Square Enix's Newest, Most Beautiful Action Figures

Square Enix does way more than just FInal Fantasy figures. They've got fantastic-looking toys from other games - Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Batman: Arkham City, Vanquish, Halo, God of War - coming to their Play Arts Kai line.

They brought 'em all to Comic-Con. Some of them look finished. Plenty don't. They all look sharp, especially Sam Gideon from Vanquish. See what non-Final Fantasy figures Square Enix imported to the San Diego Comic-Con, the pre-order accordingly.


    Want the Snake one. Or the Ninja. Not fussed. My collection is sorely missing a really cool MGS model though.

    Those figures are awesome, but I've nowhere to put that stuff.

    Also cbf dusting.

    holy crap. those MGS ones are truly wonderful. I don't even care if they're painted. I want them.

    how do i pay for these?

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