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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Why can I never think of good questions on Wednesdays?

      I've got a reminder in my Outlook at work and write a note on it whenever I have a question I need answerising ;)

      Because you have the same problem as me...

    Q1: Hey Mark. Will the Kotaku AU site be upgrading to the US layout soon? I went on there the other day to post a comment and had to sign up and stuff?

    Also, I sometimes feel the comments posted by the Kotaku AU community aren't getting a fair go because of the limitations of the AU section. If a developer or publisher were to read the feedback of an article relating to them, I'd assume the majority of the time they'd look at comments on the US Kotaku site.

    Q2: Is there something that can be added to the site so the AU community has the option to post to both the AU comment and US comment boards simultaneously? (and if so I'd assume this would be easier if both sites were using the same back-end system...)


      I think the US layout would be a significant downgrade. The Gawker sites saw signification backlash and had huge drops in traffic when they changed to the current layout. The Allure sites (the Aussie ones) use a more standard WordPress layout, which has some disadvantages but is pretty decent for getting the job done as long as there aren't ridiculous amounts of comments, like in TAY.

      We used to be able to see US comments on the Aussie site, now the alternative is simply to access the US site.

      Having user accounts is a nice bonus and is apparently in the works.

      As a sidenote, this is coming from someone who was a member of the US site for a long time and I no longer visit there.

        Haha, given the shining example of internet security that Gawker represents, maybe user accounts isn't such a great idea?

      To answer part one, the Allure tech sites will be undergoing their own changes, but they will not be changed to fall in line with their Gawker counterparts.

      In regards to question 2, I believe the point of the Aussie system is really to engender discussion within the community, so if you have a question you may as well post it on the US site, unless it's an Aussie based post. But I don't really know in that regard.

      If the AU site changes to the US style then I'll probably stop reading it.

      The US version is awful now.

      I see your point about the whole not being able to respond directly to specific writers and such.

      There are disadvantages to the current system, but overall I'm happy with the way things are.

      We do have a redesign in the works that should tighten certain areas up, but we don't want to go down the road the US design has. It'll be our own design. And it'll be awesome.

    What's your 5 fave Video game soundtracks?

    Are there any you like to listen to when not gaming???

      I used to listen to the Earthworm Jim sountrack fairly regularly.
      Had to skip through all the "Groovy!" tracks, but the actual music was great stuff. Also, there was a "hidden" track where a funny guy talked about earthworms and their anatomy etc.

        I always loved the music for the underwater level, I think it was - with Professor Monkey-for-a-brain?

          Water levels the fish, are you thinking of that song yellow did in the Prof's level?

          "dumdum chik chikkachikka , oh yeaaaaah"

        Night on Bare mountain from 1 and Moonlight Sonata from 2.

        "Jim is now a blind cave salamander!"

          HA! Night on Bald Mountain cutting to lounge music was classy.


      In no particular order...

      Secret of Mana
      Mario Galaxy
      Chrono Trigger
      Metal Gear Solid 4
      Monkey Island 2

      I used to listen to the Zelda orchestrated soundtracks. I had a bunch. The Silent Hill 2 soundtrack was also boss.

    Hey Mark (et all)

    Do you think the new Deus Ex game will be better, the same or worse than the original (which is bloody amazing!)

    Also, where do you see the future of the Australian Games Industry, if any future :p

      I think the new Deus Ex game will be good. Difficult to say if it'll have the same impact as the original.

      Other q: to big to answer, hope to look into it with a big feature in the future.

    Do you know how the AFL game released this year went sales-wise? Did it do well enough to warrant a new version next year?

    Hey Marky Bhoy,

    DO you realsie how much exposure your going to recieve once GAME starts looping your episode on GAME TV 123 times a day?

    Do you also realise after a few days of this i will have to find you and probably kill you...

    No hard feelings yea?!?

    Any idea why all the skyrim demo plays so far have been on 360 and not ps3?

      There's a whole host of potential answers, but odds are the PS3 version is less polished at this point in time(and potentially always).

      That said, given the demo they've done has always been the one small area, and the way game dev works, chances are they only have said area working on their 360 build, because it has a whole lot of stuff that won't be in the final build(in theory).

      They chose to demo console over PC because console versions have consistent graphics levels as opposed to the vast range of options for PC.
      They chose Xbox 360 over PS3 presumably because they are more comfortable with the Xbox's architecture, given that they've worked with it longer...

      What these guys said.

      360 version is probably further along at the minute.

    looking at some retail prices in Australia, i have noticed that infamous 2 and some SCE titles are like 10 dollars cheaper than the regular titles. It appears that SONY is trying to reduce prices here, dont blame them, i dont buy from australian retail anymore, and i have bought 35 games this year.

    With the closure of THQ Brisbane, Bluetongue and the possible merger of Team Bondi are you able to give a rundown of the industry in Australia?

    Are there any big studios left? Who are the up and comers, if any? With previous closures and these newly announced one's it feels like the industry is in bad shape in Australia.

      It's a big question, and one I hope to answer in the coming weeks.

    Is it true that Seamus is in negotiations to host a show on Channel 10 called "Top 'o' The Morning with Seamus Byrne" in direct competition with Sunrise and Today?
    Elly can be be the bubbly female co-host,Ben can be the wacky weather guy, you get to be the tech reporter and Tad can give traffic reports as he peers down on the world!! :)

      Shouldn't Danny Allen be the Tech Guy?

      "Tad can give traffic reports as he peers down on the world!!"


    Inspired by a Gizmodo article on

    Are you man enough to Beard?

      Awesome website, it makes me feel bad that i had to shave mine a week ago. I will definitely grow one soon.

      Btw Mark do you think we should have a community event similar to shameless gaming month(held in july) for movember?
      A month before ie October Kotaku members could not shave for a month and people could post pictures and donate cash come November.

    Why do you guys put through one sentence US "articles"?

      So that we can enjoy mocking Brian Ashcraft?

        I'm going to admit it, I'm sick of mocking Ashcraft. It's like beating up a sea cucumber, it may be satisfying initially, but in the end, it's a friggin' sea cucumber.

        To Chazz: In a lot of cases, the idea is that articles should lead to discussion, and there's certainly "discussion" on many of those articles...

      Sometimes, that content -is- interesting, and worthy of an article. That they're not expanded on is more the issue.

      cos allure paid for it..?

      Mark? Still waiting to hear why you guys dilute your quality website with random crap fro KotakuUS...

    Hi Mark, do you think we are we ever going to see another Jak and Daxter or should I give up on waiting?

      Give up hope on another Jak and Daxter by Naughty Dog. Though there is a possibility Sony may hire a studio to make one for PSVita.

    Excited for Halo 4 or are you not sure about 343?

      I'll be excited when I see more.

      At the moment I'm just intrigued. I thought Reach was an incredible game, and was happy for that to be the final Halo game tbh.

        The best thing about Halo 4 is if it sucks the rest still exist and it can be ignored like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

        I really wish people would remember this when bitching about remakes/sequels.

    Do you think we'll see a xbox 360 price cut soon?

    I bought a piece-of-crap game called 'Medal of Honor', almost solely because this entitled me to access to the Battlefield 3 beta. What's going on with this? There is no mention of the Beta anywhere any more. Does this constitute a violation of our user purchase agreement?

      The beta access to purchasers of the limited edition of Medal Of Honor has not been officially announced yet, however, given the open beta that is to occur in September, you can expect either early access to the open beta, or a separate system around that time.

      I got email an couple weeks ago from ea saying I'm still on the list for the beta and thy haven't forgotten about me and they will begin beta testing during the month of september

    Any hip hop fans here? What do you think of Jay & Kanye's Watch The Throne?

      Makes me want to visit the porcelaine throne...

      I much prefer Chap Hop. Mmm, Professor Elemental~

      the worst.not even the worst album....just the worst.that being said,the new albums by Jehst,Roc Marciano and Action Bronson are all certified wu-tang isnt bad either..

        Yeah Legendary Weapons is a great follow-up to Chamber Music. I need to hear Greneberg already...

        I think Watch The Throne will grow on me, but I was disappointed on the first listen. Murder To Excellence is incredible though.

      Watch the Throne is the business. THE BUSINESS!!!!!
      Chamber Music and Legendary Weapons are dope but are more Wu-affiliated than Wu-Tang.

      I'm a huge hip hop fan. Haven't heard the album yet though...

    Is Super Metroid the greatest game ever made?

      definetly one of!

      It's a hard fight to decide who dominates between it and SoTN...both so AMAAAAAZING!



        Link to the Past is good, and imma let you finish. But Super Metroid is the greatest game of all time!

    G'day Kotaku fans, been checking out this site for a while now and i gotta say, i'm glad I found it! Just a few quick questions to fire at you, hopefully you get a chance to respond...
    As a passionate gamer myself, and frankly i'm getting tired of working the same old monday to friday job. What would be the best way for someone in their late 20's to get involved in the gaming industry? Be it reviewing games for websites/publications or designing and developing games.
    I'm sure this would be a dream job for many, not just me. I feel like i've reached a point in my current career that I need a change. Badly. So why not do what i enjoy at least?
    Are there courses and such or is learning on the job a major part? If there are courses, could someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated...

      Be it reviewing games for websites/publications or designing and developing games.

      No idea about reviewing (though, in principle, I'd assume is the same), but just do stuff. Make your own game. The internet is full of many many many many many resources to help you. Maybe buddy up with a friend and start making an iOS game, or join a group and make mods. I'd imagine the same applies for writing: write your own reviews and whatnot and chuck it up on a blog.

      Then apply everywhere and you're bound to get noticed if you keep on trying.

      My 2 cents anyway. And that's also my plan. Don't tell anyone else. They'll steal my plan and my future job.

        It's a good plan! I'll have to look in to what it takes to create an iOS game. Some sound advice NotoriousR, thanks!Oh and i'll make sure that if i steal your plan, we don't go head to head for the same jobs.
        Sounds like i have some further research/writing/reviewing to do!

          Good luck and see you on the other side!

            If you wanted to practice writing content about games (unless you went the game developer angle) I would be happy to publish some of your stuff on my site?

            Only a couple months old but hopefully going places. I'm in my 20's as well but I've got backing from someone who knows what they are doing.

            Downside, I can't pay.

            Upside, uhh, games are fun to write about? :P

              Hi GamePlayer,

              I'd love to try my hand at writing about games too. Mind if I send you an a short article or two?


                Sure man, I'm happy for anyone to submit if they want to - as long as I can give the articles a quick edit first if they need it.

                Let me know if you need any details.

                  That sounds great! Gotta start somewhere right? What exactly are you looking for as far as writing goes? Reviews and such? Send over the details and we'll go from address is [email protected]

    Are you against the 'unique-per-store' pre-order bonuses and the 'bite-sized' DLC. (Sorry Mark if the question has already come up before!)

    Anyone think a collective bargaining group to buy games is feasible?

    organise large group discounts and $40-$50 day 1 release game prices?

    Instead of having to wait a few months or buy second hand.

      As great as that sounds, who would you approach with this? I just can't imagine too many retailers taking you up on it. Although it is a good idea...

        Unless you plan on buying direct from the supplier...

          Y just wanted to put the idea out their for someone smarter or with the right connections to make it happen.

          I think if publishers tried hi volume, low margin prices for quality products, we would try more games sooner, and they would make more money in the long run.

      Most stores like EB and such don't even get them for that price from their suppliers afaik.

        y the $40-$50 price range is also to account for the inevitable dlc.

        Games to me are worth $60 max (all dlc included), after that i've got better things to spend it on.

          That's all well and good that you think games are only worth a certain amount and such but that's not going to change the facts of the situation :S

        Yeah, that's the biggest part of the problem here, I think. A lot of people bag the retailers for ripping us off, but as far as I'm aware the higher dollar hasn't flowed through to any kind of reduction in the wholesale price of games, which means retailers hands are pretty much tied. They can't pass on the savings to consumers if they're not seeing any savings themselves.

          Well, JB typically run a loss for their day one sales for major titles, don't they? Yes, they bump the price back up a few days later, but we should give them some credit. It's just that the specialist game stores can't compete with that on a mass scale.

            Yeah, but selling at a loss isn't sustainable. The whole point is they should be able to sell at that price (and lower) and still make a profit if the wholesalers/distributors weren't lining their own pockets with the benefits of the high dollar.

    : (

    Well I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate.

      What would I have liked to of been?

        Everything you hate.

          There is a man, a certain man, who likes to smoke, enjoys a joke, and wouldn’t get a bit upset if he were really broke, with wealth and fame: he’s still the same, I bet you five you’re not alive if you don’t know his name.

            Mark? Did you send my Witcher 2 prize? Did you? I mean, first there’s windows and doors that are also portals, transitions and tangible building blocks between different levels of entropy. This is what happens when a house falls to ashes and dust and the natural order of all things returns like it always does. Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back just one more time, vines entangled inside the abandoned warehouse downtown. Stars descend into people and people descend into Earth - falling endlessly through this bending fabric - this is eternity. Circles inside circles.

              But - and this is the second most important part - imagine there’s 10 million people behind you, they’re pushing you forward through this endless sequence of doors and windows, their forward momentum feels something like infinite, you can’t turn back and start again from the very beginning.

              An army of 10 million pushing you forward through time. But if you (an immovable object) could fight back through an unstoppable force - you could travel back in time and make everything better again.

              : )

                There are windows and doors, but the the truth is, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know . . . that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.

                  LOOK HERE FIRST FOR THE FULCRUM AROUND WHICH EVERYTHING MUST FIRST SATELLITE. (this is the beginning for the second time)

                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                  And this is what it means to travel back in time, back to the Witcher 2 prize from where this once started. Here we are and, if it’s OK with you, can I/you give the prize to Bish. This is important.

                  I liked his competition entry best. I already have a bicycle and a kayak so you can understand my life is complete. I mean, I’ll never be picture perfect Beyonce, but everything I’m not made me everything I am.

            it's me!!!!


                I just got some Plainview in my eye!




          Plainview! *starts running towards you, wind streaming through my hair, ignoring the fact that I just changed perspective*

            *runs towards Blaghman* [but it's too late]: (Remembering Charlie Sheen before the fall . . . or: how I learned to stop worrying and run like Willem Dafoe).

    What is it about pushing buttons that we as human's find so fun and amazing? (From children and ATM's to Video Games)

      Hmm buttons... I don't necessarily agree we find it so fun and fascinating. Going down your list of examples.

      Children = Well, they enjoy anything. They like eating mud. I dunno if there is much basis for an argument here.

      ATMs = Necessity. I can't think of a way for these to work effectively without buttons really, I don't consider them fun that's for sure.

      Games = Necessity once again. The Wii, Move and Kinect have showed us that gaming is still fun when the button aspect is reduced or removed - I honestly think buttons are nothing more than a means to an end.

      Just my 2c

      I think childeren want to do it cos they see adults do it.

      You should see my son learn by observation, he's a little champ (also a little chimp, but that runs in the family).

      See I've always considered it as some sort of joy we take from a simple task that produces an unrelated result.

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