Sony Confirms PSN Pass Program, Required For Resistance 3’s Online Modes

Sony Confirms PSN Pass Program, Required For Resistance 3’s Online Modes

Sony will bring single-use registration codes for online modes to the PlayStation 3 later this year in the form of the PSN Pass, the company confirmed today.

As rumoured , starting with Insomniac Games’ Resistance 3, PS3 owners will need to buy online-enabled games new if they want to pay online, or pay for the privilege with a PSN Pass.

SCEA offered the following comment on the new program, which will kick off in early September.

‘We are always evaluating new programs for our online offering, and starting with Resistance 3 this September, we will be instituting a network pass program for PS3 games with online capabilities,” an SCEA spokesperson told Kotaku in a statement.

“This program will be game-specific. Games that are a part of this program will include a single-use registration code that grants the account holder redeeming the code full online access for that title. This is an important initiative as it allows us to accelerate our commitment to enhancing premium online services across our first party game portfolio.”

Sony has sold single-use codes for online modes before, offering Online Entitlement vouchers for games like ModNation Racers and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 for its PlayStation Portable. Third-party publishers including Electronic Arts, THQ and Warner Bros have instituted similar online access programs designed to combat used game sales and generate more revenue for online multiplayer components.


  • Once again, as mentioned in the article itself, Sony making use of online pass codes is nothing new. Changing the term ‘online pass’ to ‘psn pass’ is a non event.

  • So long as some of the money from this program goes to the developers of the game for which the pass was purchased, I am okay with this.
    Seems like a decent way to counteract the secondary economy of traded games that royally screws over developers.

  • …and we in the colonies here will be screwed by Sorny yet again with some ridiculous markup over what the US pay for a virtual service just like Playstation Plus…I can’t wait !!!

    • Do you buy mostly pre-owned games? If not this doesn’t apply to you in the slightest. You will not be charged for online if you buy the game new.

      If you do buy pre-owned, maybe it’ll make you reconsider.

      • Sure sure will never be charged…this is sony we are talking about ffs….but just wait until PSN Pass+ appears in the not too distant future! You are kidding yourselves if you think Sorny aren’t going to try and screw you for money for this stuff in future…for the record I’ll pay it if it offers some real premium service at a comparable price unlike PSN+ which is a sick joke out here.

        • PSN plus has been out for ages and Sony hasn’t screwed anyone over. EA, Warner Bros etc do these codes aswell. It is fare, your talking out your backside there mate. Online servers cost ALOT of money to run and If you buy the game 2nd hand then you are costing them money plain and simple.
          Also Sony provide free online for 6 years so what your saying has no bases. PS plus is optional, if you dont want it continue to not have it…… Some interenet people geez!

    • Because MS don’t do the same?

      US Live Sub = US$49, AU Live Sub = AU$89

      And we all know that AU doesn’t exactly get the same features as the US.

      and before anyone jumps in, yet I know you can buy an AU sub alot cheaper online, but these are essentially MS prices.

      • The fact we pay double the price for 2/3 of the service is absolute robbery. The constant response for M$ Au is always ‘it’ll be here soon’, Netflix and voice control and so much stuff on some distant, never approaching horizon.

        Man living in Australia just sucks sometimes.

        • Im sure its nothing to do with the fact there are more XBL users in New York than in all of Australia… which is 80% the size of mainland USA…

          One day we might stop comparing ourselves to the US market. Or we will all move there to take advantage of such phenomenal savings.

  • I’ve never had to run into online passes until recently with FIFA11 and in my experience passes are very annoying.

    I own two PS3s and it would seem that online passes (at least EA passes) don’t transfer over to other systems even when logged in as the same name.

    A little frustrated I went back to play FIFA on my main PS3, in which to my own dismay, did not recognize my pass. Now it would seem sometimes I have to reboot just to get the pass working again! Thanks for punishing a new buyer EA.

    I just wish other publishers would take a page from Steams book 🙁

    • What? As mentioned by James, you need to download the pass to from the Store on any other console.

      I’ve got Tiger Woods and have played that online on both my PS3’s with no dramas, the passes are flexible also as all the passes that I have come across allow for other users to play online also, IF the original account that redeems the pass is still on the console.

      ie: my GF can play any game online, even though it’s always been my account that has downloaded the online pass.

      • Thanks James and oggob,

        I’ll check it out, I find it strange though that the pass doesn’t link to your PSN/EA account and that you have to take that extra step.

  • Well, looks like a good way to combat pirated games as well. In that: “Sure, play it SP for free. But online? Yeah, you’ll need to buy a pass. And then if we detect you’re running CFW or a pirated copy, we ban you.”

    It’ll also avoid lolhax being used in online games and ruining it for everyone.

  • The main reason I hate this is importing games. I have to use a weird exploit involving downloading a free video with an american account in order to play Patapon 3 online -.-, all because of the play pass.

  • So does this mean that only one account holder in a house can play a game online? I really hope this isn’t so.

    What about houses with several kids playing a FPS? Do they all have to play through the one account now?

    Do my wife and I have to play Little Big Planet through the one account? Well there goes any real value to the achievements, customising your character and all those sort of things.

    What’s the point of having different accounts if this is the case. May as well go back to the old days of just 1 account.

    Idiot move Sony.

  • Wait…I don’t understand is, didnt Sony say there online was FREE forever?
    …I guess ‘free’ doesnt mean ‘without a price’

    • Read it again.

      Online is free, and remains free. If you buy some of these select games, you’ll get a free code that also enables free online free play on the free PSN.

      However, if you buy the game second hand, you’ll need to log into the free online free network and buy a pass to access that publisher’s game servers.

      Free free freedy free free free. Network remains free.

  • to be honest, not everyone who buys a game goes online with it. so possibly some codes may not be used for a games online content, then sold. it’s possible that you could pick up a game second hand game and find an unused code??? be a lucky dip I guess unless the game shops were onto it and sold them at a marked up rate

  • WHY are consumers demonized so for doing nothing at all wrong in the slightest and buying preowned games? Here in Australia it’s the ONLY option, seeing as a new game is $120 here. We can import them, but these bastards make the codes region specific – so we get screwed no matter what. I will NEVER buy ANY game with an online pass and I encourage all others to do the same. It’s an outrage, you’d never hear GM or Ford complaining about not getting a slice of used car sales, and they’re companies that’re in trouble.

  • Does anyone know what this would mean for households with multiple consoles?
    Say for example myself and my brother each have a console, with each others’ PSN account added to each. If we buy one copy of a game and share it between us at different intervals, will only one console be able to get online?

  • So game stop lied in telling me the copy of Resistance I bought was new. The online pass didn’t work. When I confronted the store clerk he admitted that it had in fact been used. I got my money back in full and went to the next Game-stop in search for another new copy. Success! I returned home eager to play the game I fussed so much to get, and when I opened the case and took out the book, there was NO CODE to be found.I looked everywhere in the book and the case, I’ve read practically every word, and I am without the code promised to me. Is there any way I can get it back?

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