, that really hasn't aged well...

          Congrats scruffy!

            Thanks! I thought it looked a bit mid 90-ish, checked a few N64 titles, and then i remembered Screwattack just did a VG Vault on this classic.....

              Wow, well f-ing done. You're my hero

          Whoa, super hi-res shot. Taken from an emulator upscaling the game or something? That almost seems like cheating :P

            99% of old 64 and ps1 games look 100% more badass on emulators cause of the advanced video options on them

        Nice one. Ah Blast Corps, the memories come flooding back

        Hey, Mark! Care to tell us how humble pie tastes like?

        wow... 20 mins to guess that. Either someone is a gaming savant, or you're losing your touch Mark ;)

        So you put this up thinking it was impossible :\ glad someone proved you wrong

      I guessed this pic was blast corps last year in my sleep. Try harder ;P

      the milkman delivers :P

      (scruffy will understand)

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