Creator Commentary Makes This Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer A Learning Experience

Creator Commentary Makes This Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer A Learning Experience

You’ve seen this Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer before, but you’ve never seen it with informative commentary from a pair of Japanese gentlemen. Let’s see what producer Kitase Yoshinori and director Toriyama Motomu have to say!

That is, of course, if you understand Japanese. Otherwise you’ll just have to sit here with us slow kids and read what knowledge they have to impart regarding Lightning’s return, new characters, returning old friends, and generally how much of an apology Final Fantasy XIII-2 is for the folks that didn’t enjoy Final Fantasy XIII.

Hey, don’t look at me. I liked XIII. I also liked X-2, so that doesn’t mean much, but still.


  • IMO the only way they can make the next iteration of the series palatable to people who didn’t like FFXIII is by completely scrapping the design and starting from scratch. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t, given that the designers seem to want to make this as a reaction to the people who didn’t like FFXIII.

    If a customer who doesn’t know anything this game from previews sees a game called FFXIII-2 and knows they didn’t like FFXIII, then they’re probably not going to buy it, no matter how many improvements you make to the original formula.

    • That’s my feeling as well. I wonder if they want to hurry out something that will regain the faith of FF fans; hence they go with a sequel so they can justify re-using many of the same assets and engine.

      Personally, I wanted to enjoy FFXIII, but just don’t have the time to sink so much into something that I found mostly quite boring.

      If FFXIII-2 improves on a few other key areas, I’ll be very happy to get sunk into it.

  • I’m looking forward to this, I understand why some hate XIII but I like it and this looks promising.

    I hope that they don’t go to the exact opposite of what was 13 and make another 12 (eg. Endless exploring, empty story, unlikable characters like Noel is turning out to be), that would suck.

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