Shameless Gaming: Week 4

As much as gamer slang has the propensity to irritate me, there are times when its usage is completely appropriate. So, with one week left to go in my month of shameless gaming, it is with great regret that I declare my efforts a 'complete fail'. My 'leet' gaming skills have let me down, and steamrolling engagements have rendered my attempts to game shamelessly utterly futile. I am disappoint.

And worse still, now I'm faced with temptation. From Dust and Bastion have fallen into my lap - both games I'm very keen to get started on. The tail end of July has provided me with the temptations I was sure I wouldn't have to deal with. The whole reason Trjn wisely chose July as the month for Shameless Gaming was because of the dearth of new releases. I had forgotten all about these two downloadable titles and now it's becoming increasingly difficult to say no.

I had previously joked about Shameless Gaming becoming a chore, but the truth is, once I pushed through the barrier, and began playing games I had previously ignored, I had a huge amount of fun. Particularly with Bulletstorm, a game that plenty ignored. I found a game that was innovative and fun. Now, for the first time, aching to play Bastion and From Dust, I'm really feeling the pain.

Still, I have only one week left, and I'm committed to knocking at least two games off my list. Bulletstorm is close to being finished, as is Batman: Arkham Asylum.

One more week. One more week!

How are you guys going with Shameless Gaming? Let us know in the comments below.


    We're almost done and I just added a third game to my completion list, Trauma Center: Second Opinion.

    I had to drop the difficulty down to Easy in order to avoid throwing my Wiimote through my TV and if I wasn't so damned stubborn I would have just put that thing back on my pile of shame. To anyone interested in the Trauma Center series, get the DS games.

    I'm also making steady progress in Alice: Madness Returns. I bought it from Zavvi before deciding to really press ahead with Shameless Gaming, so when it appeared in my mailbox mid-month, I couldn't help but play it. So far it is interesting but unpolished and there are a fair few times where I can't work out if what I just saw was a feature or a bug.

    With a bit of luck, Alice will be the fourth game I complete this month (Uncharted 2 and Starcraft 2 are the others I've finished so far).

    I really have enjoyed most of my time playing these games, although I do regret choosing Trauma Center as a game to focus on.

    Aagh I broke, I've been enjoying Zelda: aLttP but I went and rented Fear 3 and then I was obliged to play that before it was due back. It was OK.

    Well, I can call it now, I will not finish a single game during Shameless Gaming Month. The Steam sales caused problems right out of the blocks, but until this last week, I was still optimistic that I would get at least one thing finished this month.

    Alas, those dreams are crashing down. This last week has been devoid of gaming, and the next week does not look to be any better. Splendour in the Grass sideshows and the Melbourne International Film Festival will dominate the closing weeks of my July. And, to further insult my poor attempts to game shamelessly, Catherine will likely arrive on my doorstep in the coming days.

    I finished HomeFront.

    I'll never be taking part in Shameless Gaming again.

      Fair call.

      I still can't fathom why I decided to play that through in a single night.

        Dude if you CAN'T finish homefront in one sitting there's something wrong with you :) I finished it before I realised I had...

    So far i've beaten Crysis 2, Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland, Sega MegaDrive Collection, Alpha Protocol, FEAR 3 and Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012.

    I really enjoyed all these games, least of all Crysis 2 with Alpha Protocol being my pick of the lot so far.

    I've also started Dead Space 2 and BulletStorm.

    Still have another 30 - 50 games in my "to play pile". :/

      You finished Sega MegaDrive collection? Every single game??

      Also, I've never even heard of Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland. Sounds made up :P

        More or less, still going through the last two Phantasy Star's, but i have the platinum and finished everything else. :P

        No way man, ;p (Unless you're being coy, hard to tell with text.)

          I seriously have no idea what that game is. It sounded like an RPG, and web search confirmed: "Atelier Rorona is an all new alchemy RPG developed by Gust the creators of Mana Khemia and Ar tonelico series for the PS2.". The only name I recognise in that sentence is "PS2" so I guess it's just something completely outside my sphere of gaming interests.

            Ah, fair enough, it is a rather niche Japanese RPG, in fact i've never seen that or any similar title on the shelf at any of my local retailers... or anyone on my friends list playing it. :)

              I actually have that game on order from Zavvi, what was your opinion on it?

    1 out of 3 so far still have gta-bogt & rdd undead nightmare. though finished l.a. noir.. most tedious gamming experience ever almost on par with mafia 2

    My shameless gaming month was a complete failure. I didn't finish any games on my pile. In the end I only ended up putting about 5 hours into FF13 and 3 hours into Chains of Olympus.

    I did however get through a few other games. Completed InFamous 2 and Portal 2, replayed through both F.E.A.R and Crysis, finally got a character in WoW up to 85 (I'd been sitting at 82 for months) and also beat Kotor, which incase you're wondering I don't count as being on my pile of shame because even though it's an old game I only picked it up late last year, have been slowley playing through it for months and always intended to finish it before TOR came out.

    I'm making slow progress, primarily because I was watching the Tour de France during each night's prime gaming time.

    I've knocked off 4 so far: LA Noire, Zack and Wiki, Halo 3 and De Blob 2. I'm 5 matches away from 100% in Magic the Gathering (the old one) so I'll do that tonight. Then I might move on to Metroid Prime 3.

    As I reported in TAY, I was unable to revisit some of my older games due to the dodgy disc tray in my 360 not detecting the presence of older discs like the Darkness. I also didn't trust it to run Crysis 2 or Arkham Asylum without bricking completely.

    However, I am now in possession of a siny new XBox 360 S. I swear, in this final week of Shameless gaming, I shall complete at least one more game.

    I managed to do well so far. Finally finished Uncharted 1 (had 2 in the books ages ago) and I've got about half way though Assassins Creed 2. Oh yeah, and Act 1 of Diablo II.

    The bonus? I have resisted temptation to buy any more games this month... even with the crazy sales on steam!

    Going from "I just want to hit level cap" in Rift.
    To getting 3 other workmates to play and getting myself rank 3 (of 6) in PvP so far.

    All I've really done is finish 3 Sam and Max games... I'm blaming an unhealthy, new-found addiction to TF2.

    I had one game in my pile (Just Cause 2) and I never got around to playing it.

    Shameless Procrastinating Month.

    Completed four games, bought five... damn it.

    Blaghman, looks like we represent the very best of what Canberra stands for.

    My shameless month of gaming was a epic fail, curse my work and uni obligations *goes and cries in the corner as his back catalog slowly multiplies*

    Shameless gaming month was perfectly timed for me, falling during the last uni holiday before I begin writing a thesis. As a result, I've wholeheartedly embraced the idea. This month I've managed to finish:

    Metro 2033
    Bulletstorm (hang in there Mark - there's only 7 chapters)
    Batman: Arkham Asylum (I'd already done this but I wanted to get all 1000 Achievement points for some reason)

    I've also started:
    Red Faction: Guerilla
    Trials HD
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    And I'm also about to open the Orange Box and play this Portal game thing that everyone talks about. Might even try Half Life 2 which I missed back in the day for some reason. I'm worried though that it'll feel dated and that I've missed my window to enjoy it properly. Is it still worth playing?

      I never completed Half-Life 2 when it was released either. I think I started that game on about 3 separate occasions. A few months ago, I went back and started the whole Half-Life series from scratch. I played and finished HL1, Hl2, Hl2 Ep 1&2. After playing through Portal 2 I just had an urge to find out the little links between all the games. HL1 is obviously dated, but surprising still plays well and I enjoyed it from start to end. HL2 and the 2 eps are AMAZING! They definitely hold up to current standards. After all, HL2 was released in 2004 and Ep 2 only released in 2007, so they aren't that old. Playing them on PC with all the settings up is the way to go, but they still look pretty good on Xbox. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to go back and play HL2 and the 2 eps, you won't be disappointed!

    I put my own little twist on shameless gaming. I decided to pursue every single legend of Zelda game (not counting the spin-offs or cd-i games). Most of which I haven't actually played, either through childhood ignorance or uh just plain ignorance.

    So far I have hit Link's awakening DX, ocarina of time (obviously), A link to the Past and Legend of Zelda NES. I also did OoT's master quest.

    Next stop is start Zelda II Nes, while I'm awaiting Wind Waker and Four swords adventures in the mail, and keeping an eye out for spirit tracks on special. I own Majora's mask (favourite), Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and the Oracles games so I don't need to buy them. The only two I need to chase up are Four Swords and Minish Cap I believe.

    I have a suspicion that this will go beyond July O.O

    Have I missed out any games?

      I'm not sure if you've missed any but that is awesome.

    I think i faired a bit better finished 5 games. Limbo, Portal, Portal 2, Zelda OoT, and Pokemon Black. Yeah

    Infamous 2: Finished. If I knock off three LA Noire DLC cases I'll be happy.

    Also, finally finished DA: Awakenings, and made a lot of birth by sleep progress. With nothing major coming out for me in he next few months, I should also knock off SC2 campaign and maybe, maybe FFXIII

    Well I have broken away from my pile of shame. Bastion was too tempting to ignore. I have finished 3 full games (Resistance 2, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, Brink) and one downloadable game (Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty..I know it can be bought boxed, but its so short I can't count it as a full game) and I am probably half way through Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time. Overall, I think I have done a pretty good job. My aim will be to finish off R&C Crack in Time before the month is over, but I'm not worried if I don't.

    I don't think I have purchased anything from retail (*cough* PSN *cough*), this I think is a success...

    Completed anything? Yes and No, I've been playing LEGO Pirates with the girlfriend and Platinum is just around the corner, I've been working on International Cricket 2010 by myself, I've only got about 4-5 matches left til that is Platinum also.

    Sadly, they really need to overhaul the batting in that game, it's far too easy to score runs. :/

    So by the end, there should be 3 Platinum trophies, as LEGO Indy 2 was completed in early July, but most done in June.

    I'll say a small success since we were both in Bali for over a week!

    I went horribly backwards - bought a new console and everything.
    Next time!

    Oh, and InFamous 1

    damn - 19-20 games

    Dang my first post didn't make it

    Mass Effect 1+2
    Dragon Age 1+2
    God of War 1-3
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    Project Zero 1-3
    GTA 4
    StarCraft 2
    FEAR 1-3
    Pokemon Black
    Zelda Ocarina of Time
    Diablo 2
    Back to the Future Ep 5

      I've been going through Mass Effect 2 mainly, and I'm only just near the end.

      Trying to get 100%!

      Excluding the Arrival DLC


        Damn! I have Outland as well T_T

          Oh man....

          I also have:

          Mirror's Edge
          White Knight Chronicles 1-2

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