An Angry Diablo 3 Fan's Appeal To Blizzard

Presented without commentary.


    A troll ist trollin'.

    Ummm, Maybe someone should go and make sure he's ok. Someone that big really doesn't need to stress their heart any more than necessary.

    I love this guy - he's a modern day JeffK!


    He loves hish gaming, he loves hish shtarcraft, but loves his shingle player gamesh and ish pished that diablo tree needsh to be online!

    Thish ish one of the besht poshts I've ever sheen! How doesh he talk sho much when he hash no neck though?


    he has a poster of princess leia in bikini... 'nuff said

    He's hillariously correct. I want to hug him he looks so soft and squishy!
    P.S Perhaps some one should order him a paramedic he is possibly laying on the ground having a stroke.

    Dude should just pick up a copy of Torchlight II instead, problem solved.


    I think i pee'd my pants. honestly. what a fat tub of crap. go kill yourself in a protest against blizzard

      thats a bit harsh....

    Just waiting for him to scream "MAAAAAAM!" and her to walk in with a poop tray...


    Poor man's about to have a heart attack. Perhaps Blizzard are doing him a favour!

    The sign behind him should read 'Man Cave-In'

    lol, it's always this guy isn't it.
    It's never someone that looks remotely different.

    In case anyone doesn't know, this is a character this guy plays. Its not real.

    It is real-ly funny though.

    Maybe this guy should stop playing video games, instead go out for a quick run and smash some weights.

    Then he might be able to pull a chick like in that Princess Leia poster. Real titties are much better than animated demon titties.

      real demon titties are better

    Activision ruined you...Activion ruined you.

    That was gold right there.


    thats some funny shit, thanks kotaku! He failed to mention Rock N Roll Racing though...

    omg... a whinging american made a video of himself whinging... what a shock...

    LOL at 2:20, I think he already has the whale outfit ...

    First off
    Axeman13 grown up??

    also anyone got his number, I need a new best friend and he seems to have openings.

    HAHA, y'all go trolled, big-time!

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