The Next Burnout Game Is Part Pinball, Part Game Show, Part WTF?

Remember that bizarre, leaked Burnout game that added lobster monsters and UFOs to the crashtastic street racing formula? Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games just made it official, unveiling Burnout CRASH! for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

The official announcement says that CRASH! will bring Burnout‘s “fan-favorite Crash mode to the forefront” and “a crazy mix of pinball and game shows,” according to creative director Richard Franke. Burnout CRASH! players will be rewarded for “causing traffic chaos by crashing into cars, triggering explosions and destroying everything in sight,” which apparently includes lobster monsters and UFOs.

Criterion’s top down crash ’em up also sports the Autolog tech featured in EA’s Need for Speed series and even Kinect support, the first Xbox Live Arcade game from the publisher to do so. On Microsoft’s motion controller, EA touts “a game mode designed exclusively for Kinect in which two teams can use gestural controls to crash and burn in a party battle!” (Emphasis theirs.)

Burnout CRASH! is slated for release on PSN and XBLA sometime this Australian spring.


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