So How's That Non-Nintendo Pok&eactue;mon Game?

As of today, Pokémon is available on non-Nintendo hardware, namely smart phones. Pokémon Say Tap? was released on the Apple App Store, and sister site Kotaku Japan checked it out.

Pokémon Say Tap? is a free rhythm tame for the iOS and Android. It's free, so you get what you pay for. The point is to tap cards. And then tap Pok&eactue;balls. There's a song that just rattles off the names of Pocket Monsters.

According to Kotaku Japan's Neil Hulihan, the game is like a Guitar Hero game with one string. And one song. That you cannot change. But you can switch off. Hulihan said the game is easier to play with the song off!

The game sizes up your accuracy and rates your play. Clearing the song unlocks a hard mode.

Pokémon Say Tap? was developed by Pokémon creators Game Freak, an independent company. Nintendo owns 32 per cent of Game Freak and told Bloomberg that the title's release hasn't changed its view that it will only develop games for its hardware.

This is the first Pokémon to appear on non-Nintendo portable hardware.

ポケモン初のスマフォアプリ『ポケモン言えTAP?』で遊んでみた(動画あり) [Kotaku Japan]


    Thats it? LOL Thats the whole game? Wow...

    Ah yes "pokemon". The craze sweeping the world with its allegedly innovative and addictive gameplay.

    We have dismissed that claim.

      Well you know this hasn't been done before.

    A nice glorified advertisement for their Trading Cards.


    ... someone tell me how to get it on my phone in Australia... NOW

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