There's A Downside To Deus Ex's Robot Body Parts

There was a Deus Ex commercial earlier this year showing how awesome it would be to have robot arms, robot hands and robot eyes.

Turns out it's not so awesome, as this lengthy follow-up trailer explains.

This live-action stuff really treads a fine line, doesn't it? Sometimes it can really help give a trailer that bit of extra punch, but other times, if the acting isn't up to scratch, it undermines what could have been achieved through animation.

This clip falls somewhere between the two extremes. Great idea and some good performances, but others look like they dragged the developers partners in and shoved them in front of a camera.


    Imo Luke is way off the mark saying this falls in between the two extremes. That is without a doubt the best live action trailer for a game I've ever seen! I only hope the game can live up to this kind of hype.

    Great Trailer, it felt like an awesome Ghost in the Shell live action.


    I was saving all my $$ for augmentations. I may have to rethink my position on that.

    Actually that was epic. If that was a trailer for a movie, I'm sure mark wouldn't have an issue at all. I am definitely getting this game now.

    This is the first time an trailer has convinced me to buy a game. Definitely buying this.

    That was amazing.

    I'm loving the ethical and moral dimension of this setting, it ties in so well with the conspiracy theory plot.

    0.o i am SOOOO glad i pre-ordered my augmentation edition ...

    I think Luke needs to a build a bridge and get over that Mass Effect trailer.

    For starters, its not bad by any means. I don't even NEED to say it cause it isn't bad, but there are far worse trailers than the ME one.

    I don't think being a news anchor requires an actor to self divulge into a journalistic world in order to portray one so accurately. And for the Sci-Fi genre - the acting isn't particularly known for being the greatest yet I think thats the point in most cases.

    To the real point though - even WITHOUT gameplay, Deus Ex is warming up to be one of the best for 2011.

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