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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Do you think Microsoft will drop the price of some of their entry level Xbox 360's in order to compete with the PS3 price drop?

    If so how much do you think they drop them by?

      I'm hoping so, as I want to buy a second console for Gears of War 3 for LAN co-op with my fiance rather than Split Screen.

    How was your fake tan experience?
    Do you look like a freakishly tall Oompa-Loompa?

      That's not happening until tomorrow.

      I think.

      *creepy stalker*

      Mark's getting fake tan done?

      Addendum to Effluvium Boy's question: Are you getting the back, crack and sack wax while you're there?

        He's hairless.. remember... sort of like an albino devon rex

        I wonder if he ever went through puberty?

          I guess it all depends on what Scottish children sound like. Because where I'm from he has an adult voice, but then, it might be different up there.


      I'll be writing a post about the whole experience on Bellasugar. Quite excite.

    How much time have you saved by not having to approve every comment, and what are you doing with this spare time?

      In the office it was just part of my everyday routine, the biggest change it has had is to what I do after I 'finish' work. I sometimes would just spend my whole night approving comments and stories.

      Now I can actually do stuff when I get home!

      Mostly been going Rock Climbing here:

    Did you give Bastion another go last night?

      Nah, but I definitely will. Bastion definitely falls under the category of games I want to like.

    When you rock climb, do you ever pretend to be Stallone in Cliffhanger? Or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2? Or Jim Carrey in the brilliant Ace Ventura 2?

      i'd like to think he's a culmination of all three


      I pretend to be this guy:

        Holy whiz fizz shiz!!!
        Those peopel are freakin insane!!!

    In line with Ruen's question when do you see the Xbox 360 price drop happening?

    I want to get you excited about games again. Please respond to the following with either DUDE, MEH or NAH to indicate levels of excitement...

    Ni No Kuni (PS3)
    Hitman Absolution
    Streetfighter X Tekken
    Halo 4
    Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
    Luigi's Mansion 2
    Grand Theft Auto V

      I'm guessing none of those terms are appropriate when talking about his level of excitement for Journey.

      Ni No Kuni (PS3) - meh
      Hitman Absolution - Dude
      Amy - Meh
      Journey - DUDEBROSEPH!
      Streetfighter X Tekken - Dude
      Halo 4 - Dude
      Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney - DUDUDDDDE
      Luigiā€™s Mansion 2 - DUDE!
      Grand Theft Auto V - DUDEEEEEE!

    there hasn't been a competition in awhile...

    In the form of a question:
    there hasn't been a competition in awhile?

      hahaha i was just thinking the same thing :P

      We've got one for tomorrow.

      Then a real humdinger coming up later in the month.

    Mark... what are my chances of winning the lotto if i enter it? i need a new pc/laptop and i'm about to cry :(

    Stupid yogcast magika clips...

    What's the best album you've listened to recently?

      Bastion's soundtrack! Or VVVVV's soundtrack PPPPP.

      They're both awesome.

        Agreed on the Bastion soundtrack. I hope they look into doinig action figures or something equally nerdy.

      Sucker Punch soundtrack, some great covers on there

      I'm really enjoying Washed Out - Within and Without.

    How tall is your grandmother?

    Have you ever been to a clambake?

    When is it too late to laminate?

    Are you confused by backpacks?

      I have two Granny's still alive...

      Man - I have no idea how old they are!

      70 roughly?

    Why does the Lego brand not leverage off of the success of Minecraft?
    Rather than the continued cutesy Lego games why not an online creative game like Minecraft where you obtain "blocks" and use them to create objects - the scope for an online building game would be tailor made to the Lego brand... thoughts?

      Isn't there currently a LEGO MMO that's pretty much exactly what you described?

        As far as I could see it was based moreso on the current Lego games with some building function - I'd like to see a purely creative type Minecraft experience - I'm not interested in Story and battles...
        That being said how fully featured is the construction part of this game?

          Hmm, I haven't played it so I operating under the mistaken impression that building was a fairly significant component. My bad!

      Have you tried lego universe. It's a free to play mmo with some building mechanics. It's not really minecraft but it's a start.

      A LEGO game like Minecraft would be amazing actually. Top idea.

        I explain minecraft to my father and other family members/girls as Lego

    Where do you think the best place tot get a PS3 will now be?

    Why the hell is my copy of Catherine taking so damn long to arrive from ozgameshop? They (allegedly) shipped it nearly 2 weeks ago, but still nothing.

    Also, RayGunBrown's question above reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask: Do you think we'll see the PS3 and/or DS versions of Ni No Kuni released over here? And if so, when?

      In regard to Ni no Kuni, God I hope so.

      So Braaains, heard anything about The Last Guardian lately? I only ask because you haven't questioned Mark this week. :P

        No, but the day's not over yet :P

        Mark: What's the latest on The Last Guardian? Are we likely to see anything out of Gamescom? Or will we have to wait for TGS?

      Is it the special edition? I don't think you want to know what they do with those before they send them....

        I ordered the standard version for that very reason :P

        Although it's taking so long that I'm starting to wonder if somebody at the postal and/or customs services are basically doing the same thing with my standard edition...

      Level-5 were gauging interest on potential translations on their Facebook page a while ago.
      Miles ahead was Layton X Phoenix (duh), but I'm pretty sure Ni No Kuni was in the top 3.
      Nothing announced, but HAVE HOPE!
      ...So long as it's translated after Layton x Phoenix.

    Seeing as everyone just asks silly questions;

    Have you ever had a broadsword fight with someone from the clan McCleoud?
    Did it end with you decapitating him/her?



      There Can Be only one(spelling mistake) :(


    Dishing out vigilante justice to criminals that prey on the fears of the innocent. Yay or nay?

    Which AAA game of the coming season are you most pumped for?

    How many Australian games journalism jobs do you estimate there currently are, magazine, TV and websites included? Are all of these located in Sydney?

      Hmmm YAY.

      Hard to say - maybe Uncharted 3?

      Fully paid gigs? Maybe 30-40. I'd say they're 90% in Sydney. There are also a good number of freelancers.

    Why do you feel the need to tweet a Kotaku link in your personal feed, and then retweet the exact same link from the Kotaku feed? It's pretty annoying.

      I don't tweet the Kot ones - they're done automatically.

      I only tweet certain stories from my personal account - the ones I really like.

      Also - not everyone follows both accounts.

    Did you see last week that ozgameshop has introduced a points system for purchases? Or that they then even awarded points to everyone who had existing pre-orders?!?! My real question is do you know how well these import sites are doing, and how likely are they to have an effect on aussie retail prices?

      I was wondering this too. has only been around for a year and I've spent thousands with them. I've got all my friends on it too.

      It's still a massive minority that shop online, but those that do are the real influencers - the people that tell their friends where to buy games, what games to buy, etc.

      My gut feeling is online shopping will continue to grow exponentially. Most retailers know it as well, and are trying to adjust in order to survive long term.

        Yup, I'd love to see an interview or discussion with someone who runs the gaming import website. Not just as a plug, but to hear their thoughts on retail, how they might compete better, how they go in a post-publisher world, etc.

          If you don't mind, I'd really love to steal this idea!

    Now I want to mention Trials Evolution, but it needs to be in a question so here goes...

    Do you know or have anyone on the floor of Gamescom this week that can go and have a look/play/photograph? Surely you know someone right??? Friend of a friend???

    They are at stand J031 and here is a map

    The game is playable from today to press and to the public from tomorrow... I need info man

    *Shakes while sitting on the end of a bed 'pookie' style (from New Jack City)*

      I tried to kick... but that sh*t just be callin' me man, it be callin' me, man... I just got to go to it!

      There are a lot of Aussies over there - maybe try and ping one of them over twitter?

        Sorry but as you would know I ONLY get my gaming knowledge from Kotaku. As far as im concerned, there is no other sites... with that in mind, any suggestions?

        Anyone know who to ask? Who is over there from OZ?

          Jae from AustralianGamer @extremisjae on twitter

    If you've seen RAW read on....

    Who sent the text to Kevin Nash?

    Human being to the mob.
    What's a mob to a king?
    What's a king to a God?
    What's a God to a non-believer who don't believe in anything?

    You seen a bit disheartened with games of late....Any game coming up that you think will get your mojo back?

    Here's a legit question.

    What do you get for pre-ordering DX:HR?

      Regular edition? "Explosive mission pack" at EB here, seems like DLC. Not sure about GAME or JB. I'm not sure about Zavvi or ozgameshop either, but usually they don't have any similar retailer bonus extras. I know Play Asia doesn't.
      Augmented Edition is an extra ten bucks and you get: Making of DVD, Artbook, soundtrack, in game bonuses, like getting weapons at the start of the game you would normally get later on.

        I got regular because GAME ran out of Augmented :(

    Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?

    I have 2 questions.

    1. Silva vs Okami. Your prediction? I've got Silva winning by TKO in the 1st round.

    2. Fallout NV, should i just get it now and buy the DLC as it is released? Or should i wait for the GOTY edition that will hopefully have more stable code (the bugs in Fallout 3 almost killed it for me)

      Hard to look past Silva. Super fight at a catch weight needs to happen, either with Bones or GSP.

        I get the suspicion the UFC will bring back Dan Henderson for a rematch.

        Silva v GSP needs to happen. I'm sure Silva will want to retire soon, so UFC need to make this fight happen rather than have Silva fight rematches with the entire division.

      Dunno about NV - depends if you have the patience to wait?

        Yep, Obsidian are releasing a lot of DLC for this, i'm thinking at least 2 more will be released by the end of the year. I'll probably wait for it. The (hopefully) better code will be worth it.

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