Two Minutes Of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay Footage

Hey hey, it's brand new footage from the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is nothing but raw gameplay, with dragons and villagers and beautiful landscapes.

Best part, though? Where the wolf gets kicked in the face.


    I think the term "beautiful landscapes" has lost its meaning in todays modern society. Cool dragon though, cant say i like the first person combat in this series~

      Maybe you're just dead inside :)

        That is indeed a possibility.

    only new footage there was the small bit of spider action. everything else was just the g4 E3 interview without commentary

    Looks amazing, but that is not "brand new footage" - it's an amalgam of what was shown at E3. And here I was, hoping for something new... :(

    got nothing but respect for the bioshock 2 esque duel wielding combat

      magic and weapon that is

    Now that's a chunky horse.

    who cares i could watch that shit all day. It makes me hard!

    Could anyone tell my why videos in this format on kotaku never load for me?

    IS it a driver? plugin?

      I'll ask mr tad mod - what browser are you using?

        Cheers Mark.

        I use fire fox, and its up to date as far as i know.
        Most other flash movie frames work, just not this one.

    KA ME HA ME...

    Nothing in there was 'new'. It's all been shown before on GTTV's feature on it.

    This is from the 360 version, yeah? Looks like a good reason to get it on PC.

      Yeah they said so far they've only been showing the 360 version, coz they want people to be pleased with that level rather than find out later that their version doesn't look as good..

    Two handed combat, makes a kill and he gets an exp increase for one handed combat? Okay...

    Looks great though. ;)

      He's dual wielding one-handed weapons. Two handed would be a warhammer, or a greatsword.

    Looks like the dragons flying around and breathing fire are canned animations. I hope they don't feel stale and repetitive after a while.

    I'm still confused as to why everyone is excited about this.
    The only thing that really appealed to me was fighting those rather large dragons... but Shadow of the Colossus did man vs giant SO MUCH BETTER.
    I'm more keen on the Ico/SoTC remake.

      Those games are completely different, comparing them is a terrible, terrible idea.

        Hehe yeah and Skyrim shouldn't bother, Red Dead did horses way better, may as well just play that instead

    this is just a compilation from E3 gameplay

    graphics look like shit but im still hopeful it will be a great title, looking forward to seeing the ps3 version too.

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